Cover Reveal ~ Heir of Fire

Cover reveal!! Today the cover of Throne of Glass #3, Heir of Fire by Sarah J. Maas was revealed!

Gawk and fangirl over these beauties ;)

Green is the US version, White is UK version. 

I can't wait for Heir of Fire!!

What are your thoughts on this cover?

~Miss Perfection~


  1. OH MY GODS! I LOVE IT! *starts dancing and sing* It has a cover, it has a cover!!!

  2. Sadly I like the UK version better lol but they are both awesome!

  3. I'm the maverick here. More anime assassins.... The original cover of Throne of Glass was the finest in my mind... But I AM gawking. I like the color of the UK version better... but the tagline of the US edition "Queen or Traitor? Only she can decide" Makes it up.
    Plus the cover is revealed. You know I'm a analytical cynic until the third novel of a series' cover is revealed. xD.


  4. Sqeeee! I love it! I am so excited for this book!!

    Emily @ Follow the Yellow Book Road

  5. I really like how similar the two are, but I must admit, I'm glad I live in England because I prefer the colouring of the UK edition. I have to read Crown of Midnight soon ugh!

  6. Crown of Midnight is AMAZING ;) I really like both covers but prefer the US version.


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