Book Adapted TV Shows

Okay, so most probably, you guys have already figured out what bought this post on. Especially after the picture above!:)

Anyway, before I start this discussion, let me share a news - in case you didn't know already - that have brought so much excitement among bookworms.

Throne of Glass is optioned for TV!

Regardless of my feelings for the series ( let's not go there, now), I am still excited about this news. So in the wake of this revelation, I was giving some thoughts to book adapted and retold TV shows.

We've all had our discussion about book adapted movies. We love some of them, hate most of them and most of all, are always ready to point out the mistakes and gush about the things they got right. 

But nowadays, the new trend is books being adapted into TV shows rather than movies. With the popularity of Game of Thrones and The 100, I guess, most producers are coming forward to adapt the written word into TV Series. There's the Shadowhunters - which is in production - there's been news of Shatter Me, Legacy of Kings, Covenant series, Unearthly, Uglies and now Throne of Glass being optioned for TV. 

What makes these adapted TV Shows different from the good old movies of the same sort?

Since I work better with lists, I thought of listing the goods and the bads of such TV shows compared to the movies.

The Goods

1. Detailed Description

 All those pages of explanation and background information are never done justice to in movies. I have a feeling that a TV Show can capture the world building and all the backstories perfectly in a way that movies often fail to do!

2. Nothing will be missed.

As much as I loved the HP movies, I often feel like they didn't do complete justice to the books. Come on, they missed a lot of significant things from the books! Where was Peeves? Dumbledore's flashback? The story behind Harry's search for the Deathly Hallows? The existence of squibs? Who were the marauders? Teddy Lupin? Neville's Parents? AND MOST OF ALL, WHERE WAS VOLDEMORT'S FLASHBACK????

On a deeper level, I can understand why. There's only 3 hours and it's hard to fit in every single scene and dialogue in a movie. That's why, I think a TV show will work perfectly in situations like these, especially if the book in question is gargantuan in size!

3. Characters and casting

For some reason, the casting of TV Shows are always perfect! I mean, look at Game of Thrones! Is there a single actor in there who you think is not suitable for the character? Since these actors spend a lot of time as the character - months, years - they kinda become inseparable with it! What more does a fan need?

4. Relationships.

I often think that TV series have a realistic take on relationships and romance than movies. There's sexual tension between various characters, feelings change, enemies become allies, friends become lovers, lovers become enemies etc. For certain books *cough* Throne of Glass *cough* I think this works better.

Shows that did it the right way

- Game of Thrones
-  Outlander
- The 100
- Pride and Prejudice

The Bads

1. The change of storyline.

Sometimes what we want is not what happens in reality, right? Even though they borrow the main concept and the characters from the book, most TV series take a total U turn and go in another direction halfway through the story. Best example for this is The Vampire Diaries. Almost 75% of the series was different than the books, at a point, there is no similarity between the both of them.

2. Actors drop out

TV shows are a long haul, and it isn't a new thing for actors to drop out. But what sucks is when the show kills the character just because the character wants to leave the show. Like, imagine, the actor who plays Chaol dropping out , and they decide to...... 

3. The directors start to make their own decisions.

They bring in new characters, changes things here and there, and sometimes make a mess out of a perfectly fine book and we fangirls and readers can't sit back and watch them do their thing.

4. The flow between an unfinished book series and the TV show.

I think this is where even the most loyal adaptation has to make exceptions. We can't expect an equal pacing and speed between a TV show and a book. What if the series come to a point where they've captured everything that's been said in the books so far, and there isn't anything more to tell? Unlike movies, TV shows can't be restricted as one season for a book. And when they enter into this sticky situation, I think things are bound to get messy.

Shows that..... tried their best, but didn't achieve it.

- The Vampire Diaries
- Secret Circle
- Pretty Little Liars
- Gossip Girl
- The Lying Game

P.S - Don't get me wrong. They are great TV shows. But they suck as adaptations.

Over to you guys! What do you think about book adapted TV Shows?

Mishma is a 16 year old teenager from Sri Lanka who's always loved books and talking about them. She often comes off as a loud, outgoing, funny, hyperactive and happy go lucky girl! Her addictions include books, Twitter and Buzzfeed and she has an unapologetic love for classic old movies with uncensored violence and villains with a vulnerable side.

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  1. Aha yep, when Bec told me the news I was like OH GOSH NO because of all the poor adaptations out there, not just for shows but for movies too. The ones you listed under good were indeed awesome, but it's still such a smaller percentage I feel like the odds are stacked against us. Imagine trying to pull ToG off with a low budget... I mean, if it is done well it will be EPIC but I'm kinda expecting the worst ><

    1. I get what you mean. ToG has a complex world building, and if it isn't done right, it will be horrible. I cam't imagine the fans' reaction for that!

  2. Ohh, ite pretty exciting that Throne of Glass is becoming a tv show!! I personally just have gotten the second book in the series after finishing the first book recently, so I'm pretty hyped up for this. P.s. I'm a ChaolxCelaena fan x)

    1. How's Crown of Midnight? It's my favourite book from that series! AND YES FOR CHAOLAENA!!!!

  3. I do like the idea of a favorite book being turned into a TV show. But I am always scared! Recently, Wayward Pines (one of my favorite series) was turned into a TV show. I do think some of the original story was lost or changed. But it was still pretty good. I have not read Throne of Glass yet, but I need to do that!

    1. I haven't read or watched that series, but I am happy to hear that! And ToG is pretty good! You should try it out!

  4. To be honest, I'm terrified... I have this image of Celaena and that whole world and what if they don't get it right? What if they ruin it.... I don't know..... Some TV shows have done really well with being faithful adaptations, but some definitely not so much. I really don't know where I stand on all this.

