2015 Book Blogger Love-A-Thon ~ Intro Post

1. What’s your name?


2. Where in the world are you blogging from?

I live in Pennsylvania, land of trees and deer !

3. How did you get into blogging in the first place?

I followed and read blogs for a year or two, and my Goodreads friends kept urging me to make a blog since I always posted reviews on GR. Then I had to create a blog for a science project, and I learned lots of the functions and things. I made a blog a few days later (March 1st, my first blogoversary is coming up soon!). I spoke with the awesome blogger Montana @ The Book Belles who taught me quite a bit about the ins and outs of blogging.

4. How did you come up with your blog name?

My GR friend Layla helped me pick it out! She knew I had a thing for the word "perfection" and spun a name out of it. Thanks girl <3

5. What genre do you read and review the most on your blog?

Probably fantasy. I'm totally addicted to fantasy novels.

6. What other types of posts do you do on your blog, apart from reviews?

I really like to do discussion posts, tags, bookish news recaps, blog events, etc.

7. Best blogging experience so far?

Meeting so many great people in the bookish community!

8. Favorite thing about the blogging community?

Everyone is so nice, it's like a big, supportive family :)

9. Name the 5 books you’re most excited for this 2015!

The Wrath and The Dawn by Renée Ahdieh, An Ember in the Ashes by Sabaa Tahir, Queen of Shadows by Sarah J Maas, Winter by Marissa Meyer, Ice Like Fire by Sara Raasch

10. What’s an underrated book or series that you think everyone should read?

Even in Paradise by Chelsey Philpot

11. Which book boy or girl would be your book BFF?

I'd love to be friends with Rose from Vampire Academy. She's hilarious!

12. Apart from reading, what are your other hobbies or interests?

I really like to run, play piano, learning languages, cook, and travel :)

13. Apart from book shopping, what else do you like shopping for?

SHOES and clothes. But mostly SHOES.

14. At a party, the DJ suddenly changes the song – and it’s your song. What song would be playing?

Anything by Taylor Swift, especially something from her new album (love it).

15. Pick out either a book you want turned into a film/TV show, or a film/TV show you want turned into a book.

Red Queen by Victoria Aveyard. And it is, so yay!!

I'm so looking forward to getting to know all of you! I'll be sure to check out your blog today :) 


  1. I am excited for ALL your 5 most anticipated books! Yes Rose, I forgot about her while writing my post. I would love to be friends with her, she's hilarious and kickass!

  2. Hey Rachel!I am so excited for the love a thon,it's my first time taking part in it:)
    Another Taylor Swift fan!I love all her songs and her new album is so cool.
    Here's my introductory post

  3. Hi Rachel!

    I've never heard of The Wrath and the Dawn, but I'm looking forward to the other 4 too so you clearly have sound judgment. *hops over the goodreads and adds* thanks!

  4. Eeeeep! CHAOL! I love it! He's a great choice! I'm so excited for QoS and An Ember in the Ashes too! That's awesome how you started blogging! I love that! I'm glad you decided to join the fun girl! I almost chose a T.Swift song for my jam too, but couldn't pick one! Haha. I love to cook and travel too! And I majored in both Spanish and Italian in college, so I love languages too. :D YAY! Love this so much Rachel!

  5. I desperately need to read Red Queen -- it's been sneaking its way up my TBR very quickly! Ooh and Ember in the Ashes. I love finding someone else who loves fantasy novels! Have fun with Loveathon!

  6. Hi Rachel! I enjoyed getting to know you and your blog a bit more! I too am addicted to fantasy--there are just so many amazing fantasy titles out there. And more coming out every month--eek!! I still have yet to read Red Queen! Travel and learning languages are two things I love to do as well. Thanks for stopping by the blog!! -@KatePoseyPhD

  7. Wait, what? You're in PA too? For some strange reason, I thought you were a New York City girl. lol

    Awe. I love how your friend helped you pick out your blog's name. Stories like that warm my frozen heart. :)

  8. YAY for fantasy books! I've been in such a fantasy kick as of late myself!!
    I'm so very curious to see how people have chosen their blog names! =D

