March+April+May Wrap-Up

If you've read the title of this post, I'm sure you're slightly baffled. Why is she wrapping up THREE months? After I went on vacation at the end of March and into April, I got so off my blogging game. Then I was struggling to makeup all the schoolwork I missed. Then it was time to study for AP exams and then the exhausting two weeks of AP exam testing. After that I hibernated for like a week and then I got bombarded with end of the year projects. Now there is finally a lull in the action, and soon I'll have all the blogging time!! I've been so off my blogging game for so long... :0
I've missed the last two wrap up posts, so I'll just lump them all in now!

March Reads:

The Addicted series by Krista & Becca Ritchie is AMAZING. I thank Sue and Siiri a thousand times over for making me read this addictive series. ;)

An Ember in the Ashes was wonderful, yet The Wrath and The Dawn really shined through over it.

Queen of Someday is a great sequel to the first book. We All Looked Up was introspective, yet it's not for everyone.

April Reads:

A pretty stale month for reading, these three were all great though!

Becoming Jinn was fun and intriguing, TWSOR was adorable, Fuel the Fire was emotional and jaw-dropping-inducing yet my least favorite of the Addicted series I think.

 May Reads:

May was a strange mix. I found a new book to push on you all, THE ROYAL WE BY HEATHER COCKS AND JESSICA MORGAN. It is spectacular. READ IT.

The Heir was a disappointment, although I don't know why I expected anything else. Rook had a great premise, but was slow and wordy throughout. Velvet is a hilarious vampire/paranormal story that I'd take over Twilight any day. Last Will & Testament was a quickly read New Adult that was both touching and irritating. Ice Like Fire was a HUGE letdown. I'm still fuming about that one. Made You Up was extraordinary. Mental ilness portrayed in a new light with wonderful characters and a quirky mystery.

Top Posts:
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Miscellaneous ~ Birthday Post | Meet The Newbies Kick-Off

Blogging World:
Dana and I unveiled our secret project, Meet The Newbies!! It's a blog event filled with interviews, guest posts, and giveaways to introduce you to the 2015 YA Debuting Authors!! They're so wonderful and have such wonderful books. Also we have Twitter chats happening with these authors. The first one started trending (woohoo!!) and was lots of fun. Our next chat is Saturday, June 20th 4 PM EST using #MTN2015.

I've come to realize that I need co-bloggers desperately. Naban has stopped blogging, and Dana is way too busy. I've found two lovely co-bloggers and am in the middle of sharing more information and working through the kinks with them. I am sooo excited to tell you who they are! But not yet... You MIGHT know one of them already :)

As I mentioned before, I have been such a bad blogger for the past two months. I took a month-long break and basically exhausted my back-up posts. I just have such a lack of inspiration to write, and I've started prioritizing tv and sleep over reading. It's getting bad. I'm getting back to reading and blogging though!

In My Life:
I went to China for two weeks at the end of March and beginning of April. It was a fantastic trip, and I still need to write up a post about it. (see? I'm being so lazy.) I went to prom the day after I returned. It was loads of fun!! I took my ACTs and did pretty well, although I'm taking them again next weekend just to see if I can do even better.

School ends next Friday, and I am so elated!! I will have survived junior year. It wasn't as bad as I thought it would be, but oh gosh it was tough at times. I'm going to be a senior soon, and I can't believe it at all. I took 5 AP exams this year, and I wanted to curl into a ball and stare at the wall for an hour after all the studying and testing I did.

I started watching Downton Abbey, and I'm so obsessed with it. I'm on season 3. Becoming an avid viewer of the CW show, iZombie is another thing I've accomplished in my non-blogging time. I celebrated my birthday on April 14th and turned 17. I met my favorite author Sarah J Maas again, and it was wonderful!

I can't remember what else has happened in the past three months. Haha that's kind of sad.


  1. I'm SO happy that you loved the Addicted series! Siiri pushed me to read them too and I became obsessed with them. <3 I also can't wait to read Wrath.

