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As I sit here forming my 2014 End of the Year survey, I can't help but be shocked by the low number of books I've read this year. 73. 73 books. That's it?!

Now before you back away from this post in horror, trust me, I can explain!! With the horrible combination of school, stress, fatigue, traveling, procrastination, and reading slumps, no one could read as many books as they had hoped. I've had a total of 12 reading slumps this year. Yes, TWELVE. When I find a book I don't like, I tend to shut down and wallow in self-pity before jumping back into the swing of things. But that's not even the biggest factor that's led to this predicament, it's been my rereading obsession.  

I reread way too much. Rereading is the only thing that can bring me out of a reading slump. Yet it's also a reviewer's kryptonite. We can get lost in a sea of rereads and it's not like you can re-review the same books. Rereading is so much fun though! It might not be productive, but it makes me so happy. There's nothing better than cracking open your favorite book and revisiting your favorite characters. Nothing can compare to the safety you feel while rereading. You know the book is good, there's no fear that it's going to disappoint.

Rereading accomplishments:
-Memorized the chapter titles of City of Bones
-Know the epilogue of The Hunger Games by heart
-Can recall the whole Throne of Glass series storyline arc from memory (literally chapter by chapter I can detail everything that happened off the top of my head)
-Recognizes which book Vampire Academy quotes comes from

I've read some books so many times that crazy weird things like that *points above* happens. Is that sad? The books that I've definitely reread the most would have to be The Mortal Instruments, The Infernal Devices, Throne of Glass, The Hunger Games, Unearthly, Lux, and Vampire Academy.

When I first started reading, I obviously didn't know any better than to reread. I didn't realize there were more amazing and wonderful books out there. I clung to my favorites, scared to let go, scared to try something new. Blogging has opened me up to a world full of more books than I could ever imagine. Reading other blogs has exposed me to so much more; I have over 700 books on my TBR now. 

I still need a good reread to pick me up from a reading slump everyone once in a while, but I try to limit it. 

Do you reread? What have you reread the most? 


  1. I do not re-read much, but Princess Diaries have been re-read the most. I've probably read them at 3 or 4 times! Still love them:) I want to re-read the Mortal Instruments and Infernal Devices! Awesome post and you've read 11 books more than me! I've kinda been lazy about during school, it's just YouTube is so darn addicting:P

  2. I love rereading! And a series I always come back to is the Harry Potter series, but I also like the Vampire Academy series and The Hunger Games.

  3. Omg how can you memorize all those stuff?? :P I feel pretty guilty I don't reread the same way I had used to. I always buy so many new books that I get too excited to reread anything. I should rereading soon, though. I miss the good books <3

    Jillian @ Jillian's Books

  4. Aww, I feel the same way. You know when you get so attached to the books you love and don't feel like trying anything new? :3

    I totally understand about The Mortal Instruments! I just finished CoHF and I'm in total flailery mode.
    And the Hunger Games ^^ <3

  5. 73 is a low number? xD
    Like you mentioned, I also reread favourite books over and over before I started on Goodreads and realised there were so many other books out there - I've got over 700 on my TBR too.
    My most reread books apart from Harry Potter are probably Divergent, The Princess and the Captain by Anne-Laure Bondoux, City of Bones and Howl's Moving Castle.
    I actually try to reread a fair bit (but kind of fail), because I love being immersed in the worlds of my favourite novels over and over again.
    Nice post! :)

  6. Oh wow... I re-read a lot, but not that often!! Like I've re-read Harry Potter so many times, it's frightening. I couldn't tell you each chapter name, but I know all the quotes and what happens when I read just one line. But 73 is a lot!! I've read just over that, and I'm proud of myself!!! :)

  7. I'm amazed at how you were able to memorize stuff just from rereading @_@
    I don't reread a lot but I always tell myself I reread certain books -__- I always get excited over new books I buy which is why I usually just set aside rereading... only thing I've reread over a lot of times to the point of memorizing certain quotes/lines is my fave manga..

    czai @ the Blacksheep Project

  8. This is my first year in uni and it's already giving me so much stress that I had the misery of experiencing the most horrible struggle for a book lover: BOOK SLUMPS. I had to experience it for like twice this year. But wow, TWELVE READING SLUMPS??? That is a bookworm's definition of hell. I curse whoever invented school, all I ever wanted is to graduate immediately and get paid to read books, but all I get is to suffer from 1 hour of sleep or no sleep at all whenever I have a school day. WHen will this misfortune end? *sniff* *gives you a tight hug*

  9. I'm so jealous that you know the entire Throne of Glass storyline... that's like my favorite series D:

    You don't have to read like 100 books to be impressive. For me it's the same thing,I only read 71 books when my goal was to read 120 books in the year of 2014. Maybe in 2015, we can set more realistic goals lol!

