Introducing the new bloggers!!

As many of you know, I've been looking for co-bloggers! I'm now into my junior year of high school, and as I suspected, I am now unable to manage this blog alone. I've been wanting a co-blogger for the longest time! It'll be so much fun :)

I was overwhelmed by the number of applicants! Thank you so much everyone who applied and to those of you who wished me luck and those who helped spread the word. There were so many great applicants, but I had to choose two. I'm thrilled to officially introduce my co-bloggers: Dana from Dana Square and Naban from The Literary Oracle!

Dana's an awesome reviewer and friend whom I've recently gotten to know. She's so sweet and kind, and we share creepily similar book taste and watch lots of the same tv shows. I co-blog with Dana at Dana Square, and she graciously offered to assist me in co-blogging at A Perfection Called Books. She'll be posting her stellar reviews here. We'll also be collaborating on discussion posts, tags, and a few other projects we've started! EXCITEMENT!

Naban is a fairly new blogger. She's created the gorgeous Literary Oracle blog. I'll admit, I stalk Naban's blog. It's glorious and filled with great content, and Naban is wonderful. I was ecstatic when I saw that Naban applied. It was an easy "YES" from me. She writers outstanding reviews and is witty and friendly. I'm so glad that Naban's joining the APCB team; we're going to be fast friends.

And now I'll let these lovely gals introduce themselves!

Hello to y'all! I'm just a teen bookworm who is stuck between her love for books and her studies.

I'd read anything you place in front of me, from Fantasy to Sci-fi to Contemporary as long as it belongs to the YA genre. I mostly drift towards books with more action and romance.When I'm not reading, you are most likely to find me breaking a sweat (note: sarcasm) on the laptop, watching series or studying. Sometimes I become cool and do all of it at once.

I was delighted when Rachel told me she'd love having me on the APCB team! I'm extremely excited to work with her and Dana. 

 I blog over at The Literary Oracle and can be found tweeting away @TheLitOracle.
Howdy!!  I am a college student who loves to read and share my love of books with all those who will listen.  I mainly read YA and NA books. I tend to gravitate more towards Fantasy and Sci-fi, but Contemporary is slowly becoming one of my favorites as well. Like Naban, I love action and romance.

When I'm not reading or blogging, I am most definitely watching some TV show. I am usually procrastinating some school work. Sometimes I manage to get away from twitter and google +.
Rachel and I were convinced by twitter that co-blogging would definitely be more fun. So far it has been amazing and I can't wait to start blogging here with Naban as well. 
I blog over at DanaSquare and can be found fangirling/tweeting away @DanaSquare


  1. Congratulations to Dana and Naban! I'm sure they'll do great! I can sympathize with your plight as I'm finding it hard to keep up with things over on my blog and I'm currently looking for some help as well!

  2. I struggled with blogging in my junior year, too! But I never considered co-blogging since blogging was always so personal for me. Congrats to Dana & Naban! I hope you all have a blast working together! :)

  3. Congratulations on finding two new co-bloggers, it sounds like you found the two perfect girls to add to your team :D

  4. Congrats! It looks like you found some great co-bloggers; I followed both their blogs just now :) I hope you guys all enjoy working together.

  5. Congrats on finding new co-bloggers! I hope you guys have tons of fun together ;) Dana and Naban both seem like a ton of fun and congrats on becoming co-bloggers with Rachel you two! ;D

  6. Awesome! I love both Dana and Naban's personal blogs (and this one!), so I'm sure you three working together will be amazing. Looking forward to what's in store ^_^

  7. Welcome, new co-bloggers! I'm excited to see what your input will do with this blog :D

  8. Hiya Naban and Dana! ^_^

    Oh, and yay! We're Junior Buddies! Junior Year's gotten to the point we're I'm always tired (so yeah... looking for roughly one more coblogger...). *sigh*

    So I totally feel you. Since we're in the same boat and all. Can't wait to see what you three come up with! :D

  9. Yay! I am looking forward to seeing posts by you floating around the blog. Hehe :D Welcome!

  10. Wow -- not sure how you guys manage blogging and high school but I'm excited that you've found a way to make it work! Look forward to hearing more from all of you!
    Jen @ YA Romantics

  11. Welcome to the new co-blogger, exciting times for you Rachel! How great to have someone join you on your blogging adventures. I look forward to seeing posts from Dana and Nalan!

  12. YEAH FOR MORE AWESOMENESS! :D So excited to see what these two amazing girls will bring to this blog! It's so sweet that you and Dana coblog for each other - ha! And I know Naban from her own blog and absolutely adore her, so I have no doubt she'll contribute epically here! ;) Thanks for sharing Rachel, and welcome to both of you! <3

  13. Ah, junior year. I actually did my best blogging during my junior year, which is a bit strange for me. Somehow I managed to balance everything out but I will NEVER know how I did it because I can barely balance it out now, and I'm a senior with only two classes per day! Congrats on finding great co-bloggers, though. :D Hopefully it really helps to take a load off of your shoulders, and makes blogging less stressful.

  14. Welcome, welcome, welcome! Our wonderful Rachel over here has the best blog around here, and I'm sure that you two lovely ladies will make it even better, even though I can't imagine that because this blog is already at its highest amazingness. Congrats, ladies—I can't wait to see what you have in store for us!


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