  9. I picked Shake It Off for question 14. It's one of my favorite songs right now! :) I'm hoping to get to Red Queen soon, too, especially with how amazing you've mentioned it is. I've seen several great reviews for it recently. Thanks for the mention! I always love visiting your blog :)

  10. Hi Rach!!
    Im sure i dont need to express my undying love for you since you know BUT i will anyway!! I didnt know your blogoversary was March 1st!! so it mine!! yikes they are coming up fast!! I am so glad that you live close enough to me that we can head to bookish events together (ps Kelly and I are planning a movie date soon so if u want to go let me know ill pick you up) Anyhoo you have amazing taste in books and alwyas are there for me when i have issues lol. I am so excited RED QUEEN THE MOVIE??!?! or is it a tv show? Who cares i love them both. I really enjoy all of your discussion posts. I wish i came up with some of the stuff you do! I hope to see you soon and *hugs*
    ❤️Britt @ Please Feed The Bookworm

  11. WAIT. Red Queen is turning into a TV show/film? THIS IS SUCH GOOD NEWS! Ashley is a shoe addict too - I swear I've never met anyone who buys so many shoes! Yay for TSwift, running and traveling interest! I played the piano for about 7 years when I was growing up but I don't play anymore. I wish I still did :(

    Nicole @ The Quiet Concert

  12. Love the blog name, it is surely perfection!

  13. I love the name of your blog! A Perfection Called Books is well.,. Perfection! I'm so excited for the books that you mention. It's going to be such a great year for reading! So many amazing books coming out. I didn't know you were in Pennsylvania. I am as well but I'm probably on the opposite side. There's some great bloggers in Philly!

    Cassi @ My Thoughts Literally

  14. Hi Rachel *waves*

    I loved reading this because I've definitely seen you on twitter before but this is really interesting!

    I actually haven't really shopped for shoes because my feet are being annoying and are still growing a size per year. It doesn't seem logical to shop for them just yet. but if i ever do, i'll definitely remember that you are the expert!

    i'm also excited for Ice like fire, whoo!!

  15. Books really are perfection! Rose is a great choice! You'll definitely have a lot of adventures with her! If I had to pick a favourite thing to shop for besides books, it would probably be shoes. Although I'm always go lazy to try them on haha.

    Eileen @ BookCatPin

  16. Rose from VA is one of my favorite heroines! I love how she's never at a loss for something witty to say. I can't wait for the release of Queen of Shadows, either; I had the worst book hangover from Heir of Fire, lol.

  17. Wait, what's this about Red Queen? It's becoming a film/show?

  18. We're kind of close, PA and OH are close enough even if we aren't in the same state! I really need to read Red Queen, especially since it's going to be made into a film/show (????) that's awesome.

    I'm glad I got to know you a little better :)

  19. I'm seeing Taylor Swift around a lot today, which doesn't surprise me. I'm loving Blank Space and Shake it Off right now :)

    We have a few of the same 2015 books that we're both looking forward too, I hope we both love them when we read them!

  20. Even in Paradise is definitely underrated. It's fantastic, and I can't wait to see what she writes next! And YES to Taylor Swift. Months after buying 1989, I'm still listening to the album on repeat.

  21. Land of trees and deer? LOL... I've never been to PA, so I'll have to take your word for it!

  22. Just like you I staretd on goodreads before I made a blog, although I made the step thanks to another blogger inviting me to c-blog on her blog. About half a year later I started my own blog. I like Rose as a main character, but I think I couldn't stand her in real life, I would prefer to be friend with Syndey.

  23. What's this about Red Queen?? I hadn't heard that yet, that's cool :) So exciting that your 1 yr blog-versary is coming up, congrats!! I'm so happy to have found a fellow fantasy lover.

  24. Wait Red Queen is optioned for film?? Wow so many books are being optioned that I begin to lose track. Lovely answers and I wish I could have participated. Guess I was a little late in sign ups D:

    Alex @ The Book's Buzz

  25. You know, I ordered Even in Paradise for my library because I thought it sounded wonderful, but I just haven't been able to read it. I need to. Soon. I started my blog in March too!
    Stefani @ Caught Read Handed

  26. I love your blog name, it's so spot on :D I like that you have such a diversity in your posts. It's always nice to see another of your posts popping up on my Bloglovin' feed.

