The Dying Desire...When Waiting for Sequels

After I read a great book, I immediately want to know if it's part of a series.  If it isn't part of series, I take a few sad, long, painful minutes days weeks bidding such a wonderful story goodbye.  If it IS part of a series, well . . .

You know how it goes.  You find out EVERYTHING about that next sequel, and I mean everything.  You keep tabs on the author's Twitter, Pinterest, blogs, Tumblr, literally anything you find.  Any ounce of information is absolutely paramount.  And when you find out that release date, well, your whole life turns into the waiting game.

But the time between reading the first book and waiting for the second is quite a long period.  A.  Whole.  Year!  How will you survive?  How will anyone survive?  Each day seems to become excruciatingly slow.

Then a month passes.




And in my case, I've found that the anticipation, the desire, and all of the the excitement eventually . . . dies.  Or at least dwindles significantly.

You go from this:

To this:

You're just not as excited anymore.  I've had multiple cases of this "dying desire" disease.  A handful of books I've read, loved, and enjoyed last year (and became obsessed with!), are now nothing more than a faint memory.  There are books I couldn't stop thinking about for weeks, but time eventually, once again, washed away their impacts on me.

I know it's not feasible to release books in a series so quickly, but we all wish there was a way, anyway.  I actually have a friend who is turned off by books in a series.  She vows to not read a book if its entire series hasn't been released yet.  Now I wouldn't go quite that far, but I do see where she's coming from.  Don't you hate reading an amazing book only to find out you can't have the sequel for a whole another year?

How do you all cope with the excruciating waiting process?  Have you experienced this highly infectious "dying desire" disease?

For now, I'll go back to the waiting game...there are so many awesome releases to look forward to this year.

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  1. The "dying desire" disease is why I have SO many sequels/ final books in a series sitting on my TBR pile. I forget how amazing the books are, and I don't want to read the next one since they're so many upcoming new releases that sound way more exciting. I devoured Daughter of Smoke & Bone and its sequel in quick succession, and loved it with my whole heart, yet Dreams of Gods and Monsters is still sitting on my shelf since I had to wait so long. IT'S PAINFUL.

  2. I totally understand this feeling. The pain of waiting for sequels!! It is usually worth it though! xx

  3. I agree it is hard to get back into it after waiting so long. But once I start reading it then I get right back into it! Well as long as the book is good. :)

  4. Oh my gosh, yes, I totally get this pain!! As a reader it's sooooo frustrating that some books take a long, long time to come out... but at the same time, I want the book to be the best it CAN be, regardless of how long it takes. :)

  5. I have the exact same! Often I am so excited to pick up the sequel, but by the time the release comes around, it's not that much of a priority anymore?

  6. The worst thing about waiting for sequels is imagining how PERFECT it'll be. And it doesn't always live up to my imagined expectations.

  7. This is so true! There's been quite a few series where I read the first book and I NEED the next book and I'm in a total book hangover because I NEED THE NEXT BOOK, but then with time, I forget quite a lot about the book and then when I do get it, sometimes I find I don't love it that much because my memory and passion for the book has faded over time. Excellent post!

  8. UGh. Waiting for the next book is always dreadful. I love marathonning series, but a lot of times, I end up having to wait too. Great post!

  9. I can totally relate! That's part of the reason I don't even bother to read the 2nd or 3rd (or whatever) book in a series. I just read the first book and quit; there are too many books in the world to read series. Or I solve the problem by NOT reading the series books until they are ALL available. Then I get the first ones cheaper, too. lol

  10. That's exactly how I feel too. When I read an amazing book and I know there will be a sequel I want to read it right away, but then the waiting game begins, and slowly I start to lose my interest for the book. Usually when the book comes out, I rarely read it right away. It's just the excitement is not there anymore. Sometimes even months pass before I pick up a sequel. And sometimes in the end, I never even pick it up. Great post!

    Anatea | Anatea's Bookshelf

  11. I have the same rule as your friend, that I stick to for the most part. But occasionally, I just can't wait. And then I get mad at myself because DANGIT.... a whole year!

  12. I can relate to you on everything you stated above! I thought I was the only one who felt like this so glad to see there are so many more people who feel this way. There are so many sequels that are sitting in my tbr right now that I just HAD to have and now a year or so later I have no real motivation to even read it. Honestly I am thinking about just starting to wait until the whole series is out until I pick books up just so I don't have to go through that whole scenario anymore.

  13. Oh, this happens to me all the time and it's so frustrating! I just read the first four books of The Others series back-to-back. And now I have to wait a year for the fifth book. Sigh ...

    Nicole @ Feed Your Fiction Addiction

  14. This is the ultimate of the series-killers for me. I normally keep up just fine for the first 3-4, maybe 5-6 book releases if it's a really good series and I'm reading consistently with no problem. But there are so uncountably many series that I absolutely LOVED but have just never gone back to because I happened to miss the schedule. I lose track of when new books are supposed to come out, and by the time I decide to get caught up, I have trouble getting back into it. I either need to reread the entire series before in order to get the momentum back up (which I never have time for), or I just decide not to read the book in general. :(

  15. I know what you mean about feeling the excitement slowly dying out... it can be so tiresome! I tend to like waiting until the whole series is released before I start reading them so I can binge reading the whole series. Otherwise it takes me agesss to gather the previous excitement to read it again ^.^


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