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Flashfall has been on my radar ever since I heard of its sale through PW. And oh what a wonderful pitch it has: "Pitched as Red Rising for teens, the story tells of a girl who, with her people, is forced to mine terrifying tunnels for precious metal in return for freedom, only to realize that they've been betrayed." How cool does that sound?! Jenny is tremendously sweet as well; introducing... Jenny Moyer!

Author Most Likely to Marry Her High School Sweetheart (I did! ; )

Nickname: Dreamer
First Day of School: November 15, 2016
Homeroom: Henry Holt
Grade: Sci-fi/Fantasy
Extracurricular Activities: Flying, Acting, Singing, Show Choir, Shelter Animal Cuddler
Favorite Class: Daydreaming . . . er, study hall
Favorite Quote/Motto:  Dream Big


1. Describe your book in five words.
Mining, scary, creatures, kissing, page-turner

2. I love the cover of Flashfall. I love the colors and the cliff and basically everything about it. It's so epic! What was the cover design process like?
Thank you so much! I agree—I think it’s evocative and suggests the threatening sort of beauty of the setting (which is really a main character in the book.)

The process was exciting--in a nail-biting kind of way. When my editor sent me the emails with the original cover proofs, I could barely breathe when I clicked on them. It’s like, you work two years on a book, and then the design team puts a “face” to it. As authors, we don’t always have much say in how our covers look, so you sort of have your fingers crossed.

The design team had asked me to send over pictures of how I imagined the world of FLASHFALL, (Pinterest board!), and cover comps (other covers I really liked.) I was so happy to be included in the process. Still, I didn’t have any clue what it would look like when I opened those emails. They originally had two different designs. In one, the rock was very different—and reddish, and the font was really sci-fi-looking. I prefered the current design, but it was originally shades of white and beige. My editor and I both agreed it needed “more”. In FLASHFALL, the air is filled with deadly particles affected by the nearby flash curtain. Trying to escape it, is what sets the characters on their journey. So the designers added the magenta and purple tones as well as the smoke/ash/particle-filled air. I love it! It’s visceral and moody and captures the danger contrasted with the beauty of FLASHFALL’s setting.

I teared up when I realized they’d added the suggestion of stars beyond the flashfall. And not just any stars—the constellation Orion. If you read the book, you’ll realize why this is so super cool. 

3. Would you be able to survive in the fictional world of Flashfall? Why or why not?
Ooh . . . Probably not. Not as a Subpar. I wish I was as badass as Orion and the cavers of Outpost Five, but if I managed to overcome my claustrophobia (doubtful) and make it down a tunnel, (unlikely) I would freak out if I encountered a flash bat or tunnel gull. (I freak out when I encounter large spiders.) Then, when they are punished and sent to the cordons (where things get so much worse)--I would have a really tough time surviving the things they face there.

However, there are other characters in FLASHFALL—Conjurors who can manipulate matter. I might survive as one of them (though they encounter some horrendous challenges, too!)

4. The teaser trailer for Flashfall is one of the best book trailers I've ever seen. Can you describe the process of creating this masterpiece? Check out the trailer here.
Thank you! I’m so glad you liked it! Seeing the world and characters “come to life” like that was incredible. We filmed it inside real caves and it was like stepping into a world I’d only ever explored in my imagination. Surreal! The first time the actors suited up in the caving suits, with the climbing gear and the headlamps . . . I totally teared up. Especially when they said the lines from one of the scenes (which we haven’t shown yet! : )

We’ve only released the “teaser” trailer so far—and I can’t wait for everyone to see what we reveal with the full trailer this fall. There’s more to FLASHFALL than mines and caves . . .

5. What do you like to do when you're not writing/reading?
One of my favorite parts of being an author is exploring new places and experiences for “book research.” While I was revising FLASHFALL, I went climbing and rapelling so I could get the details right. I also went caving and managed to overcome some of my claustrophobia!

This summer, I’m traveling to England and Scotland—where I’m staying in a castle and learning falconry. More “research” for a different book!

I also love speaking at schools and conferences and inspiring people to chase their dreams! I pushed past a lot of rejection to get to where I am, and I love being able to show people it’s possible.

About the Book:

Orion is a Subpar, expected to mine the tunnels of Outpost Five, near the deadly flash curtain. For generations, her people have chased cirium—the only element that can shield humanity from the curtain’s radioactive particles. She and her caving partner, Dram work the most treacherous tunnel, fighting past flash bats and tunnel gulls, in hopes of mining enough cirium to earn their way into the protected city.

But when newcomers arrive at Outpost Five, Orion uncovers disturbing revelations that make her question everything she thought she knew about life on both sides of the cirium shield. As conditions at the outpost grow increasingly dangerous, it’s up to Orion to forge a way past the flashfall, beyond all boundaries, beyond the world as she knows it.
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About the Author:

Jenny studied writing at Seattle Pacific University, and has written and voiced national commercial spots. She co-owns Luminary Creative with her filmmaker husband, Jacob. They have lived all over the U.S., and currently call Des Moines home.

She keeps busy with her three boys—who are steadily growing taller than her--and her three pound dog (who stays small, and mostly just sits on her legs while she types.)

One of Jenny’s dreams came true the day Sarah Davies invited her to join her list of talented authors at Greenhouse Literary. Now when she sips lattes at coffee shops and daydreams, she can call it ‘work.’

Writing young adult fiction is her passion, and she can’t wait to share Orion and Dram and flash bats with the world through her debut novel, FLASHFALL (Henry Holt/Macmillan, 2016)

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  1. Oh this book sounds so interesting! I'm adding it to my TBR right now. And that cover! It's so beautiful! Great interview!

  2. Fantastic interview! Flashfall is one of my highly anticipated releases for the second half of 2016! November can't get here quick enough!


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