  27. So much Taylor Swift in everyone's posts. I love it. Ice Like Fire! Good one! I loved Snow Like Ashes; can't wait to get my hands on that shiny sequel! Congrats on your first blogoversary! That's so exciting!

  28. Taylor Swift for life, yo! I'm a huge fan of hers, and have been for years and years now. Her new album is constantly on repeat when I'm commuting, or in the office, or at home... Anytime, really. And I'm also looking forward to all of the titles that are on your most anticipated list, but particularly the Sarah J. Maas one because I NEED to know what happens. NEED.

    Thanks for joining the Love-a-Thon!

  29. Totally agree with you about Taylor Swift. I could listen I to that new album all day. Also to Ed Sheeran.. congrats on your blogoversary!!

  30. Hi Rachel! :D

    I'm really excited for The Wrath and the Dawn and An Ember in the Ashes as well! :D

    Glad to see another taylor Swift fan! :D

  31. Hi rachel! (Nice to meet you!)

    I LOVE LOVE LOVE shoe shopping. It's a slight obsession!! I am looking forward to An Ember in the Ashes as well. Did you read the excerpt on Penguin first reads??

  32. I'm a sucker for fantasy too and contemporary! I can't wait to read The Wrath and the Dawn, Winter and Ice Like Fire either. I know they will be epic, so the wait is all worth it. :D
    I haven't read Even in Paradise, but you've got me intrigued, Rachel.
    Also Taylor Swift is a QUEEN! I love her new album too and love how fun her music is. Rose would be an awesome BFF to! I love that girl so much.
    It was lovely getting to know you, Rachel!! I'm really glad I got to know you this year! <3

  33. I would love to see Red Queen become a movie! The arena scenes would look amazing. :)


  35. How could I have forgotten Tswift off my song choice?? I've had her newest on repeat in the car for quite awhile! Ahh I also said Rose too! She'd be awesome to hang out with :) SHOES. I love shoes, I just wish I could have the occasion to wear cute shoes all the time!

  36. I'm actually laughing at your description of Pennsylvania. That's great. :P I LOVED An Ember in the Ashes. I hope that you love it when you have a chance to read it! Also, Taylor Swift is amazing! Are you going to see her in concert this summer? :) Also, wait, I didn't know that Red Queen was turning into a movie! That's awesome.

  37. Great post. The main thing I shop for is books. What else is there? Bahaha

  38. I love that you are from PA too, sometimes I forget ;) Don't forget snow and potholes with your trees and deer, lady! I want ALL those books that you are looking forward to too! I am impressed that everyone has been able to keep it to 5 when I... so clearly have violated the rules (as usual). Also, I did not know that Red Queen was becoming a movie! Now I need to read it more urgently!

  39. FANTASY IS THE BEST GENRE. And I'm looking forward to all the same books as you are... well except Ice like Fire because I haven't read Snow Like Ashes yet.

    Wait, Red Queen is going to be a TV show or movie?! I have not heard of this yet.

  40. Meeting so many other bookishly minded people in the book blogosphere is so fun, and definitely a wonderful perk of blogging. I, too, am excited for Winter, Ice Like Fire and An Ember in the Ashes. I'm also excited for Red Queen, which I just got from the library. I had no idea it was being made into a movie!

  41. Rose would be the ultimate BFF and Taylor Swift is life <3333333

  42. Thanks for commenting on my Love-A-Thon Intro post yesterday!! I enjoy meeting avid readers and book bloggers... The book blogging community is awesome.

    I'm a new follower!!

  43. I'm all for getting down on Taylor Swift's songs, especially her new album! It's completely different but so much fun. Just makes you want to get up and dance.

  44. Who isn't addicted to fantasy novels? Haha! That's my favorite genre. The Wrath and the Dawn!!! I'm actually going to be reading that soon, and I CANNOT wait!

    Shoes + T-Swift. I knew there was a reason we were friends. :P

  45. I LOVE TAYLOR SWIFT TOO! *high fives*

    1. And happy belated blogoversary! I'm sorry I haven't been commenting as I've been studying for exams!


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