Blog Tour ~ From the Notebooks of a Middle School Princess

Author: Meg Cabot
Publisher: Feiwel & Friends / Macmillan
Release Date: May 19th, 2015

Olivia Grace Clarisse Mignonette Harrison is a completely average twelve-year-old: average height, average weight, average brown hair of average length, average brown skin and average hazel eyes. The only things about her that aren't average are her name (too long and princess themed), her ability to draw animals (useful for her future career as a wildlife illustrator), and the fact that she is a half-orphan who has never met her father and is forced to live with her aunt and uncle (who treat her almost like their own kids, so she doesn't want to complain).

Then one completely average day, everything goes wrong: the most popular girl in school, Annabelle Jenkins, threatens to beat her up, the principal gives her a demerit, and she's knocked down at the bus stop...

Until a limo containing Princess Mia Thermopolis of Genovia pulls up to invite her to New York to finally meet her father, who promptly invites her to come live with him, Mia, Grandmère and her two fabulous poodles...

Maybe Olivia Grace Clarisse Mignonette Harrison isn't so average after all!

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What would I do if I woke up one day and found out I was a princess?

1. I'd pinch myself to see if this is real. Then I'd have a mini-spaz and fangirl moment.
2. I'd explore my new house (the castle or palace, of course).
3. I'd go on a huge shopping spree and buy shoes! 
4. I'd go to a bookstore and buy loads of books.
5. I'd throw a party at the palace and invite my subjects as a meet-and-great.
6. I'd travel on a tour of the country to introduce myself and meet more citizens and learn of their problems and desires.
7. I'd attempt to learn more about taxes and balancing budgets and how to run a country. I'm guessing it might be hard. 
8. I'd give money to charities ranging from illness to poverty to education.

About the Author:

Meg Cabot is the #1 New York Times bestselling author of the Princess Diaries series. Born and raised in Bloomington, Indiana, Meg also lived in Grenoble, France, and Carmel, California, before moving to New York City after graduating with a bachelor's degree in fine arts from Indiana University. She is the author of numerous books for adults and children, including five #1 New York Times bestsellers. Over 25 million copies of her books have been sold worldwide. Meg Cabot currently lives in Key West with her husband and cat.


Thanks to Macmillan, you can win a copy of "From the Notebooks of a Middle School Princess" (US/CA only) plus a sparkly crown! 
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What would you do if you woke up one day and found out you were a princess?


  1. I WOULD SCREAM! And then buy alllll the pretty hardcovers I want without worrying about shipping costs (princess perks, yo). I would definitely go around my kingdom meeting people. And Christmas would be a month-long vacation. And Easter. And my birthday would be a weeklong event. And I'd vacation in Scotland.

    Rhea @ Rhea's Neon Journal

  2. Ahh this looks so cute! I want to marathon The Princess Diaries series in my summer holidays as I love the concept of them! :)

  3. Raid the bookstore, of course! ;P And then try to find one of the Princes I've read about (Dorian, Nikolai). Then probably donate a ton of books for other people to read and in school libraries.

    Thanks for the giveaway!
    ~Fari 0:)

  4. Buying all the books is definitely something I would do! I haven't read MG in almost 8 years, but I want to read this one because it's Meg Cabot and I've loved this series so much.

  5. I probably won't read this one because it's MG, but I am sooo excited for Royal Wedding! Did you get that one?

  6. For the question, I would explore my castle.

  7. THIS IS A THING?! Oh my gosh. I've got to read it. So excited to know about this! If I found out I was a princess... I'd probably buy a bajillion books. (And cats.) Give some money to one of the local homeless shelters my parents and I volunteer at. Freak out. Study the country history and figure out what the heck I'm supposed to be doing as princess. Freak out some more. Yell at my parents for not telling me. Freak out! ;)

  8. I am so excited for this book! I don't know whether I'll read it - MG is not my cup of tea - but the fact that Meg Cabot is returning to the well loved Princess Diaries is so awesome! I've always loved Meg Cabot, she's one of my favourite authors even though I don't read her books much anymore, so I can't help but feel so happy for this new series:)

  9. If I found out I was a princess I'd probably go on a book shopping spree and buy some concert tickets too. After that I'd try to act responsible, decrease the emissions released into the environment and try to save all of the animals! ~ Danielle D.


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