Review ~ The Heir

Author: Kiera Cass
Series: Please stop. I mean: The Selection
Genre: YA (FAKE) Dystopian
Page Length:  368 Pages
Publication Date: May 5th, 2015
Publisher: Harper Teen
Source: Borrowed

Twenty years ago, America Singer entered the Selection and won Prince Maxon’s heart. Now the time has come for Princess Eadlyn to hold a Selection of her own. Eadlyn doesn’t expect her Selection to be anything like her parents’ fairy-tale love story. But as the competition begins, she may discover that finding her own happily ever after isn’t as impossible as she always thought.
Reading this series is like doing study cram sessions that you regret in the morning. Whenever I finish a Selection novel I'm left with a resounding question of WHY?! This series is addictive, it's like candy. They're addictive and fast to read. They lack substance yet some qualities are too enticing to say no to. The Heir lacks direction, sincere romance, quality writing, a plot, and likable characters.

To start, I don't agree with lengthening this series. If I felt these two books would bring more closure and finality to the series and actually address the social problems of the first arc, then I would support this book wholeheartedly. As I predicted though, this book brings about the same shenanigans and more to annoy readers to no end.

Where to begin? Eadlyn, the main character, is somehow a worse protagonist than her mother, America. At least America had some liveliness and wildness about her. Eadlyn is cold and calculated. Cass adds a splash of underlying vulnerability and halfhearted fears to make "Eady" more relatable. It didn't work though. I had no connection to this girl at all. I didn't sympathize for her, nor did I care what she did and what happened to her. The other characters seemed just as superficial although it was lovely seeing a happy Maxon and America and family. 

The plot is basically a redo of books 1-3 except it's the Bachlorette now. There are more calls of social unrest, but it's not like these characters are going to do anything about it. I felt as though nothing happened in this book. Eadlyn gains some actual feelings with a few of the Selected. Which brings me to my next point. This "romance" is even more messed up than the last book. Let's just call it a love polygon that we don't really care about. I see at least four strong options, but I'm not setting my heart on anything or anyone. I feel as though we got nowhere in this book and hardly scraped the surface of the relationships both romantic and familial.

Finding out about Maxon and America's life after the Selection was one of the only parts I liked. There were some light, fun moments, although I felt this book lacked everything and anything! Another random thing that annoyed me is the number of times the word "giggled" showed up in this book. All the boys and girls are giggling left and right! From the queen herself, to the maids, to the mayor, to the Selected men, everyone is giggling. Such a strange thing...

Overall this book was a complete disappointment with very few redeeming qualities.


  1. I love how you explained the series as addictive, because it really is! I wasn't impressed with The Heir at all, because Eadlyn was that brattiest character I've ever come across. And your right, this selection is a unite similar to a bachelorette espisode lol!

  2. Okay so I've been hearing that the MC (can't spell her name...) is worse than America! My mind still can't comprehend how that's possible.

    I hate saying or hearing the word giggle, it makes the back crawl... -_-

    I swear, if this trilogy/series was JUST a romance, I would've liked these books enough to at least give them one or two stars more than my current rating. But you can't promise me blood and revolution and rebels and ANSWERS and NOT GIVE ME ANY! D: The ending to the One dystopia-wise was so horrible!

    i feel like I'll certainly hate the two addition to the trilogy but I'm going to read them anyway because I clearly don't have a mountain-high TBR that I ACTUALLY want to read... ;P

    Great review, though it's sad (though expected) that you didn't like the book.
    ~Fari 0:)

  3. That's disappointing. I've read how Eadlyn is cold and mean. I still haven't finished that series and I'm not sure if I ever will because I'm nervous about starting the Elite.

  4. I'm really disappointed to hear The Heir was such a let down. I was surprised initially that the series was being extended in the first place, because the first three books felt so complete. Still, though, I was hoping The Heir would have something more to offer than the same story presented through a different character. I really, really, really hope the love polygon isn't pushed in the next book. And I was thinking the love triangle was overwhelming....
    I will probably still read this book to continue the series, but I'm slightly frustrated now. Lovely review, though!:)

    Claire @ Cover to Cover

  5. This series used to my guilty please. I never LOVED IT but i coudln't resits continuing to read it. That being said i read the preview on Ibooks for this one and it just wasn't for me. It seems like this one may have just taken the series to the 'too silly' valley and i don't want to go there.

