The Mortal Instruments Monday ~ Week 2

The Mortal Instruments Monday ~ Week 2

Mortal Instruments Monday is an awesome meme idea that my blogging friend Blaze came up with! Check out her post here!

So each Monday, in preparation for City of Heavenly Fire, I'll write a blog post about whatever Blaze has set for that week that has to do with TMI.

This week's topic is Zombie Apocalypse - Shadowhunter Style!


1. Take 5 of your favorite shadowhunter novels (from TMI and/or TID) and write the titles down on paper and put them in a jar.
2. Select a slip of paper at random. The paper will decide which book you pick first. 
3. Take the chosen book and flip to a random page. The first name that you see on the page answers the first position.
4. Flip to another random page in the book and the next name you see is the answer to the second position. 
5. Randomly select another slip of paper and repeat steps 3 & 4. Keep going until you have your whole team picked out!
**2nd book answers pos. 3 &4, 3rd book answers pos. 5 & 6, 4th book answers pos. 7 & 8, 5th book answers pos. 9 & 10.
**If you see a name that has already been picked, you use the next name you see on the page that hasn't been chosen yet. 

Here are the 10 positions on my zombie apocalypse team:
1. The First Person To Die
2. The Person You Trip To Get Away From The Zombies
3. The First Person To Turn Into A Zombie
4. The Person Who Trips YOU To Get Away From The Zombies
5. The Idiot Of The Team 
6. The "Brains" Of The Team
7. The Team's Medic
8. The Weapons Expert
9. The Brawler
10. The Team Captain

This was created by Nathan Hale on Youtube and you check out his video right here

I chose the books (in this order) Clockwork Prince, City of Bones, City of Lost Souls, Clockwork Princess, and City of Glass.

Clockwork Prince

1. The first person to die on my team is Gideon. Poor poor Gideon :( He's so gentle and sweet. He probably died trying to protect Sophie. Ave Atque Vale <3 

2. The person I trip to get away from the zombies is Nate, Tessa's brother. Heck yeah!!! He totally deserves it. :P 

City of Bones

3. The first person to turn into a zombie is Alec! I'm totally okay with it because Alec is just so whiny. Bye bye Alec! 

4. The person who trips ME to get away from the zombies is Clary. I'm so not surprised, perhaps a bit offended, but definitely not surprised. This girl is so rash and emotional, of course she's going to sacrifice me so she and the crew can make a clean getaway! If she tripped me, I'd take her down with me. ;) 

City of Lost Souls

5. The idiot of the team is Jace. Haha I could totally see this happening. Jace is so happy and surprised and in awe that the zombie apocalypse has happened. He's in a dazed trance and can't snap out of it. Hellooooo idiotic team member! 

6. The "Brains" of the team is Sebastian. Well he is the evil mastermind behind the latest threat to the world so that makes sense. Sebastian is really hot by the way... <-- Just thought I'd point that out ;) 

Clockwork Princess

7. The team's medic is Tessa. Tessa is so sweet and kind. She would be the one to take care of the rest of us and patch us all up :)

8. The weapons expert is Magnus. I burst out laughing when I saw that XD Magnus?? Weapons expert?? He'd just use his magic. He'd hold up his hands and say something like "Who needs weapons when you've got these bad boys?"

City of Glass

9. The brawler would be Max. I could NEVER imagine that sweet little boy as a brawler...

10. The team captain would be Valentine. He would totally lead us to victory over the zombies. I might not like him, but he's got street cred. 

My Zombie Apocalypse Team:
1. The First Person To Die - Gideon
2. The Person You Trip To Get Away From The Zombies - Nate
3. The First Person To Turn Into A Zombie - Alec
4. The Person Who Trips YOU To Get Away From The Zombies - Clary
5. The Idiot Of The Team - Jace
6. The "Brains" Of The Team - Sebastian
7. The Team's Medic - Tessa
8. The Weapons Expert - Magnus
9. The Brawler - Max
10. The Team Captain - Valentine

This was really fun! :) Want to try? Post your results in a comment! 



  1. I love that Magnus is the weapons expert, and I can't imagine Max being the brawler at all, he just seems to gentle to do that.

    1. Haha IKR? Magnus Bane. Weapons Expert. XD Max :(

  2. LOL! This sounds like fun! Jace as the idiot... oh gee, you better not let him see that. Oh hey, I see you got a new look - pretty! :)

    1. It was lots of fun to do the tag XD Yeah Jace would so not be happy... then again I think his ego could take the hit ;) Thanks! It was professionally done by Olivia Hou ;)

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  4. New try! I did the tag too, In case you want to check it out:

  5. Oh no, Valentine as the team captain. Oh that's not good at all. And Jace the idiot far from it!!! Haha! I'm all for a zombie apocalypse when it comes to creating our favourite teams. Love this! Lovely post, Rachel. Thanks for sharing!

    1. Haha thanks! It was so much fun to do ;)


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