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I've always known this, but it's become clearer in the past few months to me that the bookish community is a highly creative and involved group. We have great features such as On the Same Page Secret Sisters (by Brittany, Amy, and Alyssa), Nori's #RQWN, Andi's ABCs, Alexa & Rachel's Friends With ARCs, Brittany's Books and a Beverage, Sarah's Fangirl Friday, Danielle's Love At First Page, Brittany & Andi's Have You Seen This? and more. There are also elements that are uniquely others such as Kris' Lego art, Sarah's book trailers, Jess' water color covers for YA books, the list is endless! I love how innovative and inspiring these bloggers are. They manage to personalize their blogging and implement ideas that they enjoy and/or ones that benefit the community. It's these types of acts and ideas that I cherish and adore. It's just another reason why I love the blogging community.

What I don't love is the newest trend I'm seeing. This is no scolding or calling out, this is an observation. As often as I see unique features as the ones listed above, I've started to see bloggers use unoriginal ideas, especially when forming features and events. So many times I see uncannily similar "new" ideas by others that sound and look an awful lot like they were "inspired" or "influenced" by other bloggers' events, ideas, or features.

Now that is fine to a small extent in that no one can claim (for example) Twitter chats as their dominion that no one else can touch or use. Doing the same full concept and changing it a bit or incorporating multiple unoriginal ideas is not okay though. Isn't replicating someone else's idea and changing it slightly essentially idea-paraphrasing? I'd think so. Is paraphrasing plagiarism? Yes. Is plagiarism okay? No.

And this whole act makes me sad. Bloggers put so much thought, time, energy, and heart into their posts, ideas, features, and events. To see other people lazily and easily replicate this and alter the concept a tad to make it appear original is so upsetting. I hurt on behalf of the people who have had their ideas snatched. It's plainly obvious too.

Stealing other people's ideas and calling it your own is not just morally wrong, it hurts people. Maybe it's not the person's intention, but it still affects others. Let's promote creativity and support new ideas. Let's not dwell on or support those who wish to replicate and achieve whatever fame and attention they hope will come by spurring their "new" feature.

Another problem I see is people incorporating elements just because they've been deemed popular and trendy at the moment. I see people rushing to create an event or feature in keeping with the latest rage of the blogging world. Why do people feel the need to do what's trendy and popular? It's the avant-garde ideas and events that stand out to me. Do the type of event you want to do no matter what others are doing or say is popular at the time. Who cares if it's something weird and different from anything ever done before. That's what makes it special, the fact that YOU came up with the idea and that YOU like. That's all that should matter.

Do you see any of this happening? Why do people feel the need to conform and do what others do? What are some "popular" things in the community at the moment? Does popularity hold a sway in what you incorporate into ideas and events? Should we embrace the popular things or focus on the new, fresh ideas?

Rachel is a teenaged unapologetic fangirl and perfectionist.

She loves reading for the escape it gives from reality and enjoys crying over books, swooning over characters, and laughing out loud over funny lines. She is a semi-recovering Netflix addict and a middle child of three.

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  1. Plagiarism is hurtful. 3:

    It's pretty easy to tell when an idea has been taken just because a blogger wanted to be trendy - it lacks heart. Maybe the blogger will be popular for a bit, but not for long. The bloggers who are their own content creators and always will be are the ones who will always stay at the top.

  2. WOAH THAT PICTURE!! GENIUS!! And now that you bring this up, I have seen a few copy cat memes and ideas that have been similar to others. But sometimes those people may not realize what they're doing since blogging now-a-days, it's hard to be original. I've been blogging for 2 years now and I haven't created anything original or contributed anything to the community but my thoughts on books. And that's okay 'cause that's why I began blogging in the first place. I do love creating helpful tips and advice for new bloggers. I've always had lots of fun creating those posts as well as discussions. Great post by the way!!

    ~Karina @ A Reader Under The Sea

  3. I think Twitter chats are quite overdone these days, and at some point, I just find them spammy. There are so many now, and it feels like most of them are just trying to be part of the trend. As for memes and etc. I really don't know. I'm quite out of touch with those things, so I end up always doing my own thing.

    Also, if you could, put links to all those awesome stuff you mentioned? I want to check them out, but I don't know which blogs are they.

    1. I agree with you Shanelle. It seems like after one was created (in the book community), then everyone else rushed after to create one of their own. These chats are fun but now that there's so many of them, they lose their appeal. That's why I try not to join them all. I love one chat that was all about gibing bloggers advice because who doesn't love advice?! Also I love Nori's famous #RQWN. It's probably one of the most popular chats because lots of people quickly join in. And these chats are just perfect to meet new people :)

  4. Hmm, I haven't seen this happening but I have been a bit busy and away from the blogsphere lately so I do believe you when you say this is out there. I know what you mean about disliking seeing this and it is bad because ideas are something sometimes so hard to come by and so hard worked on to be put into effect. Plagiarism is just that and it should not be allowed or accepted...

