June Wrap-Up

Whoa. I can't believe June has finally come to a close! So much happened this month, and it was so so stressful and then got infinitely better. 

June Reads:

The sore disappointment in this lot was Tangled Webs. I was pleasantly surprised by Court of Fives and The Night We Said Yes. I enjoyed Hello, I Love You and The Witch Hunter more than I thought I would after seeing all the negative reviews. I hoped Suddenly Royal would fill the void in my heart left by The Royal We  but no such luck. Alive was an expected novel that I liked, and Crazy Rich Asians was HILARIOUS. Oh gosh it was good and pretty cute.


Meet the Newbies (a blog event for 2015 debuts) is in full swing! Check out their guest posts here and win their books ~ Margaret Fortune | Emily Adrian | Lauren Gibaldi | Chandler Baker | Stephanie Oakes | Melissa Grey | Sharon Huss Roat | Katie Stout
Discussion ~ 5 Books Everyone Has Read (But Me)
Miscellaneous ~ I said some things on Twitter that were taken out of context and blown out of proportion. It annoyed a lot of people and caused a huge drama blowout. Many thanks to all the lovely friends and followers who supported me. You are magnificent <3  I felt I needed to explain myself and I did it here ~ On Opinions and Freedom of Speech

In My Life:

School ended on Friday, June 12th for me, and it was wonderful!! I only had to take two finals because everything else I took was AP level. I had so many stressful end-of-the-year projects though so that was no fun at all. I spent the next two weeks relaxing and reading and blogging. 

I found two lovely co-bloggers to join APCB starting in August! I can't wait for you to meet them. You might know them already. :) 

Parents finally gave me the okay to schedule my driver's license test!! I can't wait. I've been driving for a year now, and our insurance company is finally giving us a bit of a break since I've got "experience" now. 

I'm in San Diego visiting family and relaxing for two weeks. It's so nice and warm here, and reading at the beach is the best. Unfortunately I couldn't get tickets to Comic Con, perhaps next year! 

How was your month?


  1. I was super disappointed in Hello, I Love You. Like super disappointed! But I'm excited to read The Witch Hunter! Here's to a good next month.

  2. You're in San Diego? JEALOUS. I love that place! I agree- there's nothing better than reading at the beach!

    Oh yay co-bloggers! I can't wait to see who they are! That will be fun! :D

    I'm glad you ended up enjoying Hello, I Love You and The Witch Hunter. Both of those are still on my TBR, despite the negative reviews.

    I heard about that drama and I'm so sorry you had to go through that. :( Whoever sent you those DM's should be ashamed of themselves, especially since they had the audacity to threaten your life. Social media can be a very scary thing lately because you have so many people who aren't afraid to say whatever the hell they want because they're protected behind their screen.

    Enjoy your vacay and time at the beach girl! <3

  3. Congrats on finishing school!! *throws confetti in your hair* YAY AND GO YOU!!!! It has been a bit of a wild month in the internet universe, I feel. 0_0 Sometimes good, but mostly just crazy.
    I'm totally sad about Tangled Webs. Nearly EVERYONE'S reviews I've read have been sad. Gah, I'm probably not going to bother with it at this stage. XD
    Here's to a good July!!

  4. Happy July, Rachel! I'm still in denial that it's July, though. :P

    I loved The Night We Said Yes, and I'm not surprised you liked it as well! It was such a fantastic read. I can't wait to meet your new co-bloggers! I already know of one, but the other one seems to still be in hiding. Haha. Also, I can't believe you're already going to have your driver's license test! O_O In the Philippines, I'm only legal to drive until I'm 18, and I'm already college by that time. Anyway, good luck!! And have fun in San Diego!!! <3

  5. Heyyy Rachel! Kuddos to you boo for sticking up for yourself! Just shake all that negativity off, pray, and have faith girl. Believe me, NONE of that matters anyway! Stay strong!
    On a brighter note, Ooooo your books are sooooo prettteehhhh. I just want to stroke their covers lovingly if that's not like totally awkward......?

  6. Wow you had a great reading month! Crazy Rich Asians does sound hilarious - I'll have to read it soon! Good luck on your driver's test! You got this :D I can't wait to meet the new co-bloggers!

    Laura @BlueEyeBooks

  7. Glad to hear that the busyness of the school year is over with!! School and finals are a stressful time. Sorry to hear you'll be missing Comic Con!! I haven't been to this very popular event, but have heard it's loads of fun. Have fun visiting San Diego!

