#Fantasy February ~ Why I Love Fantasy

I've always been a fan of fantasy. I will read any type of fantasy: epic, urban, high, general, you name it! Most of my favorite books are from the fantasy wing. 

I love fantasy because basically anything can happen. The sky is the limit and even then!! Whereas in most other genres such as contemporary, there are some things that just can't realistically happen in the world. Fantasy throws out this problem and says "Pfft, realism? I can make anything happen and have it seem plausible."

Most of the time a fantasy novel introduces a new world. Maybe it's a hidden world, perhaps it's an alternate universe or a completely different land. I can explore. I can get lost in this new world, become enraptured by the new surroundings. I just love being immersed in a new land and learning more about it! There's culture, geography, history, and even more that one can learn about when placed in a wholly new setting. Along with a different world comes new creatures. We can read about fae or dragons and other mystical creatures without blinking an eye and calling out "Hey! That's not real..." In that world it sure is! 

An aspect of most fantasy novels that I thoroughly enjoy is royalty. I love court politics, lavish castles, gossip-filled courts, ambitious courtiers, charming princes, the works! It's the best. Another aspect I love is magic. I like seeing how anything can happen, I love the dazzling displays of power. Fantasy novels are also known for their epic action sequences. It's not as common in realistic fiction novels and paranormal action is usually underwhelming in my opinion. Fantasy has the perfect blend of magical fighting and good ol' sword fighting. There can be traditional fighting sequences! None of this guns and bombs nonsense. Fantasy novels tend to be less modern. There are horses and fancy dress attire, they use swords and cross bows. It's the little things all compiled that make me love fantasy.

Why do you love fantasy?


  1. All your reasons are all my reasons too!! I loves the fantasies since they are easier to get swept away in for me. I don't enjoy reading about other people real life woes, i have enough of those on my own. I want to forget and escape into a place i can't get to. I wish I had magic! My first trip was to Narnia and i have been hooked ever since!
    Great post nug!
    <3 Britt

  2. Great post! As you mentioned, I love discovering and exploring new worlds. New culture, history, politics (world-building in general) - that is what I love the most about fantasy genre!

  3. Your reasons! I very much agree. It's such a great way to just completely get sucked into another world where everything is possible. It's great when you need to escape, or when the real world just gets too damn boring - which, let's face it, it does from time to time!
    Love your blog, btw! I'm kinda new to it.

    - Love, Felicia
    ( http://asillygirlsthoughts.weebly.com/ )

  4. Everything you said!! I love reading fantasy because it takes me away to a different world that IMO is much better than this one haha. At least for having adventures... maybe not so much for taking hot showers and such. I WANT ADVENTURES. I like the court politics stuff too - but i think some books get a little carried away with that. I always love seeing a new take on magic or a new take on vampires or werewolves etc. It's so interesting to see how a classic idea can be changed to be so new and interesting!

  5. All of the above for me too, Rachel! I love that fantasy can challenge reality in so many ways and at the same time make us think of issues that are present in our reality too. And of course... dragons! Because dragons make everything better!

  6. I confess; I don't read much fantasy. Not because I don't like them but because I find them so big! It intimidates me. The books are usually huge and they have like 4+ books in the series. Gah. But if you have a good fantasy rec, I could add it to my list :)

  7. Fantasy is the genre that originally got me excited to read. Most of the time,
    I would rather read about dragons, fairies, or people with super cool magical powers than a contemporary. I like being able to travel through worlds that are completely different from ours. I also love the complexity that goes along with most fantasy novels. As you said, authors have to make an entirely new world. They start with a blank piece of paper and end up with a world full of unique characters with their own stories to tell.
    Great Post!
    Tessa @ Crazy for YA

  8. Great post !!!

    I love your blog

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  9. I think the story worlds in fantasy books are what makes them so enjoyable. It's so easy to get immersed in a complex story world that is most certainly not real but feels real because of how much detail the author put into world building. I quite like court intrigue and royalty as well. A lot of people think that it's overdone in fantasy, but just because it's overdone doesn't mean that it automatically can not be done well. Oftentimes, it just adds to the conflict of the story.

  10. The main reason why I love fantasy is that it shows me more probabilities,chances and choices than reality.It makes me believe that I can do anything.For some time,you can forget all about the real world,and be sucked into a world that's bound by paper and ink.

    I just love that feeling!

  11. Your reasons are my reasons! I've always lived geography and culture, and Fantasy is always full of such interesting ones to learn about. Even better, there are no tests like in Geography class, unless you count how much is remembered a year later when the next book comes out! I'm also a sucker for the relatable characters with not completely realistic problems - if only we got to weild swords and dance at balls... sigh.


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