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Do certain books ever remind you of certain people? They push these books on you, or they talk about it constantly, or you just know how much they love those books that you can't help but associate the book(s) with them. I went through some of my Goodreads shelves and glanced at my books. Here are the books and the bloggers that immediately came to mind! 

Thanks to Kaitlin from Reading is my Treasure for tagging me! 

sings the praises of this book, and if she recommends it, you know it must be good! 

Crystal @ Bookiemoji 
hyped this book up so much for me. She talks about it on Twitter a lot, and apparently an OQ support group needs to be formed. This worries me in a good way! Plus this book sounds awesome.

makes me smile every time she tweets about Stephanie Perkins' series. She has a huge collection of the three books, and her book-pushing is on point because I've bought all three of the books. I'm ready for the cuteness of these books!

is such a huge fan of this series, she single-handedly convinced me to read book 1 (which I thoroughly enjoyed). She has 30 Stiefvater books if I'm not mistaken. So of course anything related to Maggie and this series in particular makes me think of the ever lovely Sydney. 

Danielle @ Love At First Page 
wrote a beautiful review of this book which I'll leave right here. It was so beautiful that I picked up the book right on the spot and read it in one sitting. Also she took to Twitter with her high praise :) 

Your turn! What books do you associate with certain bloggers?


  1. This is a really cute tag.. and I must admit, I am just a teensy, tiny bit obsessed with the Raven Boys as well. :)
    Morrighan @ Elysian Fields Reviews.

  2. Oh gosh, WOW. Thank you! I'm glad my review helped "convince" you. I love that book so much. <3
    Completely agree about Raven Boys and Anna haha.

  3. Ooh, fun tag! I don't think I associate too many books with people although I'm sure I've picked up a few on the recommendations of bloggers but can't remember specifics D: Curse my memory! I just finished I'll Meet You There and I loved it so I'll have to check out that review! Love anything by Stiefvater as well!

  4. Fun tag! I'm honestly nit sure who I would tag to a book. I know who I would tag one of my cobloggers, but I know her in real life and that doesn't count.

    I tend to change my favorites, so maybe I'm a Red Queen girl. I sing the audiobook - it's AMAZING.

  5. Yes! Danielle was a big influence on I'll Meet You There! I love that book SO MUCH. And I definitely think of Andi now with all of Perkin's books! I'm so sad, but the hype monster got to me with The Orphan Queen and I didn't end up loving it like I thought I would. :(

    This was fun to see Rachel! If I had to associate you with anything, it would be Chaol and T. Swift! :D

  6. Orphan Queen definitely needs a support group, it hurts so good! Yes you MUST read Dangerous Girls Rachel, it gave me such a book hangover!

    I'm currently reading The Raven Boys so hopefully I will know what all the fuss is about!

  7. Awesome tag!!! I'm sure if my blogger friends were to pair me up with a book I would be beside Sarah Mass' Throne of Glass series, It's my favorite out of all the books I've read.

  8. I love this tag, it is so fun! I love when certain books just remind you of a blogger- and you can always look at it extra fondly because of it. I don't really know which books I automatically associate with bloggers, but I am sure if I looked at my shelves I would find a lot of them!

    Shannon @ It Starts At Midnight

  9. Nice tag, and yeah I have heard many good things about the raven cycle series, and I'm also currently reading it so I hope it's as good as others say it is! :) & P.s. Got a new reader!! ;)

  10. What a fun tag! I got another tag for you! All the details can be found on my blog!

    Carrie @The Book Goddess

  11. Aahh Dangerous Girls. I still can't get it out of my head. So darn good! :)

    Julie @ Books and Insomnia

  12. This is such a fun tag! I definitely need to get onto the Orphan Queen and the Raven Boys. Thanks for sharing! :D

    Kaitlin @ Next Page Please!

  13. What a fabulous tag! I definitely agree with Zoe's love of Dangerous Girls! It's a really fabulous book. I still have to read I'll Meet You there.


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