I Bet You've Met These 10 Typical YA Guys:

I'm sorry for all the "list-type" posts of recent, but when I thought of this post I just had to make it.  I've noticed (and I'm sure you all have too) there are certain prevalent guy characters in our beloved YA books that all seem to fall into a category of sorts.

We hate 'em.  We might learn to love 'em.

And what do they all have in common?

Their utter typicality.

See how many of these 10 typical YA guys you've met.  I'm quite confident to bet you've met them all.

1. The Brooding Dude

He likes to stare at you from across the room without saying a word.
He's better described as the "cold, distant, hot jerk."

2. The "Mr. Perfect"

He's way too smooth.

3. The Devil

The classic bad boy.
Probably not the best influence.

4. The Smirker

Literally all he does all day long is smirk.
It's his sole facial expression.

5. The Rich Boy

Maybe he owns a lambo.  Or he's a princeling and literally lives in a palace.  He has a large sum of money to inherit.  He lives quite the definition of a "hard-knock life!" 

6. The Jokester

He's always cracking jokes ESPECIALLY when it's not at all appropriate.

7. The Muscleman

He has ROCK-HARD abs!  OMG!  And super defined biceps!
And a chiseled jawline that can totally just "cut stone!"

8. The Musical/Artistic Guy

$100 he plays the guitar.  And sings, too.
He's in a band and contemplates the meaning of life quite on basis.

9. The Misunderstood One 

Oh, oh, life is such a cruel, cruel thing.  His poor, wretched soul.

10. The Brit

I mean, come on, EVERYONE just loooves their YA guys with a "touch of chap."
(Or with some other irresistible accent.)

So 10/10?

Yup.  Thought so.

Julia's a dreamer. She often zones off periodically throughout the day thinking up plans for the future, pining over fictional characters, and concocting up possible plot lines for stories.

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  1. I never really noticed this until now that I am thinking back to all the books I read. I love all the GIFs, for some reason I find the one for #1 the funniest. I am not sure why. Great post Julia! :)

    Amber ❤ The Book Bratz

  2. I hate that they're so typical in books but in real life, they're so much more unattractive because they've got flaws like a HUMAN BEING. YA has ruined my expectation of guys [and i feel so bad for even having that expecation in the firt place]

  3. This was so accurate! I usually fall for the jokester, because who doesn't love a sense of humour in a male lead? (Even if sometimes he should probably keep his mouth shut)

  4. I absolutely loved this post, Julia Anne!!!! It's crazy how true list was. And your comments were absolutely brilliant. Maybe when I'm tired I just laugh at everything (I'm pretty sure any of my friends or family who've seen me past midnight can attest to that), but I thought your notes (along with the GIFs) for each of the YA males were hilarious. Especially the smirking one. Maybe since it's so common? I'm not really sure. But either way, I can pretty much say that way too many love interests these days seem to smirk. *throws hands up in the air* I give up! Not that I don't mind a good smirker every once in a while (can someone even be bad at smirking!?!?), but "the smirker" is just so overused... Anyway, absolutely lovely post!!!! :D

  5. Wow you must be in love with Colton Haynes haha. He takes up two gifs. I personally love the Rich Boy and the Devil. Those are my favorite because I honestly love a guy that plays hard to get but flirts and plays with the girl about her liking him and then they end up either kissing or doing it on the kitchen table lmfao. And then the entire romance gets so complicated. I also love the classic story of rich boy likes poor girl or vise versa. And I know it's such a recurring theme but let's admit it, it's so entertaining!! Awesome post. This is why I come to this blog daily.

    Alex @ The Book's Buzz

  6. Yeeeah, definitely met them all. Not just in YA but also in NA and Adult books. Lots and lots of them and sometimes a mixture too lol

    Ella @ The Filipina Booknote

  7. This is all pretty true evrn if I haven't met all the huys on the list xD I've definetly met the brooding jerk, & the Jokester before! & I loved the gifs. you put snd ahh are you a teen eolf fan? Cause if you are going by tv shows I've definetly seen The Muscleman who I may say looks into the mirror too much *cough 8th gif. cough* But anyways loved your post! ♡♡

    1. Yikes, sorry for all the mispelled words I was typing om my phone. >_<

    2. Haha unfortunately I can't call myself a teen wolf fan but Colton Haynes gets a big thumbs up from me. :-)

      Julia Anne

  8. Ha! All of these guys exist in YA, especially "Mr. Perfect" and the brooding/artsy type. My personal favorites are 3 (The Devil) and 10 (The Brit). I especially love with they combine and create a Devil of a Brit. ;) I could never say no to one of those. This is such a fun list!

  9. Ah the rich boy - I've read so many books recently with the rich guy - if only they really were in the real world - or I could actually 'accidently' bump into one!

  10. So true! I guess we don't even always realise at first that those guys we seem to come across actually fit into these 'boxes' more often than not. Thanks for sharing Julia :)

    Eugenia @ Genie In A Book

  11. I love all the photos of Chuck Bass here :') To be honest, I feel like all YA guys are a mix of a couple of these categories. British boys are the best

    The Life of Little Me

  12. I've seen all of them but usually they're a combination! It's a hot, rich brit guy whose jaw can cut stone!! Or the Misunderstood Musical Guy who cracks jokes to hide his inner demons!! We say that society has so many expectations for women and it's 100% true but expectations effect men as well. Or, your jaw will get hurt if it tries to saw through stone? Ugh, SCANDAL! What do you mean you're Brit but aren't smooth and cocky? *confused*

    Great post!!

