Summer Reading Spots


Summertime means time for kicking back, relaxing, and reading (of course)!  With so many glorious days to spare, it seems as if we can go anywhere, do anything, and read any book we please.  Recently, I've been taking a book along with me on all of my summer adventures.  Here are some summer reading spots I've encountered:

1. Beachside/poolside

Possibly the most obvious (and most popular) summer reading spot is at the beach or by the pool.  Although I live in Hawaii, I actually haven't been to the beach in a while . . . but rest assured, I have gone swimming in my pool and taken a book along with me.

2. By the marina

I live by the marina, so I naturally love reading by the water.  A favorite coffee shop of mine also happens to be perched right next to the marina, so it's a perfect pairing.  You're bound to find me here on any Saturday or Sunday.

3. Cafés and coffee shops

I'm no coffee aficionado, but I've visited many coffee shops and had many cups of coffee over the years.  It will come as no surprise that I've been frequenting many cafés and coffee shops this summer.  Coffee + books = perfection.

4. The bookstore

Unfortunately, there's only one big bookstore left on Oahu, but trust me, I definitely give it good business.  (Haha!)  I like to read my new purchases at the Starbucks nestled into the corner of the shop.

5. In the car

I'm notorious for being prone to terrible spells of car sickness, but that still doesn't keep me away from reading!

6. My bedroom

And last of all, my bedroom.  But that didn't come as a surprise to anyone, did it?

Where are you reading this summer?

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  1. I love reading by the beach and pool! It's kind of terrible because where I live, there are no nice beaches or pools so every time I go on vacation to a place that does have them, I won't spend my time socializing or seeing things, I'll just sit with a book all day!

    Laura @BlueEyeBooks

  2. So much YES to all of them!! :)

  3. I just love your post Julia! I think my favorite spot of yours is coffee shops!
    BTW- your photos are beautiful! ;)

  4. I definitely read in all of the places you've mentioned, though I just read by the riverside and not at a marina! But I think my favorite place to read during the summer is in the park. I like just hanging out for a quiet afternoon with my friends, each of us doing our own thing - and my thing just happens to be reading :)


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