#ReadingCram Chills and Thrills ~ Day 2 Teaser Challenge + A Giveaway!

Oct 25--Teaser Challenge--randomly open the book you are reading and post 2 sentences from the read ADDING/SUBSTITUTING IN 3 spooky/Halloween words of your choosing into the teaser! Post on Twitter, blogs, YouTube, etc.

Andrew @ Endlessly Reading is hosting today's challenge. You can view his post and enter his giveaway here

"She tucked the white chainsaw into the back of her bloodied victim. Turning and giving him her back, she spoke to Kylie. 'Let's leave this popsicle stand.'" -Reborn by CC Hunter

Hahah this was fun ;)

My international giveaway for a copy of The Immortal Rules by Julie Kagawa!

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What are you reading for this spooky time of year?


  1. You changed the rules! xD Not fair. If you're allowed to substitute words it gets waaay easier! ;) Oh well, I love your sentences, though. Pretty funny ^.^

  2. hehe I like your substitution of words, it made it much more fun. I tried to do it, but mine just wound up silly.

  3. Oh wow... this sounds a bit gory! Someone is definitely reading a chilling book at the moment :D

  4. I love anything with monsters, they're great!

  5. escape from furnace series was amazing. It is a type of book I hate, but I couldnt stop reading :P


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