My Thoughts ~ The Overflowing TBR Pile & Changes

The Overflowing TBR Pile & Spontaneous Reading

As I've now been part of the blogging community for 4 months, I've visited so many blogs and met so many awesome bloggers. Through their memes and reviews I've discovered so many new books! My Goodreads To-Read shelf is overflowing, and I keep adding more and more books to it every day. Now I'm in this anxious, frenzied state where I feel that I MUST read every YA book in existence because they all sound so awesome, and I just can't handle having a huge and wildly out of control To-Read list.

As I try to catch up and read the old-timers like Of Poseidon and Blue Bloods, new interesting books keep coming out! I've ditched everything and recently attacked The Kiss of Deception. Once I regained my composure after reading that book, I settled down, studied like a dutiful student, and sparingly started reading an ARC of Even in Paradise. It's taken so much willpower for me not to devour The Queen of the Tearling. Don't even get me started about Heir of Fire. Come Monday, I will pounce on that lovely novel

As I now have over 250 followers via GFC & Bloglovin, (yay! <3 my followers) I've started requesting ARCs on Edelweiss and Netgalley. Now I've got 10 ARCs to read and review! I got excited so I browsed through tons of catalogs and review request places, and you could say I got carried away a bit. Those books are on my most prominent and time-sensitive To-Read list. 

Now you might be thinking That's great! Well it is and it isn't! I keep finding new books and spontaneously buy them and immediately start reading them before reading my ARCs first. Before reading my ARCs I should be studying for make-up finals or attempting to pick up playing piano again yet I find myself with my head stuck in a book or staring at my iPadMini screen, devouring books. Ugh I'm a mess. Reading is going to destroy me.  

Some Changes

I've decided to make some changes to my blog! I'm going to start doing more of a variety of posts. I'm going to do book tours, giveaways, discussions topics, tags, along with the memes and reviews I write now. I hate the monotony of my blog right now. It's meme, review, meme, meme, review, tag, meme, review, meme. B.O.R.I.N.G. I'm also going to change the format of my reviews. I'll no longer be using the headings that I put over each topic that I discuss (it just annoys me now). I'm not going to be posting as many gifs in my reviews (I'll post GIF-y reviews on Goodreads though). I'm going to shorten my reviews and make them more succinct because lets be honest, no one wants to read really long reviews. I'm going for short, sweet, and simple :) AND I'm getting a new blog design! I love the one I have now but my blog designer is amazing so she's going to redesign it. You can hire her here:

Summary of these changes:
-New features & more variety (Book tours, giveaways, discussions, tags)
-Changed review format
    -no more headings & labels
    -less GIF-y reviews
    -more succinct & shorter reviews
-New blog design

Is anyone else struggling with similar bookish problems? What books are on your To-Read shelf that you are most looking forward to? 


  1. I completely understand, I have a TBR list that I know I won't complete in my lifetime xD, but I especially understand the changes with your blog. It does get boring doing the same old thing so I try to change it up/add different posts to go inbetween my reviews, like tags and monthly (or seasonal) tbrs/wrap-ups.

  2. Wow! Some new changes? I'm actually working with someone on my new blog design as well. Keep us on tabs, and I would love to hear about your progress. Hope all is well :D

    Alex @ The Book's Buzz

  3. I think that is a great idea! I kinda try to do that too!
    Missie @ A Flurry of Ponderings

  4. I sympathise with your TBR pile. I have 495 books in my to-read shelf on GR, and I'm not even reading 50 books a year... so that means it will take me approximately 10 years to read them all?!? And that's not even taking into account new releases over that time :P
    Can't wait to see the new blog design!

  5. I feel you with the ever-growing TBR pile, haha. That's why I'm totally against adding books to my to-read shelf on Goodreads, because if I did that I'd have more unread than read books on my profile and it'd cause me too much stress. I'm looking forward to seeing some of the discussions you post, too, because hopefully they'll give me some ideas for posts as my discussion tag only has one post in it. :/

    Charlotte @ Bookmarks and Blogging

  6. Yeah we bookish ones all have To-Read pile problems XD I HATE when my To-Read pile is bigger than my Read pile. :( My OCDness knows no bounds. Thanks guys! Can't wait to see my new design either XD I'm giving my blog designer pretty much full range to do what she thinks would look best :)

    Yup I'm changing my review format a bit. I will still write some GIF-y reviews (for some much-anticipated reads or for pre-posting ARC reviews.) The GIF-y ARC review will be the pre-hype review. Then I'll post the real ARC content review on publication date. Yay Tuesdays!

  7. Yes, so with you on the ever-growing TBR pile, though I seem to be getting to my ARC's more than reading ones I've bought (booo!- the bought pile is waaay too long right now). I've been almost blogging for a year now, so I'm getting involved more in Blog Tours, cover reveals and interviewing authors because it really is fun. I just didn't want to overwhelm myself in the beginning though, so once you got the hang of it, way easier to do. I'm also thinking up a new feature, just something I can post with a friend, so we're coming up with something for that (since mines been, review, meme, cover reveal, meme, review- which I'm getting bored with myself, so yeah) haha.

    With you on the review format! I look back at the first couple of reviews I did (which are around the 1000 word mark and I'm just WHY THAT LONG?) Mine usually vary between 400-600 depending on how much I love the book. Just go with the flow. :)

    1. Yeah I think I got involved with too much too fast... I'm going to start writing more discussion posts like these for the sake of blogging and variety :) Yeah I've noticed other blogs have much shorter reviews, and it's just easier to churn them out if they're shorter XD


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