    Alex @ The Book's Buzz

  10. I'm not much of a re-reader because I read a lot of stuff as it's released, but I have some re-reads planned for next year. I need to revisit Harry Potter, Divergent, and The Hunger Games.

    Erin @ The Hardcover Lover

  11. I don't reread full books, but if I'm ever in a slump or just in the mood, I do like to take a favorite book off the shelf and read a snippet (typically my favorite *coughkiss* scenes or funny ones, haha). Maybe that's an alternative you could try? (:
    But honestly, if you reread often, you could blog about that! Talk about whether your opinion changed and why, or if you noticed something you never noticed before. I'd be interested, especially because we share a lot of the same favorites ;)

  12. Well, I hope no one is looking in horror at me!! I pledged 48 books for the Goodreads challenge, figuring on about a book a week because I work, have a family household to run, and I also like to go out with my friends; do some music and artwork, and of course blog. The only reason I managed about 60 was because I was flat on my back with an injury for about two weeks. I think we need to start looking in horror (and sometimes with questioning) at the people who say they read a book a day, or every couple of days, especially the ones who say they work and/or go to school full time because they have to be speed reading for quantity. What author wants to think their work of heart and soul, and blood, sweat, and tears was speed read? Plus, I am tired of all this negativity towards readers/reviewers/bloggers who have other
    things in their lives that prevent them from churning out gigantic reading numbers. Working and going to school are more important; and enjoying your own creative outlets and socializing in real life are not bad things.

  13. I typically only reread when a new book in a series is coming out so everything can be fresh in my mind when I read the newest sequel. Two that come to mind are Harry Potter and the Wheel of Time series (boy is that a long one to reread!). But there are plenty of other series that I loved and want to reread just because. I'm planning a feature for my blog where I reread favorites of mine and write reviews for them.

  14. I could, if left to my own devices, reread The Hunger Games like, all day, every day, until the end of time. I have only reread them 9 times so far, sadly. I was doing great, but blogging derails any hope at rereads. Like you said, it is impossible to churn out content if you're just sitting around reading THG forever! Even in reading slumps, as much as I WANT to reread, I usually just end up pushing through, because I get all guilty. I am vowing to reread THG next year, at least to get to my tenth, definitely before Mockingjay Part 2!

  15. I actually don't reread that often, but the series that I do reread you have listed The Infernal Devices, Throne of Glass, The Hunger Games, and Vampire Academy :D Oh, and Harry Potter. But I didn't read as much as I wanted to this year either, I probably have around your number if I take out manga (which dominated my 2014 reading) Ah, well, there's always next year xD

  16. I'm one of those people who almost NEVER re-reads. I just can't bring myself to read a book again when I have so many shiny new books sitting on my shelf. But lately I havebeen tempted to re-read Maybe Someday by Colleen Hoover - it keeps calling to me. So, I might just have to do it!

    Come join us in the 2015 Book Blog Discussion Challenge!

  17. Ha, I love your re-reading accomplishments! I'm a huge fan of re-reading and just spent last week rereading two of my favorite books from this year. So worth it!

  18. I very,very rarely re-read books,I have re-read only 3 of my favourite books,there are so many books out there :D

    But I understand re-reading books,we are all different readers :)

  19. Hah, I wanted to reach 150 books at least this year, but I had a two month slump where I didn't read ANYTHING at all and now I'm like 10-13 books short of that goal and the year is nearly ending, so I can totally understand what you mean haha. I reread sometimes, but not often. I mostly reread to get out of reading slumps like you. They get the groove back on and even then it's okay because I find something new along the way that I didn't notice before, which makes the reading experience just as good as the first time, if not better ~

    Faye at The Social Potato

  20. I'm currently doing the #harryxmastoyou reread and rewatch, so I have been completing ignoring my massive TBR and review copies. I should feel guilty, but I am having so much fun doing it that I don't feel guilty at all. It does stop me having reviews to write though, which isn't good. But I've reached my goal of 100 books this year, so I am happy. 73 is good though, you shouldn't feel bad about that :)

  21. I wish I could be a good re-reader but I'm always pursuing the newly released reads. I haven't actually reread many books, although earlier in the year I re-read Angelfall which was as amazing as the first time, because you don't really recall every word and what happens off by heart. Those are some interesting achievements you've had as a result of re-reading! I don't think 70 books is a low number at all :)


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