  5. I enjoyed my first twitter chat weeks ago? I'm not sure when but it has been a while now. Anyway, I agree with you. After joining the said chat, I saw more and more of it on twitter and I realized only the hashtag's different and not the topics of discussion.
    As for memes and ideas, you're right. There's nothing wrong with giving credit to whoever was the first one who thought of it, it's theirs anyway. It's fun when a good discussion or meme gets famous but of course it's better when you come up with something original and your own. :)

  6. This is such a fabulous post Rachel. I've been noticing this too recently. While I understand bloggers wanting to "fit in" and be part of the latest blogging trends, that doesn't mean you have to sacrifice your originality or that you have to plagiarize or steal someone's ideas. That's not okay, and it crosses the line a bit. Thanks for sharing this post and your observations Rachel and, as always, fabulous discussion! ♥

  7. I've never really seen conformity to that extent in the blogger community, but then, I'm not exactly a book blogger either. I do understand your frustration though, and I can see how people trying to be trendy isn't authentic at all. We have blogs because we want to share our honest opinions, because I can't think of a single other reason why someone would blog. Blogging wasn't invented for conformity. Let's save that for the real world.

    The Life of Little Me

  8. Plagiarism is not only hurtful but disgusting, too. Why bother to be a blogger if you're just going to rip off someone else's ideas? (Fantastic image, btw!) It's truly sad when someone lacks originality, they find it okay to jump on someone's blog and steal theirs. Shame. Absolutely lovely post, Rachel!

  9. I definitely understand how you feel! The events and projects going on do sometimes get unoriginal and I tend to notice these kinds of things. Creativity is hard to come by these days because there have been so many great ideas but that doesn't mean that there aren't an endless amount of new ideas! We just have to find ways to find these new ideas... Great post Rachel and thanks for sharing!

    ~Kaitlin @ Next Page Please!

  10. I completely know what this post is all about! Twitter chats are highly, HUGELY repetitive and that sucks because they can be so much fun! That's why I only take parts in chats that are one a smaller scale, but with more originality in the questions. Plagiarism is not okay and the popularity of certain feature or meme does not give anyone the permission to rip it off and use it for themselves. Absolutely amazing post, Rachel! Great job, you <3

    *Rhea @ Rhea's Neon Journal*

  11. I e seen it and I don't like it one but. It's just not fair. Sadly I think these people trick theme,s Es I to just enough tweaks where they think it's thier own. I get originality can be difficult when doing discussions since let's face how many time have you see a lost regarding your reviewing style but as for big "events" or something involving authors. There really should be more concern for those.

  12. I can definitely see where you're coming from. We haven't come up with any of our own original features at Lost in Literature, but we do do something a little different... instead of Reviews, we call them "Let's Chat" since we feel that our reviews are less of a review and more of a discussion about what we liked and didn't like about a book. We started doing this in April, and we've seen quite a few others using "Let's Chat" in their reviews now. Does this bother me? Not really, honestly. Though I have noticed it, and I often wonder if they think WE are the ones using their idea. It's tough, in my opinion, to stay completely original in a community where we're all reading and reviewing the same books and practically doing the same things on our blogs. So I can't expect people to never use that term, when it's such a broad and obvious term to use.

    I'm totally rambling now, I know. LOL Bloggers that have come up with completely original features I think are a lot more affected by this type of thing that I. I can see why they would be bothered if they used all of their creative juices to come up with something unique, and then find a few days later someone else is doing something extremely similar. I guess if they give credit where credit is due it's better, but when they don't even mention the original creator it does bother me.

    Great post! You've definitely got me thinking! :)

  13. I see those heavily inspired posts more often than I wish, and it's not only in the blogging world. I see similar things happen on other social media like Instagram. It's okay to BE inspired and to come up with your own idea, but always give credits to someone else and try to make it completely 'you'

  14. I think we as bloggers have become a bit too sensitive and territorial over ideas... Are there people that straight up copy? Definitely, and it sucks. But most of the time, I think 99% of these ideas are not original to begin with. Even if they seem original to book bloggers, most likely it's been done in other blogging communities. I actually follow a lot of lifestyle/beauty blogs and notice that some of their ideas have been translating to book blogging lately...

    There are also times when a blogger may really think that their idea is original without knowing another blogger(s) has already done it. There have been times when I'm pretty damn positive that I did something completely new, only to find out that is not the case. Same thing has happened to my friends. I think as long as people say that their idea was inspired by something else and not try to claim it as their own, then there is no harm done. I shouldn't NOT be able to put together bookish outfits just because other people did it first, or mood boards just because other bloggers do it. And other bloggers with those passions should be able to do it too.

    It's funny, when I first started blogging 4 years ago the trend was all about creating memes that everyone else would do too. Now it seems like all the rage is 'original' ideas which, lets face it, is hard to find.

    It's so hard nowadays to 'claim' ideas. Things like author chats, blogger appreciation 'tours', discussion posts, debut author events and books for trade have been around for years and I don't really think it's fair for bloggers to claim them or get offended if others want to do it too.

    Purposely copying without giving credit is another story though and that is always wrong.


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