Three Bookish Things That Annoy Me

In the bookish world there are lots of things that merely irk me. Here are the top three!

Changing Covers of Series

Why does this happen?! Why do publishers decide to change the book covers of a series, usually while the series hasn't been completed yet. So now there is no way for you to complete your physical copy collection with the same pretty covers that match. Now you have odd ones out. Most of the time the cover changes are horrible too!! 

Pushing Back Release Dates

Pretty much all of Cassandra Clare's books have been pushed back again and again. It's horrible!! They said Lady Midnight was coming out March 2015. Then May 2015. Then a vague Spring 2015. After that they said Fall 2015. Now it's pushed back to an actual date: May 8th, 2016. Why do people do this to us? I've had my patience stretched so thin these days I'm basically numb.

Lengthening Series

Whenever I hear a series is being lengthened, I go through a wide range of emotions. First I'm hit with surprise. Next comes disbelief. Then happiness. Then hesitancy. Followed by confusion. Then anger. After that comes hope. Then comes anticipation. I never know what to feel!! Usually lengthening a series never turns out good. I did enjoy the second arc of The Mortal Instruments, but The Heir was a disaster. Overall I'm just not a fan of lengthening series. It just seems like a cheap ploy to make more money as opposed to authors writing a brand new series...

What bookish things annoy you?

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  1. Changing the series covers is the worst. I hate it when they do it halfway through a series too! I don't follow release dates closely though. Thanks for sharing Rach!

  2. I totally agree with you about changing covers on a series. It's annoying!! I also dislike the lengthening of a series, especially for the reasons you've stated above.

    I dislike cliffhanger endings in a series as I think it's a cheap ploy by and author to get readers to buy the next installment in the series. This is a big issue with eBooks when authors give away their 1st book for free and then charge readers for the rest of the books in the series.

  3. Ugh, cover changes are the absolute worst! I'm still irritated by the fact that they released Lauren Oliver's Delirium in that wonderful blue cover but then neglected to do so for the rest of the books in the series. :/

    Great list, though!

  4. Changing book covers usually annoys me to no end... I actually threw a massive tantrum on Twitter then they announced the Winner's Kiss cover change... thank goodness they decided to keep it after all and get the new covers for the paperbacks!

    Pushing back release dates I understand a lil better, sometimes the author needs more time to wrestle with the book and make it as good as it should be. But when it comes to GRR Martin and his 6 years and no bloody book? Yeah, no bloody patience left there...

  5. So agree with these! Cover changes is the worst, though. I think the publisher do it because they knew how much we obsess over cover--and so, if they change the cover, they think that we will buy the complete series with the new covers. I guess they didn't realize that most of us are not that rich :/ Anyway, great post Rachel! <3

  6. Changing covers can either be really great or goddamn terrible ahah, I didn't even know that they had changed the cover for Let The Sky Fall and now I'm still deciding whether or not I like it... at least I don't have the physical copies and an unmatching series.
    Pushing back release dates on the other hand is never a good thing. I wish it didn't happen but alas that it does!

    Anyways, great post :D
    Enchanted by YA

  7. All three things you listed are SO ANNOYING! Even when they change the covers of a series after the whole thing is out (which is unlikely), they're usually worse than the original covers.
    Pushing back release dates makes me FURIOUS! I get that things can get in the way of publishing a book, but when they constantly keep pushing back the date, that's maddening - CC is actually a pretty good example. Most recently, the release of The Raven King was pushed back like, 2 months and I can't deal!
    Lengthening the series, so far, has not worked out for me. Unlike you, I didn't really enjoy the last three books of TMI, and The Heir was so bad, it's not even funny.
    Wonderful post, Rachel! :)

    Veronika @ The Regal Critiques

  8. Yeah, I agree so much with the cover changes! Especially with book-to-movie ones - I remember all the different covers for The Hunger Games. Some were really beautiful yeah, but idk I just felt like it was unnecessary :/
    Geraldine @ Corralling Books

  9. Well I totally agree with all these!! I mean I hate cover changes, I mean why did Cassandra want to change her covers in the first place? I actually liked the original covers! & Don't get me wrong, who wouldn't want the series they love to be lengthened? I mean for an example the Maximum Ride Series, the last book or so they said was Nevermore and I was really satifised with the ending but then apparently there was going to be another book! I was so excitedat first but still I decided not to read it till this day cause like seriously dude it said the last book was gonna be Nevermore, hence 'Never'!

  10. I don't like cover changes either!! It drives me bonkers.

  11. I agree with absolutely everything you've said here! It's one of the reasons I'm not really looking forward to any more of Clare's books, because they're all samey, and more and more just keep appearing. The cover thing was unnecessary, too, imo :/

    Sophie @ Sophie Reads YA

  12. I can't understand why they change the covers of series. Especially if it's before the series is even completed. It doesn't make sense. I don't think there's a single reader out there that doesn't mind when books don't match. I mean, matching books are always better. ALWAYS. Why does the publishing industry not get that?

