The Mortal Instruments Monday ~ Week 4 (Crackpot Theories)

The Mortal Instruments Monday ~ Week 4

Mortal Instruments Monday is an awesome meme idea that my blogging friend Blaze came up with! Check out her post here!

This week's topic: City of Heavenly Fire Crackpot Theories!

** Don't continue reading if you haven't read ALL of the TMI and TID series (w/ the exception of CoHF of course!)

Let me start by saying how excited I am for this book!! I've been waiting for nearly TWO years. The Mortal Instruments is my FAVORITE series ever. Ever. Ever. And now the epic 733 paged book is coming out tomorrow!! :D 

There are so many things that I think will happen and so many more that I want to happen in this book. Here they are:


#1 - Magnus's Father ~ Cassie Clare keeps toying with us about the identity of Magnus's father. Who the heck is this guy?! My guess? I think he's some high-up, very powerful demon. Could it be Lucifer himself?! Either way, I think that the Crew (Clary, Jace, Alec, Simon, Isabelle) will need to ask him for help to defeat Sebastian.

#2 - The Unknown Place ~ Adding on to what I said up there ^^ I think that the Crew will need to travel to the demon dimensions to find help. Maybe they need a weapon from Hell to stop Sebastian. Remember, Cassie Clare said that the characters would have to go someplace no one's ever been before? She said something to that effect I think...

#3 - Jocelyn & Luke's wedding ~ I think that their wedding is going to take place near the beginning of the book. You know, imminent death, people are gonna die, let's get married now while we're still alive and well! And then Sebastian and his evil shadowhunters are going to attack. They'll kill some people (one casualty of six that we know). I think maybe Sebastian's going to kidnap Clary while he's there... 

#4 - The Betrayer ~ Cassie says that someone betrays them all. I think it's either the Seelie Queen or Raphael. I'm pretty sure that the Shadowhunters want to ally themselves with the Downworlders again in the fight against Sebastian. Maybe the fae or vampires or both betray the Shadowhunters and side with Sebastian. Meliorn did meet with Sebastian in CoLS...  

#5 - The Deaths ~ I think they are: Maureen, Magnus, Aline Penhallow, Sebastian, one of the Blackthorns, and Alec. 

Magnus - He's been in TID and TMI already. Perhaps the Bane Chronicles was Clare's way of saying "Ave Atque Vale" to him?? 

Aline - I don't know, just because! Not all of the deaths are main people.

Maureen - You can't kill Camille and get away with it! She's volatile and dangerous. She's gotta go.

Sebastian - He better die!! Or face never-ending torture.

Alec - Someone dies trying to protect another. Yeah I could see that happening...

One of the Blackthorns - I think something tragic is going to happen to this family... After reading part of CoHF's prologue, it strengthened my belief that one of their clan is going to die. 

#6 - Maybe Jace will get touched by an angel to take out the heavenly fire? 


#1 - Jem and Tessa meet in this book!! I know from Clockwork Princess's epilogue (takes place after the events of City of Heavenly Fire) that more stuff happens there, but hopefully they can see each other and interact a bit in CoHF because we know from snippets that both are in City of Heavenly Fire in one point or another. 

#2 - Oh my gosh. Just writing that above ^^ I realized that one of the two weddings could be Jem and Tessa's!! :D Because I'm pretty sure there's an epilogue in City of Heavenly Fire which could take place after the epilogue of Clockwork Princess.

#3 - Jocelyn and Luke get married. Please. They so deserve it!! 

#4 - Sizzy DTRs. It's about time... (**Define The Relationship)

#5 - Lots of content on the Blackthorns and Emma Carstairs! I want to see what these characters are like, after all, they're going to be the main crew of The Dark Artifices series!

#6 - AN EPIC BATTLE. With the TWO YEAR suspense waiting for CoHF I hope we get a or multiple intense action sequences.

#7 - Clace romance. And maybe a bit more... ;) 

#8 - To see them find a cure for Jem's addiction

#9 - Jace to get rid of the heavenly fire

Well those are my theories and desires for City of Heavenly Fire. I wonder if I got ANY of that right and hope that at least SOME of my desires are met ;) 

What are some of your theories for City of Heavenly Fire? Share your thoughts below!


  1. Ahhh I thought exactly the same about Magnus dying and I'm terrified that it could be right D;
    I also think you're right about a death from the Blackthorn family and the Jessa wedding. OMG I'm freaking out waiting for this book :|

    1. Same!! LESS THAN ONE DAY :D So excited :)

  2. I have only read the first three but I should really catch up! I hope you love it!
    New follower :)
    Missie @ A Flurry of Ponderings

  3. Have you read it yet? It was so good!

    1. I'm reading it now :) Just started the epilogue... I can't believe it's almost over ;(

  4. When we look at our theories for this bookXD


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