The Mortal Instruments Monday ~ Week 1

The Mortal Instruments Monday ~ Week 1 

This is an awesome idea that my blogging friend Blaze came up with! Check out her post here!

So each Monday, in preparation for City of Heavenly Fire, I'll write a blog post about whatever Blaze has set for that week that has to do with TMI.

This week's topic is:

"How did you come across Cassandra Clare's novels and how have they influenced you?"

I've always enjoyed reading. I went through phases from age 3-14 when I was reading off and on. I'd get into a groove and devour books. Other times I wouldn't read a book for pleasure for months... One day at the library (summer before 8th grade) I was browsing, looking at pretty covers. I asked a
librarian for any book recommendations, and she handed me City of Bones, City of Ashes, and City of Glass. These books looked huge to my 7th-grade self! I checked them out and promptly deposited them on my nightstand. And there they stayed until they were due, and I had to return them. I think I never
picked the books up for those three weeks because the book looked dauntingly long, and the covers were not appealing. Summer before 9th grade I was browsing on iBooks. I saw that this City of Bones ebook was on sale for $.99. I thought I'd give it a try because I recognized the cover as the same rec the librarian gave me. I got the sample and was hooked immediately. I bought the book and read for hours. I pulled an all-nighter to read it. Then when I finished in the morning I forced my parents to take me to the library to pick up more of the books. I went crazy. I just sat there, reading the TMI books and pulling all-nighters (except that I usually crashed) until *boom* I was all caught up. It took me around three weeks to read the series. 2 Days on City of Bones, 1 Day on City of Ashes, 2 Days on City of Glass, *6 Day agonizing wait for next book to come in* 7 Days on City of Fallen Angels, and 2 Days on City of Lost Souls. After finishing those books I twiddled my thumbs thinking Well if that was so good, there must be other books just as amazing! And then I praised God when I saw that Cassie Clare had a Clockwork series which I quickly devoured. I started searching for more books to read on the internet. Then I found and read Divergent! In September of that year (2012) as I was looking for more books to read, I stumbled upon this glorious little website called Goodreads.

Cassandra Clare's novels have a special place in my heart because they rekindled my love of reading that is now unbreakable. I can't separate myself from reading again. No. Never. Ever. Ever.... Ever. Cassandra Clare's books made me learn never to judge a book by its cover and to try something new and out of your comfort zone. I learned tons of vocab words through her books. I fell in love with Victorian Era London. I laughed my butt off while reading her books. I cried my eyes out in Clockwork Princess. Cassie Clare showed me just how powerful words are and how moving great writing can be. If not for Cassie Clare, I wouldn't be a bibliophile.

What about you? How did you come across Cassandra Clare's novels and how have they influenced you?

~Miss Perfection~


  1. I've only ever read Clockwork Angel by her, which I thought was amazingly good. I've never touched TMI though just because I've never had the time to. I honestly thought the Infernal Devices series was different from, but I just recently learned it was a spin-off. I just think I'm super late to the party. I'm definitely going to be picking The Mortal Instruments up soon though.

    SPEAKING OF SPIN-OFFS, how do you feel about all the stuff Cassandra Clare is coming out with. Do you think she's overdoing it? Or are you super excited for it? AND ALSO, which series did you like better?

    1. Honestly, I'm ecstatic about the new titles and series she's announced! I think it's overdoing it if it's repetitive and boring and poorly written like the Pretty Little Liars series. I do feel that she's overdoing it a bit though... I have full faith in Cassie Clare and hope/know that she'll do a good job.

      Tough question but The Mortal Instruments... I read it first and as you read above, it rekindled my love of reading so it will always have a special place in my heart ;) But then again, The Infernal Devices has better characters, prettier writing, beautiful setting, and lots of romance to compete with TMI's humor and action.

  2. Mmm. I'd better think about this for a bit! Your reasons are fabulous; If I was Cassandra Clare I would be very proud my writing had that impact!
    When I first read them, I didn't think much of it as the violence and such were certainly not what I was used to reading-and to this day I dislike reading that-and I only felt mildly shocked at the end of Clockwork Princess. Yes, yes, stick with me. What I admire most about them is Cassandra Clare's willingness to write originally and her own style, and still in the world of copy-and-pastes she became famous. I well believe she deserves that fame!

    Whereas today I admire them for more than that: For her atmosphere and plots, for the dialogue and the evolution of her writing skills. Plus I adore the references to the myriad classics. For a classic reader such as me that was a big plus.
    (Eh... I think it was the fame of them... It took me a long while to get into them.)

    I am awaiting the other Shadowhunter novels with a mixture of trepidation... and eagerness. It will be interesting to see how they compare with The Infernal Devices.

    1. I see what you're saying :) I LOVE her connections and references to classics too. I am eager and a bit nervous as well....


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