Top Ten Tuesday (3) ~ Fictional Crushes

Top Ten Tuesday is an awesome weekly meme created by The Broke and The Bookish where each week they post a new Top Ten list on various bookish things.

I selected this one from their past meme lists:

Fictional Crushes

1. Chaol Westfall from Throne of Glass is my number 1 YA hubby!! I love Captain Chaol so so much ;) He's loyal, fiercely protective, generous, sexy, compassionate, and so much more. 

2. Tucker Avery from Unearthly is my second YA hubby!! He's so sweet and adorable and cute. He's polite and warm and hilarious. 

3. Jem Carstairs from Clockwork Angel is basically the classiest, gentlest, most sincere of all YA guys. No one can beat Jem in terms of goodness at heart. He wins. Oh and he's my third and final YA hubby!!

4. Maxon Schreave from The Selection is so considerate and handsome and endearing. 

5. Liam Stewart from The Darkest Minds is such a great guy. He wants to save the world and throws himself into danger if it means saving others. He's so admirable! 

6. Jace Wayland from City of Bones has made me laugh so many times. And he's nice to look at ;)

7. Ian O'Shea from The Host is so gently and kind and protective. He doesn't let stigmas warp his opinions. He's clearheaded and calm and awesome.

8. Adrian Ivashkov from Bloodlines is so funny, thoughtful, and lovable. He's cocky but he's also got a soft side. 

9. Aiden St. Delphi from Half Blood is devoted, focused, and badass. And he's quite nice-looking. 

10. Perry from Under the Never Sky is a great caring leader who showcases his bravery and smarts through his decisions. 

Who are your fictional crushes?


  1. OMG, Chaol & Jace & Maxon are AWESOME!!! Chaol is so tough, but he really is a sweetie. And Jace is all out fighter-ninja thingie. And Maxon... is a prince. I mean, what girl doesn't want to be swept off her feet by a prince????

  2. OMG! List of hotties!! I am freakingly in love with Maxon and Jace!!! Especially after reading The One, I'm just fangirling over Maxon like all the time!

    Anyway, I'm glad that you put this list! The best books always have the hottest boy and you put some of my favorite boys, so I can bet that you have pretty much the same taste as mine :D

    1. Lol XD I know right? I was smiling just thinking about all these hotties while writing this post ;) The best books DO always have the hottest boys <3

  3. Great Choices! Perry and Jace tho. *swoon* :)

  4. Such a great list! I love Perry and Liam too!!:)


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