Blogger & Author Appreciation

Blogger & Author Appreciation

There has been lots of tension brewing in the bookish community. It seems like endless hit after hit! Things have calmed down a bit, but my lovely friends Amber and Jessica at The Book Bratz decided to create a post/project to perpetuate "good feels" and happiness and love within the community much like Alexa at Alexa Loves Books did with her Love-A-Thon event. Bloggers and authors need each other, so despite some fighting and animosity we are always supportive of one another. Amber and Jess asked some bloggers what they feel about authors and vice versa. Here is what they want to say to one another.

What Bloggers Want To Say To Authors:

"There has never been a more wonderful time to be a blogger. In the Age of the Internet where authors are (a) blogging themselves and/or (b) on Twitter, Tumblr and other social media platforms, reaching out has never been easier. And, being a blogger, what I soon find out is that authors are people too and that they are really nice. Because in our hearts of hearts, I think all we, bloggers, really want to do is celebrate our love of books and the reading life, and authors make this experience extra special a thousand-fold."
-Shelumiel, blogger at Bookish and Awesome

 "I love authors because they have been extremely welcoming and kind to me as I entered the book community! I view them as superheroes who use words to transport mere mortals (such as myself) from reality into a magical place where anything can happen!"
-Nori, blogger at ReadWriteLove28

"One thing I really like about authors is that they're just like us bloggers. We publish our thoughts and feelings. Authors publish their thoughts and feelings, but in a story form. Plus, they write amazing stories!"
-Kaitlin, blogger at Next Page Please 

"I want to thank authors for putting their hard work out into the world for people to read. I understand that it's never the easiest thing to do, which makes what you do even more incredible."
-Ri, blogger at Hiver et Cafe

"I really can't see myself doing what I do if it wasn't for all the amazing authors out there. You guys are my inspiration, and I'd love to become part of your 'clique' someday. You all motivate me to work hard and have big goals for the future, and for that I am so grateful."
-Batool, blogger at Batool's Book Feels

What Authors Want To Say To Bloggers:

"If authors are the hearts of this community, bloggers are our heartbeats. I am so thankful that so many amazing bloggers in the YA community focus on the positive aspects of this ever-growing world. These bloggers use their words to give life to ours, to spread the magic only books can bring, and do so in an educated and thoughtful way. I cannot express how much these bloggers are appreciated. As an author, I owe so much to bloggers who have given my stories and characters new lives through pictures, reviews, vlogs, and memes. Bloggers have a magic all their own."
-David James, author of Between the Stars and Sky

"In the few years I've been published, I've come to know many book bloggers not just as potential reviewers, but as amazing people who provide a priceless service to both authors and readers. I know how much time goes into reading and providing an honest review, and I know the flack that some bloggers have taken for that honesty. That you are able to rise above, maintain your professionalism, and continue to support reading and writing as you do--all while going unpaid, I might add--boggles the mind. You guys rock, and I'm so glad to have you out there...keep up the awesome work!"
-Linda Poitevin, author of the Grigori Legacy Series

"I have so much respect for book bloggers as a whole, namely because of how passionate they have to be to devote countless hours sharing their thoughts on the books they read. Most of the book bloggers I've encountered are amazing people who love books as much as I do, and I love them for the time and energy they put into their reviews."
-Ella Martin, author of Will the Real Prince Charming Please Stand Up?

"Blogs are the portals through which author's wiles are shared. The best bloggers are honest, thorough, and thoughtful with their critiques. What a gift they give, proffering opinions that could alter both writers and readers' lives..."
-Jenny Elliott, author of Save Me

"What I didn't know when starting out was how important bloggers are in the life-cycle of the book world. There’s often a gap between a new author and readers and the book bloggers fill that vital role. Their love of books reaches across to both the author and the readers and connects us. I can’t imagine a system in today’s publishing world without the important contributions of the bloggers."
-Tracy Clark, author of the Light Key Trilogy

Now It's Your Turn! 

We want to hear what you have to say! Either comment down below or spread the love even further by putting up an entire post on your blog expanding your thoughts. Bloggers - how and why do you appreciate authors? Authors - how and why do you appreciate bloggers?

If you read this and felt super warm and fuzzy inside, great! That's the point - we all need to love and appreciate one another! So spread the warm and fuzziness! Create a post on your blog explaining why authors are important and vice versa. Tweet it, post in, and put your link down below with the others. Help us spread the Blogger/Author Love!

Thank you so much to all who contributed to this post and sent us in their opinions, bloggers and authors alike! They're going to expand their thoughts with full posts on their blogs talking about the Blogger/Author appreciation. Take some love and send it on!


  1. Love this! This is so beautiful. I think sometimes we get caught up in all the negative, so it's nice to see the positive for a change :)

  2. Love this! I appreciate authors because they bring joy into our lives. Not just in their writing but also when they communicate with us through social media. They give us a place to escape in their books as well.

  3. Love love love this and will definetly be putting up a post this weekend. It's so important to treat our mutually beneficial relationship with authors with TLC.

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  5. Great idea! I cannot imagine the amount of work you guys had to do to complete this awesome event! Here has been too many negative feelings between authors and bloggers, but when it comes down to it, we survive because of each other. Without authors, there would be no books (which is not a world I want to live in) and without bloggers, books would never be given the appreciation they deserve.
    Tessa @ Crazy for YA

  6. This is such a fantastic idea! And I thank you guys for doing this!! Let's share the love!!

  7. What a great idea! I'm thankful that through blogging I've learned that authors are real people, too. I always thought authors were "prodigy-type" people who somehow got published, but now I know that anyone can be an author. It's really inspired me to write more and pursue my dream of publication. And then there's the books themselves, which are fabulous, too.

  8. This is such a great idea especially with all the negativity going around recently! I'm so thankful to other bloggers for being so nice and welcoming and helping everyone with everything! I wouldn't be anywhere with authors too! I would have never started a serious blog had it not been for authors being so nice as I reviewed their books :) I think I might do this topic for my next Thursday Discussion post!

    Laura @BlueEyeBooks

  9. This is such a great idea Rachel! I'm so thankful for authors who didn't stop writing no matter what the readers say. Authors and their books are my life, they gave me reason to live life and taught me that it's okay to be different. You guys are amazing for putting this one up!

  10. Awesome idea, Rachel! The bookish world needs this! :)

  11. I don't get it, what tension was there? Other than that I think it's a great idea :D and I love the comments/thoughts the bloggers and authors shared ^^

  12. I was featured on Amber's and Jessica's blog but I still came to comment here! This was such a lovely idea and I'm so glad so many people participated. <3 It warms my heart to see so much blogger/author love because there needs to be SO MUCH MORE of it.

  13. I love this, Rachel! I think it's so important to highlight the positive relationships that exist between bloggers and authors. I love all the authors that I follow and it always makes me happy when an author replies to a tweet of mine or just favorites and retweets a Tweet. I love that Twitter allows us to be closer to authors. It truly is a wonderful thing!

  14. What a great idea! Thanks for this :) I think both authors and bloggers are equally important! Authors create awesome stories, one where we can lost ourselves into. And bloggers spread the love around ;)


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