20 Things About Me Tag

Thanks Michelle @ A Thousand Lives Lived for tagging me to do the 20 Things About Me tag!

1. I love food!! It's quite funny because people think I don't eat since I'm "a twig" apparently.

2. I adore cooking. Cooking is such a fun past time! I make pasta dishes, meat dishes, salads, desserts, breakfast, you name it!

3. I'm a linguaphile or linguist if you will. Learning languages is fun, and according to my teachers I have a knack for it. I'm currently learning Mandarin Chinese and French. And yes, I do attempt the accents ;)

4. You could say I'm a fashionista. Shoes in particular!

5. I love all things cheetah print. I have pens, pencils, shirts, shorts, pants, hair ties, slippers, socks, notebooks, bags, dresses all in cheetah prints.

6. Using emojis is an addiction of mine. If you see me on Twitter, you'll probably find an emoji attached to whatever I say.

7. I organize like crazy. I have spread sheets, google docs, notebooks, folders, space holders, paperclips and everything in between for the most minute things.

8. Leadership calls to me. I like to lead things. It can be viewed as either a good or bad thing. I love heading projects, I just like seeing things get done and accomplished. I like running things and watching them succeed.

9. I want to major in Economics in college and eventually work in the business field. Hopefully traveling will entail.

10. I've always dreamed big as kid. I wanted that mansion, I wanted that nice car. I'm determined to work hard and eventually have that ultimate life of luxury. I'm not doing bad now or anything, but when I become an adult and leave my parents, I want to make something for myself. I don't want to rely on them and their money.

11. Netflix ruins my life in the best possible way. I'm that stereotypical person who binge-watches tv shows on Netflix. This has lead me to so many TV obsessions! Here are some: Revenge, The 100, Reign, The Vampire Diaries, Scandal, Orphan Black, and more that I've forgotten....

12. I yearn to visit Rome, Iceland, Australia, New Zealand, and Prague. Those are my top destinations that I want to see. According to my mother and her pictures, I've been to Rome and Prague, but I was so young it hardly counts!

13. I squirm a lot when I read. Do you ever struggle to find the perfect reading position? That's me. All the time. I'm constantly moving trying to find the perfect position. Hint: it doesn't exist for me!

14. I'm a bit clumsy. I'm always in a hurry, moving too fast and such. The number of tumbles and spills I've caused by the end of a day can't be counted on my fingers alone. Oops?

15. I love traveling! My family and I love seeing the world, our fondest memories are usually ones we spend on vacations.

16. Running is such fun. I kid you not! I love running long distance.

17. I'm obsessed with Sarah J Maas's books. Shocker, right?

18. I'm half Filipina and half American. I yearn to visit my mother's home country. It WILL happen soon. I just want to go to the Philippines so bad!!

19. I have a younger sister Julia (12) who's pretty funny yet totally spoiled. My older brother Kyle (24) is super smart and adventurous.

20. I hate following directions. I tune out immediately when people tell me what to do. I'm not the biggest fan of lab directions or recipes...

Well that's just a bit about me! I tag anyone and everyone who wants to do this tag :)


  1. Love this tag. Love finding out more about you. I am so super organized too. I have so many google spreadsheets that it's crazy. I am living in Naples, Italy right now (temporarily because my husband works for a navy base here). I just went to Rome for about the fourth time. It is an hour away by train. You really must visit because it's beautiful! But then again, all of Italy is beautiful. My husband and I are planning a trip to Prague later this year. :) I hope you get there soon.

  2. I never knew that you were half-Filipina! Call me creepy or what, but I really enjoyed learning more about you. :)

  3. Ohhh, I love this tag - and your answers were amazing! I'm glad I could know more about you :) I'm addicted to Netflix as well haha x Benish | Feminist Reflections

  4. Cooking is Amazing! And so is shopping for shoes (you can never have enough...).

  5. Prague is beautiful. I visited it with my parents for the New Year and it was freaking magical. I want to go to Iceland, Australia and NZ too. So much.
    The Throne Of Glass one really is a shocker. But mentioning Celaena can never be wrong.
    I love food too. Food people are the best.
    Fabulous post :)

  6. I SUCK at cooking. My mom is always pestering me to learn how to cook something! I got some cook books to review though, so this week I'm going to try to cook or bake something. I'll let you know how it goes! ;D

  7. OMG, you watch The 100!??? I'm not ready for tonights episode *bites nails*

  8. This is so cute! I think we're going to have to do this one. Loved seeing a lot of interesting stuff about you - and FYI, Australia is my top place to visit too!! *heart eyes* -Jessica

  9. I did this tag a while back and it was a lot of fun!
    I had no idea you were hald Philipina, I hope you'll get to visit the other motherland soon!
    And YAY for travelling! I hope you'll get to visit all the places you want!