  8. Yay for two more co-bloggers! I can't wait to see who they are and read their contributions to APCB. Won't you give us a hint or two who they could possibly be? Haha! Also, I was so surprised by how much I enjoyed The Witch Hunter, too! I was so afraid of finally give it a try because of how much people disliked it. Really shows that tastes are so, so subjective even if you trust someone else's opinion :D

    Faye at The Social Potato

  9. Hooray for your parents being okay with you scheduling your driver's license test! I'm actually taking the written test next Monday and I just waaaant to drive already! I'm 19 and I think I'm finally ready to the adult life lolol! I feel like I'm going to crash into every curb though lmao. That's cool that you're in San Diego right now. I live in Southern California and I'm glad it isn't too hot atm.

    That is what I like about taking AP classes...no stressful finals just the AP exams! I read The Night We Said Yes like 2 or 3 months ago and I absolutely loved it! It was so realistic and relatable for me.

  10. I want to read Crazy Rich Asians! I've heard so much about it and one of my favorite bloggers loved it too!
    Enjoy your vacation at the beach, Rachel!! You deserve it after all that school! :)

  11. Tangled Webs and The Witch Hunter were huuuge disappointments for me too :( I love you Meet The Newbies event and I can't wait to meet your new co-bloggers in August! Have fun at San Diego, Rachel :)

    Rhea @ Rhea's Neon Journal

  12. More and more this week I've just felt like reading the night we said yes. Unfortunately there's still 10 people who have it on hold before me.

  13. First off jealous you're in San Diego! I loved it when I visited there. The Night We Said Yes is one I really want to read especially after pretty good reviews. Glad to hear you enjoyed Hello, I Love You - I was super into reading it but then it kind of got killed in all the reviews.

  14. I loooovedd Crazy Rich Asians, you should also check out the sequel! It's even funnier on audiobook. I'm glad you could enjoy Hello, I Love You as well. I thought I might be the only one :D <3 Benish | Feminist Reflections

  15. I hope you have a wonderful summer, girl! And good luck on the driver's test. I'm sure you've got this. :D
    I'll be reading Court of Fives this month, so it's good to know you enjoyed it. :)

  16. Aw :D nice wrap up (I almost spelled the rap up haha... I can imagine that...) XD!
    *gasp* I really want to read Tangled Webs... but it disappointed you! Huh... well... maybe I will still read it :)?
    I REALLY want to read A Court of Fives *cheers* so glad you enjoyed that one!
    Hey, I got out of school the same day :) Only I had 6 exams and no AP classes...
    Happy July :)! Hope your July is fantabulous

  17. Looks like you had a great reading month! I really enjoyed The Witch Hunter too but I was disappointed with Alive. Good luck with your driver's test! :D

  18. Crazy Rich Asians sounds like my kind of read, I love a good laugh and insane family drama haha. Oh, I didn't know about the co-bloggers thing but I can't wait to meet them :) Eeep, I'd be in pain if I was in the same city as Comic Con but couldn't go! Hopefully, you know friends who are going? Enjoy your vacation away from school at last!

  19. Wow, I just scheduled my driver's test too! Though I am really nervous. I cannot wait to meet the new co-bloggers! :D

  20. San Diego!? Jealous! I hope you are having a fabulous time though :) And wow, what a great reading month! The best part is, thanks to you, I now possess two of these!! Co-bloggers?! This is exciting news! My curiosity is piqued. Also, good luck on the driving test! I am sure you will do great, since you have been driving for a year. If not... well, come talk to me, I have loads of embarrassing stories of my multiple failures ;) Hope you have a wonderful time in San Diego, and a great holiday weekend !

    Shannon @ It Starts At Midnight

  21. YAY for time to relax and read now!! I hope you're enjoying that quiet time a lot! And yay for scheduling your driving test finally!! Best of luck with it!

  22. I am loving your pictures of San Diego Rach, it looks amazing! Man, going to Comic Con is my dream lol. Exciting that you're going to take your driver's license! It makes a big difference. Hope you have a loveliest holiday and I can't wait to meet your co-bloggers!

  23. Yay for being done with school -- I hope your summer will be relaxing and fun! And good luck on your driver's test!! That's exciting and I know you'll do great! :) Have fun in san diego!

  24. You've been Snapchatting me your San Diego adventure, so I won't touch too much on that. ;D

    YAY FOR FINISHING ANOTHER YEAR. You're a senior now! Isn't it exciting?? Also a bit scary, I'm sure. And aren't you taking an obscene amount of AP classes? Yeah, you're crazy. But a good type of crazy! You'll love your senior year, though. I didn't do much in the way of participating (homecoming, prom, etc.), but I still had a good year overall. You'll definitely want it to be over, though. :)

    Your love for The Royal We brings me life.

  25. San Diego! You always go to the most interesting places! :)

  26. So many great books! Congrats on being able to take your test for your license. Awesome news!


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