  13. Lol love this list! The most annoying one for me is "The Muscleman." Not that I dislike muscular men...but usually in YA that means the MC constantly has to remind us of how muscular he is ALL THE TIME! The author creates too many situations where he has his shirt off or she is in close proximity to him and HAS to mention his muscles again. When the physical appearance is all the MC wants to think about, it gets annoying fast :/

  14. I am human trash because I always fall for the Brooding Dudes. And the Devils. Oh yes and the Smirkers. Mmm Mr. Misunderstood.

    Which is kind of hilarious because IRL I go for the Jokesters, generally. But for books - give me the tortured broody ones so I can see all their lovely angsting (as long as there’s development - key point there)

  15. Yep, you're right, 10/10! I don't know which is the most annoying, really. The brooding dude (or as we should refer to him henceforth, the "Brude") is pretty awful. Especially since most of the time whatever he is brooding over is dumb. No one likes the "bad boy" (well fine, I don't!), and if I never hear another "chiseled jaw" line, or some equally ridiculous "he took off his shirt and suddenly I realized he had muscles!" sequence, it would be pretty great. This post is fabulous!
    Shannon @ It Starts At Midnight

  16. Ahaha I have definitely met all of these! There are just so many of them in YA, come to think of it. I think the misunderstood and brooding kind bother the me the most... because usually they are like that and then after meeting the girl BAM, their whole life changes and suddenly, they are Mr. Nice Guy again. But I have seen so many of there. Great post ^^

    My recent review: http://olivia-savannah.blogspot.nl/2015/08/antman-movie-review.html

  17. OK THIS IS A PERFECT POST AND YOUR GIFS MADE MY MORNING. in books i usually get drawn towards the misunderstood guy / brooding dude / devil / jokester / musician but in real life, i would say my type would be the jokester with a mix of the musician and the smirker. and if they're a brit, obviously that doesn't hurt. but idk i might just like living out a different reality with the guys in my books because something about the moody bad guy gets me EVERY SINGLE TIME.

    and if you didn't get it already, i honestly think this post is genius because 10/10 DAMN STRAIGHT.

  18. Ha this made me laugh. Yup I know them all. The smirker is so true. I don't know how a whole book could be about that guy smirking but it happens!!!

  19. I LOVE THIS POST for a few reasons actually. This is such a funny and great idea to write about because we have all seen at least half of the guys on this list. You have also blessed this list with FREAKING CHUCK BASS AND COLTON HAYNES. AND FINNICK, THANK YOU. Thank you for these gifs of wonderful men, I think my favorite guy of this whole list is the Devil or Muscleman. Great post and I can't wait to see more of these types of posts! :D

    ~Kaitlin @ Next Page Please!

  20. Hahahah yes! The brooding hot guy seems to be pretty typical from what I've read! And same with the "bad boys who turn good" for the MC.

  21. This list is genius!! I definitely think I like reading about the brooding dude and the smirker :) They're just too much fun. I always go for the bad boy. I just think "good" guys are too plain for my taste but I guess in real life, I'd go for the gentleman.

    ~Karina @ A Reader Under The Sea

  22. Love this list! I CANNOT stand the smirker or the guitarist. Something about musician in books, just rubs me the wrong way.

  23. Oh my god, I love this post. It made me laugh so much! I also love Ed Westwick and Colton Haynes gifs XD

  24. Haha, this list is perfect! I agree with all of them:) AND THOSE GIFS! *swoons*


    I've seen a lot of these guys, and I'm ashamed to say that I've hate them but cannot help loving them *hides* I love them in combinations, you know? The rich boy guitarist, whose parents just don't give him the attention he needs. The Misunderstood Devil who is, well, misunderstood and devilish. Gah!

    You're amazing. This post is amazing.

    Rhea @ Rhea's Neon Journal

  26. I just love that you ended this with "The Brit" LOL. So perfect.
    Yep, I've met all of these. But I'm not really hard to please when it comes to book boys, so I've always fallen in love with at least one of each of these haha!

  27. Yep.. Definitely met them all. I've even met combinations of two or three, which was nice for having a more rounded characters, but also annoying. This post was fun and unique, and I'd love to see one about the 10 YA girls, if you haven't done that already. :)

    Charlotte @ Bookmarks and Blogging

  28. Love this post! I get tired reading all these typical boys in YA ugh.

  29. Great post! I never noticed this before, but it's so accurate. Usually in the books I read there's The Devil, The Rich Boy, or Mr. Perfect. Or.... LOL!

  30. Awesome post!! Too funny!! It's so true!! :D

    *Dropping by to visit after seeing your blog on the RQWN chat. Have a great day!!*

  31. THIS IS SO ACCURATE. I'm a huge fan of the first one - the brooding ones are my favorite (see: Darcy).


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