    And I just bought Velvet, so hooray! I also have to give Dahlia's book a shot. So sorry you didn't love Ice Like Fire! I was planning to read it soon and now I'm not too sure. :(

    So awesome that you went to China! :D I'm Chinese and have never been there, haha. I've been to Taiwan though which other people have said is 1000x better than China, although like I said I've never been so I can't compare the two. And yay for school ending--lucky you! <3

  2. Oh boy, you have been very busy indeed! I cannot wait to see your post about the China trip!
    Very bummed to hear you didn't like Ice Like Fire at all, I'm so excited for it!

  3. AHH SO MUCH AWESOME. You met Sarah J Maas AND China AND so many awesome books AND holidays! HUZZZZZAH!! I really want to read Made You Up and I'm crying because I was really looking forward to Ice Like Fire. :(

  4. Ice Like a fire was disappointing. NO! Say it isn't so. Well that's disappointing. Overall it looks like you had a great couple of months. I would love to see your China pics!

  5. Pfft. My wrap-ups only happen four times a year. :p

    But yay! We're seniors! *high fives* I can't wait until I see your post about your trip to China - I haven't gone there myself even though I REALLY should (just financial issues). I hope you have lots of fabulous pictures! ^_^

    You're not exactly alone with coblogging troubles - I'm in the mood to annoy one of them to send me his info the week before school starts or I'm giving him the silent treatment (only because said person is wayyy behind). O_O

    It's not that sad if you don't remember much from the past three months - maybe you remembered the most important details. ;)

  6. Awesome wrap:) You still read a lot! I hope you write a review about Last Will & Testament:) You've been busy with school as well! You'll do great!

  7. Oh a lot of bloggers have been looking for co-bloggers nowadays. I can't wait to see who are the new additions to your lovely blog, Rachel! :) You think you've been a bad blogger, but you've had a better three months compared to me. :D Your Meet the Newbies feature is really awesome, btw. :)

    Julie @ Books and Insomnia

  8. Um, Rachel. You are CRAZY, girl. 5 APs?! Major props to you. Thankfully, it's finally summer, so I hope you'll be able to relax a whole lot more and just take life slow. You definitely deserve a break!

    Julia Anne @ Peach Print

  9. Oh my gosh so much has happened! I read Snow Like Ashes a little bit ago and I can't wait to start Ice Like Fire! I've heard from so many people that The Heir was such a disappointment... I've read the first 8 chapters and it's not looking good to me either. Maybe the author should have just left it at the trilogy.

    I'm going to be a senior next year too! Crazy how time flies. Wow 5 AP exams?? I only had to take one and I was stressed out about it! Well hopefully now you'll get some peace and quiet in your life!

    Laura @BlueEyeBooks


  10. YES so glad to hear you picked up and LOVED the addicted series, they are totally epic! I'm so keen on reading the Wrath and the Dawn as well. I've heard so many great things about Made You Up! So glad to hear you enjoyed it all. Your China trip sounds like it was amazing RAchel! Congrats on nearly surviving junior year.

  11. Good for you with your AP exams and ACTs! That was really important to me in high school, so I know the feeling of wanting to do well. Now it's almost time where you can (hopefully) have a relaxing summer vacation. :)

  12. Wow, so much happened for you! Congrats on your exams! That's so exciting. Do you know where you want to go to college, yet? You went to China? I WANT DETAILS AND PICTURES. Stop being lazy :D hahah, yeah, you won't ever let us forget that you met Sarah J. Maas xd. Worry not, I would react exactly as you did if I ever meet C.S. Pacat (and maybe even ''worse'').

    Have a great week, Rachel!

  13. I've only read five of the books that you have haha. I've heard so many amazing things about The Royal We and I can't wait to read it! I just have to find some room in my TBR so I can get to it faster. And wow, you were REALLY busy - I'm glad you survived lol. I hope you have a fun, wonderful summer vacation!


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