  10. OHMYGOSH! You're half filipina?!?! I live in the Philippines but I'm pure chinese LOL you should visit some time. I can show you around LOLOLOL


  11. #1 IS SO ME! All of my friends on my cross country team thought I barely ate anything because I look like a stick. But I love food so much, and I proved them wrong when I scarfed down a huge plate of about 15 clams and lots of pasta during a team dinner at a restaurant the night before a race. Speaking of cross country, I also love running long distance. It's the only sport I actually enjoy and do. Well, I used to do speed skating which I enjoyed...And yes, I fidget a ton when I read, and it annoys my family members so much.

  12. This post is great! Now I feel like I know so much more about you (and all of it is splendid). You sound like such an amazing person; I wish I had the dedication you did, but I'm pretty much the equivalent of a snail lol.

  13. Rachel, you actually make me feel unaccomplished with my life, oh my gosh.

    I tried languages and I'm actually not bad but Chinese was out because I can't write. Basically, I just really don't like the ideas of not using letters. But french is so much fun! I'm taking it through high school :)

    Cooking is like a NO for me. I love watching people cook because I think it looks amazing and mesmerizing [because I can't do it, y'know?] but I burnt water so just NO. my parents pretty much ban me from the kitchen now :)

    I've been to Malaysia, China and a bunch of places in the US but no where as far as I would love to go to. Your destinations seem like a lot of fun, especially because there's such different culture there!

  14. I didn't know you were half Filipina! So am I! My dad is Italian and my mama is Filipina! (: I love food, too, but I can't cook anything to save my life. Even the things I microwave come out as a disaster. I totally binge on Netflix, too! (:

  15. This is fabulous. XD I hate following directions too...gah. I really prefer to do things my own way, which drives my mother bonkers because she's the same, only very bossy. XD heh. Lucky you for being good with languages! I really really wanted to learn French and I was teaching myself for 2 years and IT JUST DIED ON ME. I could read quite a bit but I couldn't speak it to save my life.
    Australia is an awesome place to visit. ;-) TRUST ME.

  16. Whoaaaa, I didn't know you were half-Filipina! That's pretty cool ;) If you do visit the Philippines one day, let me know so we can meet up or something! Haha. It's beautiful here, especially in the countryside. Full of nature and wonders. Manila isn't a representative of the rest of the country so don't feel discouraged if you're not impressed by it. No one is ;P

    And I love learning languages, too! I'm currently learning Japanese right now :) I can speak French, Tagalog, Bicol (it's a dialect BUT IT FEELS LIKE A WHOLE NEW LANGUAGE ANYWAY HAHA)~ It's really fun especially since you learn their culture too~

    Faye at The Social Potato

  17. I'm so clumsy too haha! Great post <3

    btw we nominated you for the Versatile Blogger Award! :) Check it out here

  18. Hahaha! I know French and am currently studying Korean, Mandarin, Danish, and a whole bunch of other ones. I love languages too. And I have a Lil'Sis that is 12 and spoiled as well! Lol

    I'm American. :D

  19. AHHHH a fellow The 100 binge watcher! I love finding people like me! Haha!
    Not at all surprised your obsessed with all things Sarah J Maas! I'm totally with you on that!
    Loved learning all these things about you Rachel :)

  20. THRONE OF GLASSSSSSS. Well, we already know how I feel about that one ;D

    I want to do so much travelling too! I want to go to as many places as I possibly can, although I don't have a set place-by-place list yet. England is first up, and then Australia to visit Chiara, and then from there I'll go wherever my heart wants to go that year! My (hopeful) goal is to visit a new place each year and not return to the same place more than once in the span of probably 6 years, so I'll always be seeing some place new. :P If I move to England for my Masters that'll be even easier because I'll be closer to different countries that I can visit.