  13. Changing series covers is definitely something I'm not a fan of... unless they are better which usually doesn't happen. Though the pushed back dates of books is something I'm accustom to hearing. It happens a lot with video games, so I hear a lot of people I talk to moan and gripe about it so it's something that's kind of natural to me now haha.

    Lengthening a series makes me of movies that split the last movie of a trilogy into two parts. Just trying to make more money out of a cash cow. It's kind of irritating. Especially if the series could've gone better with just how it was going :\

  14. CHANGING COVERS IS THE WORST THING EVER and a lot of times I just won't even buy the book. Sometimes the cover changes aresomehat okay (Maid of Secrets and the infamous ANNA AND THE FRENCH KISS ones) but there are just so many that are eughhhhhhhhhhhh.

    And Lengthening a series is something I'm typically okay with, but the Mortal many. series. that are all kind of basically the same. Also the Heir for the Selection series. But I mean hardcore fans probably love it? (I WILL ALWAYS LOVE THE IRON FEY and the spin off series that was produced. I'm kind of uncertain about all the PJO books though, especially Magnus Chase just because this is an entirely different world, why is there a connection to Annabeth besides just milking the fandom)

  15. YES to all of these Rachel. I completely agree 110%. Changing covers is so annoying - especially if it happens in the middle of the series. And lengthening series irritates me too. (I mean, I understand it's hard to let go, but at some point you have to stop, right?) Thanks for sharing and, as always, fabulous post! ♥

  16. I did not see that cover change for Let the Sky Fall, and that is honestly just disgusting, in comparison to the old cover. :/ And I'm not for lengthening a series either. It's probably why I'm wary of Cassandra Clare and Rick Riordan now, especially since I didn't enjoy the latter's Heroes of Olympus series.

  17. Most of the books I own are ebooks so I never really notice cover changes but I would be SO annoyed if I owned half the series and then there was a stupid cover change. I didn't know about Cassandra Clare's books being pushed back again and again but I honestly love her writing so much and if I did know I'd have been really frustrated lol. Hopefully Lady Midnight won't be pushed back again! I kind of get what you mean about lengthening series being "a cheap ploy to make more money." A lot of of times the books are worse quality and not as good as the first couple of books. But at the same time, I've read quite a few long series that I really enjoyed. I guess it just depends but if I really liked the first book, the thought of getting my hands on more books by the same author makes me excited.

  18. These ALL make me stabby. Who decided to do such awful things to Let the Sky Fall!? Those covers were so pretty! I don't LOVE pushing back release dates, but at least I understand that- sometimes things come up, and I think a good product is better than a fast one, but still, the wait is hard! And extending series... GR. No more Shadowhunters. That was a good, solid trilogy. I could have even lived with 4. But those last two? No thank you! Be gone! The Heir is SO stupid because it spoiled the entire first three books! Now I know what happened- just by looking at the COVER. Maddening, but I don't have to tell you that :D

  19. I hate cover changes (especially when the first one is better). It gets really annoying when you shelf them (unless of course you buy the book again with the new cover -__-). I haven't gone around length series but books that push back release dates are annoying! I remember starting The 5th Wave by Rick Yancey around late August last year so that I'll be in time for the 3rd book but next thing I know, it was pushed back to 2016.

    czai @ the Blacksheep Project

  20. The cover changes ARE THE WORST. I love my series'covers to match and then when they change them I have to go out and buy the new books but usually I just sit with mismatched books because MONEY. UGH. Great post! :D

  21. I am not a fan of the cover changes either. Even more so if I've already bought the first one! I can definitely understand everyone getting so upset over TWK!

    Pushing back release dates is the quickest way to make me lost interest in a book or series.

    And lengthening series can be both good and bad. Though, usually it's never good because that just means the author is putting your ship through more hell. LOL.

  22. I don't know that lengthening a series is always bad. I think a lot of the time authors have a certain number of books they believe their story can span, but fail to get such a big deal right away until the publisher sees their sales numbers and believes in the series. That being said, it totally depends on the execution. This isn't a book example, but when Supernatural was extended it ruined the series IMO.

  23. *cringe* I DESPISE book cover changes!! I'm a nut about matching covers, so yeah, this is torture to me too. >.<

  24. Ohhh these are good ones!
    I almost ALWAYS hate cover changes. Not really because my covers won't match but... 1) because they're usually worse or 2) if they are better, I wish I'd have the first book(s) with those beautiful covers. So annoying!

    I also hate when I hear series are going to be lengthened... it feels like I have to completely change my expectations, which isn't fun.

    Great post!


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