    1. I get what you mean, Lara! If they mess up the world and the casting, I'll be pissed! I am equally excited and worried about this news!

  5. I've heard that The 100 show is even better than the books! And I absolutely love that HP picture. I think, though, that the pros definitely outweigh the cons. People are getting smarter about these things, and even I'm getting excited about the TMI show even though I'm not really a fan of it. I think the only way a show could go wrong is if it completely delineates from the book or the character's true self.

    But then, I'm not really in the fandom for any of the shows above, so *shrug*

    1. Tbh, I am not a huge fan of TV shows. They require too much attention, and I don't have enough patience for that. I am a movie girl, I guess!:)
      I am not even excited about the TMI show. I am not in the fandom, and something about the show rubs me in the wrong way!

  6. Too many people have decisions when it comes to bringing a book to the screen, and that's where things get messy I feel. TV shows run the risk of losing their audience so writers will do whatever they think will keep their target audience (ie: Pretty Little Liars).

    I'm still unsure how I feel about ToG being made into a show. I read the first two books and liked them, but I don't know. I can't see the translation. :/

    1. True. It's a case of too many cooks spoil the soup, I guess! And also because the author and pub loses control over a story after it is adapted to screen!

      I excited but worried as well. Well, let's just wait and see!

  7. I am so excited about this tv show!

  8. I completely agree! It's so hard for them to do a book justice! I used to get realky happy when they made my favorite books into TV shows, but now I'm just cautiously optimistic. The Dresden Files and Legend of the Seeker were just so bad! I haven't seen Game of Thrones, because it's on cable so I know it's going to be very adult. Not that the books aren't, but it's easier to skim a boom than unsee some things on TV.

    1. I haven't heard of them, but I get what you mean! There more bads than goods, I guess. Yeah, Game of Thrones is really graphic, both in sex and violence! But it's a terrific show at the same time!

  9. So, I am torn about this too. Because of everything you've said basically. Like, The 100 is amazing and epic. But what if I'd read and loved the books? Would I think the same? I don't know, probably not. But since I didn't read the books and um.. not many people liked them, it's good!

    Did you happen to see the Delirium pilot? It never made it past the first episode (which was only aired on like, Hulu or something), but it was BAD. So bad. The casting was a mess, and then they put the entire first book (and even more!) into the first episode. I was SO glad it never aired, I think it would have crushed me!

    So... I am scared. Excited, yes, but also scared. I think a lot depends on who is cast, what network it airs on... I'll be cautiously optimistic until told otherwise :)
    Shannon @ It Starts At Midnight

    1. I get what you mean! The 100 is an amazing show but it still isn't a faithful representation of the books! And that worries me as well!

      I heard about the fact that it is being made into a TV Shows, but then there was no news of the show after that! Woah, that bad? That sucks!

      We'll just keep hoping I guess! I wonder who'll be casted as Celaena!

  10. I completely agree! A lot of times, the TV shows are great but they don't follow the book hardly at all! I'm not sure I could bear see that happen to ToG... It annoyed me enough with The 100 (I think the TV show is 500x better than the book) because I'm not sure I loved the book to begin with. But starting with a book I love, no thank you! If it does end up being a thing, I don't think I'll watch any of it. It's best the way I made it look in my head :)

    Laura @BlueEyeBooks

    1. I haven't read The 100 too, but I've heard that the show is really different from the book. Maybe my feelings for the show would be different if I have read and liked the book. Who knows?

  11. I agree about TV shows and how they handle relationships. They simply have more time to put on a better story than movies and I love it when they stretch it out over the seasons. *Looks at OUAT*
    Castings are, most of the times, spot on. Game of Thrones has nailed it.
    And yes! Shows can give more time to all the details and I love that.

    Own decisions can work, but can definitely be a minor point about shows. Dropping out of actors is the worst.. It's so hard to suddenly see someone else in that role.

    1. One of the best things about TV Shows are the relationships! They are so complex and interesting! And I love OUAT! It's awesome!
      Game of Thrones casting is one of the best! It's perfect, and it's amazing how they hit the nail with all those characters!

  12. I totally agree! Nina Dobrev has actually just dropped out the Vampire Diaries and even though I never watched that show, I have no idea how it'll survive without her.

    And I had a friend who was absolutely obsessed with the Pretty Little Liars TV series. I tried to get into the books at one time but there's, like, eighteen of them. Same with Gossip Girl! I used to love it! I'm currently rewatching the series on Netflix, though, and seriously lost any sympathy I may've had for the cast. The books, on the other hand, are fab. AND OUAT IS SO PERF. Hook and Charming are so unbelievably gorg!

    1. Yeah that sucks! I heard that they actually killed Elena's character because of that!

      I LOVE OUAT! HOOK!!!! *flails*

  13. I have started to read A Game of Thrones and finished the first book, but have yet to embark on the telly show. I am actually not very good at telly shows because I am so rubbish at staying dedicated but I am going to get to them eventually! Currently working my way through Sherlock, Once Upon a Time and Supernatural. Slowly.


    Yani @ Paper Boulevard

  15. I must have been sleeping under a rock because I didn't know about ToG becoming optioned for a show AT ALL D: I CAN ALREADY SEE EMILIA CLARKE AS CELAENA OOPS. I think the ToG series can become a TV show very easily because it's huuuge and there's lots of drama and the world is expanding with each book. BUT I have this very bad feeling that the love triangle will be overplayed for max drama and angst :/ and things like Nehemia and Celaena's friendship will be overcast. Oh and horrible effects/CGI could make things really :| But otherwise, I think it has a good shot at being successful.


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