  6. I am so with you. When I found out there would be yet another book in the series I died a little inside. The Selection should have left off a couple books ago . . .

    Julia Anne @ Peach Print

  7. "YA (FAKE) Dystopian" lmao that is so true! And I am literally the only person that liked Eadlyn more than *looks at smudged letters on hand* Ambura Sniger.

    Haha it's mostly because America had zero personality but at least I can distinguish Eadlyn from the rest of the Mary Sue's. Although I don't think that's the best feeling one should have for a heroine but that's all I felt. I know Kiera Cass is trying to slowly write a changing character arc for her but I don't think I care enough to stick around to see it.

    And yeah, there was no chemistry whatsoever but Henry is the cutest cinnamon roll (though we all know he's not going to make it).

  8. YESYESYESYES I've been waiting for your review, haha. Though I did know it was negative since I spotted it on Goodreads! Okay, okay, I must admit that the "YA (FAKE) Dystopian" did give me a giggle! So I'm SO sad and sorry that you didn't enjoy this one as much as I (and many others) did! I was really frustrated with the addition of two more novels to the series, I must say. Yeah, it's SO CUTE TO READ ABOUT MAXON AND AMERICA! *giggles* Lovely review though! :D

  9. Well, this sounds like a big old vat of horrible. The thing that irks me the most about the book in general is that its very existence spoils the entire series for anyone who hasn't yet read it. I mean, I took one incredibly small look at the synopsis on Goodreads, and BOOM, I know what happens, so now, I kind of don't even want to bother! And The Heir just sounds like a BIG old waste of time. I am sorry it was so unfortunate!

    Shannon @ It Starts At Midnight


    Anyway, I'm sorry this was so disappointing. :( I know how much you liked this series, so it's a shame to hear that this wasn't a strong addition. (Though, TBH I'm not completely surprised because it seemed like a money-making scheme more than anything else, which isn't a good sign). It sounds like the series would have just been stronger if this wasn't added. *sighs* Thanks for sharing and, as always, wonderful review! ♥

  11. BWAHAHA I honestly love your reviews, the negative ones just make me smile so much. I'm with you on this novel, this novel was quite boring and the heroine is just an ignorant, shallow little.. I rather not say that, but yeah you get what I mean :D I prefered America and her books over this one though, atleast America was more genuine and real. The romance is all over the place I agree.. Awesome review Rachel! <3 Benish | Feminist Reflections

  12. I feel like this series is like a train wreck. Terrible, yet you can't look away. Didn't like the first two, yet I know I'll read the rest. Cass is just milking the cash cow with this 4th and 5th book. Can't wait to see what you say about the last one!

  13. I didn't even bother with this series.

  14. Haha, you didn't have a great time with the book, did you?:)
    I liked The Selection enough when I read it so long ago, but I don't think I'll ever continue this series! One of my blogger friends is a die hard fan of this series-something that confuses me greatly:)- and even she was disappointed with this book as she hated the heroine.
    Love your review anyway Rach!:)

  15. I came for the YA (fake) Dystopian. :D I'm honestly tempted to pick up the last book and this one for the cover, but let me spend my time on a real book instead. It sounds like a book that would trigger nothing less than another rant on how bad it is.

    I've got friends who really love the series, and I'm honestly confused to how it's even possible. *facepalm* But the masses love it, and I honestly wonder what editor even approved of this.

  16. Haha, I love what you did with the genre and series at the top! I had this on hold at my library but I just removed it. I've heard such terrible things about Eadlyn around the blogosphere, and that was enough to keep me away from a sequel I wasn't set on reading to begin with. Plus, a spoiler on Goodreads already ruined part of the end for me. :( I'm glad that at least there were a few shining moments for you with Maxon, America, and the family, but goodness knows that isn't enough reason to write a sequel. sorry you had to suffer through this, but thanks for saving me some major frustration!

    - Lina @ Every Book a World

  17. Hm, this is the kind of book which you will have a love hate relationship with. It's not a perfect book - with its flaws and it is likely not to be everyone's cup of tea. But at the same time you can't stop reading and have to get the next book. Trust me, I know the feeling!


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