    If you don't think Netflix's goal when it was created was to ruin our lives, you are kidding yourself ;D

  21. It's awesome that your a linguist! My best friend is studying languages and she loves it. I'm taking French class and I'm actually considering getting another major in French! I really like it. I'm the same when it comes to leadership. I just think that I end up doing things better if I have control of it... It's a good and a bad thing, lol.

    I SERIOUSLY WANNA GO TO PRAGUE. Ever since I read Daughter of Smoke and Bone it's been at the top of my list.

    Awesome post <3

  22. Aw, this is so fun! I love finding out more about bloggers :) I love travelling so much too! I have been to Rome, but I would love to go to all the other places too! And I am so impressed by your linguistic abilities! I, um, used to think I had some too, but apparently I don't. I was always the best in Spanish class but I guess everyone else was just *that* bad at it, because after two years of majoring in Spanish (and minoring in French) in college, I couldn't speak a damn sentence of either. So... I didn't do that anymore ;) I did, however, get into a fight with a gypsy in Barcelona, and while I couldn't communicate well, I did know what she was saying, kind of! Progress. Then I accidentally robbed her. You will probably want to hear this story sometime. I'll save it for my own post ;)

    Uh, running is evil. But I am impressed anyway. Also, I should pay you to organize my life! Love this post, thanks for sharing it with us :)

  23. Funny 'cause the first time I saw your blog, I thought you're Filipina. I never thought to ask you to confirm it, though. LOL :D Cool! I hope you get to visit the Philippines someday. Nice post, Rachel! It's always good to know more personal stuffs about fellow bloggers. ^__^

  24. Do you study Mandarin and French in school, or are you teaching yourself? I'm curious to know what resources do you use to learn languages? I studied Japanese in college, but I haven't kept up with my studies post graduation. I always looking for tools or programs to help me keep myself accountable :)

    You mention that you want to study economics and business (and hopefully travel will follow). When I was in school and looking into the business college, I expressed my interest to travel, and finance/international finance was suggested to me. I know you still have plenty of time to explore your options. Just food for thought though :)

  25. YES! I love food too! Organization = my life, so I'm completely with you on that one. Google documents/spreadsheets/calendar is my best friend. I didn't know that you were interested in business/economics! Have you ever taken any classes in school?

  26. RACHELLLLL. So many point of those. So many points... is it even funny? I don't know. It's creepy for sure. I feel as if you described me not you. Minus the siblings thing. Mine are both younger. Ahahahaha. And I haven't been to Rome yet. I've been to Venice and Ancona, though. Does that count?

  27. I love food and baking as well. :) It was nice to know more about you.

  28. Major in economics?? WOOOHOO I love econ, it's the basis of life imo. And look at you with those languages!

  29. Ooooh! That's cool you wanna major in econ. :D I wanna work in the business field in the future too.

  30. Iceland is amazing! I went a few years ago and want to go back so badly. Everything from the landscape to the people to the food ESPECIALLY THE FOOD is amazing. You should go one day!

  31. OMG youre half Filipina ?? My hubby is filipino born here. I definitely want to go to the philippines as well. I hear amazing things and the FOOD, OMG L.O.V.E it all :) xoxo

  32. This was so good to hear about! I love traveling as well, and hope to do a lot of it in my future as well. Let's hope we both can do that! I have always dreamed big as a child and pretty much that hasn't changed :P I love languages and the idea of learning a lot of them, but I simply don't have the knack for it so I am glad you do!

  33. I love food too! It always surprised me (and my family) that I'm not gigantic, because I especially LOVE sweets <3 and I hardly work out. I love learning new languages. I'm actually thinking about doing some home school studies after I graduate to learn something new. I'm a Netflix addict :') I really really like traveling and I can't wait to visit more countries and places.

  34. I am incredibly, almost ridiculously organized myself, and I am a total klutz! I don't even have to be moving fast to be clumsy. I just am! And I am a total guy when it comes to directions. My husband is a tiny bit better than I am about following instructions! I loved getting to know more about you! Especially the languages! I am jealous of you. I am not sure I could learn another language if I try!


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