The Promised Sequels that Never Come to Life


*This post started off level-headed and tame but then morphed into a rant. Apologies!

Sometimes I read books, and I like them. And I want more! The second I finish the book, I'll hop on Goodreads and plead to the bookish gods that a sequel is in the works. More times than not I am blessed with a "heck yeah!!" to the sequel. But sometimes the deal is poisoned by a far off release date, or worse, no release date at all. And that scares me.

I'm naturally an optimistic and hopeful person, but darn it, even I can admit that a book that came out in 2008 with no release date set for the second book is a bad sign. 

I loathe when an author promises a second book and then reneges on that promise. Sometimes there are realistic and understandable reasons for quitting on a book, but sometimes there's really none. And yes, Stephanie Meyer I'm looking at YOU. I read your wonderful sci-fi book "The Host", and I loved it so so much!! Then I saw that you were planning on writing two sequels. Now there's only radio silence on your end. What happened to those books?! Don't promise your readers two books if you don't plan on writing them. And it's not like you're not writing. Stop with the hangup on Twilight! You wrote another version of "Twilight" gender-swapped. Was one version really not enough?! Can't you come up with something original, PLEASE?! Write the sequel to "The Host" please. I'm trying to blot out that horrid movie adaptation. The least you can do is satisfy readers with the second installment that you planned to write. Please stop riding on Twilight's coattails, and write sometime new damn it. 

Your fan,

Dear Melissa de la Cruz,

I might not have loved your book "The Ring and The Crown", but even I can admit that it was a fun train wreck. The ending was super confusing and a cliffhanger of sorts. Against my better judgement I really want to read the next one, "The Queen and The Courtesan". But then I heard that you are no longer writing it because you're happy with how TRaTC ended. How. Is. That. Possible. That was no ending!! Ugh okay I guess I could be okay with that, but apparently this isn't the first time you've quit on a series and backed out of the sequels you promised to write. Not cool.

A peeved reader,

I can't even describe how frustrating it is when promised sequels never make it to publication because the author just changes her mind, tosses in the hat, and says "NOPE". Am I only in this frustration?! Have you ever had to deal with this? If not, lucky you. 
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  1. Ugh, that really bothers me too! I really loved The Host! And while I'm happy with the ending, knowing that she had more in store for the characters makes me SO CURIOUS. Don't ever announce you're writing a sequel unless you're 100% sure/have already started/have already made a first draft.

  2. GAH I feel you, this is THE. WORST. Even worse is when the author WANTS to write the sequel and the publisher is like "nah, we don't care if the readers of the first book ever know how it ends" and I want to rip my hair out and FORCE Scholastic to give me a third Fire & Flood book before my eyes start shooting fire and/or flood.

    Also, I think it's safe to say that The Host sequels are never happening, and that Stephenie probably checks Goodreads to see how many people add the non-existent books while laughing and rolling in piles of money ;) In fairness, I liked how The Host ended... but taunting with hope for a sequel is just mean!

  3. Dear lord yes.. I have been waiting for the Host sequel for forever too! And I keep hoping it will happen but yeah.. :(

  4. I gave up on The Host sequel years ago. I would really prefer that an author just confess and say they haven't been able to come up with anything for a sequel rather than continue to string us along. Then if they get inspired and come up with one after all it will be a bonus.

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  5. Yes! This Happened to Me Too

    Only it's The Third Book of a Trilogy I Read, If You've Heard of The Mystic City Trilogy,Well. Book 3 Was Supposed to Come Out in English Last Year, It Came Out in German, Only German. Now it's a Year Later and There is No Sign of The English Edition Hardcover, The Book is Available in English Audio in The UK. at This Moment, There is Only a Title for The English Edition in The USA, But No Release Date, No Cover, Just a Title and a Blurb.UGH.. BUT The Sliver-Lining in This is That I Know How It Ends, a German Reader Told Me. I Love The Ending :D

  6. Seriously? The Queen and the Courtesan isn't happening anymore?! How in the world is she satisfied with the ending of The Ring and the Crown? There are no words. I liked The Ring and the Crown and I really really wanted to read a sequel, even if it was just one... it's been so long, I guess you could figure that the sequel wasn't happening even if de la Cruz never said anything. Ugh! Not cool!

    Alyssa @ The Eater of Books!

  7. Whoa, wait, Melissa de la Cruz has backed out on writing sequels before?! O.O

  8. Oh man, I completely didn't know that about those books! I've heard pretty good things about The Host and have always wanted to pick it up but maybe I shouldn't since the sequels may not be happening.

    That's really surprising about The Ring and the Crown book -- maybe it didn't do well as they expected?

    The only book this has happened to me with was the Stacey Jay Princess of Thorns book, which was really too bad because I greatly enjoyed it.

    Great post!

  9. I understand. You invest time and become sort of vested in the characters lives, and then - BAM! You are left in this limbo. I would write my letter to Shana Abe (The Sweetest Dark) and Diana Peterfreund (Killer Unicorns). I will never know how these trilogies end.

  10. I completely understand this! Gena Showalter decided she didn't want to write a 4th Intertwined because she "wasn't feeling it anymore". Have you read that series? I can't believe that's how it ends! L.J. Smith don't even get me started. Years, YEARS, I've been waiting for Strange Fate. It was supposed to come out in 98! I guess The Vampire Diaries is just more important.

    1. I feel you! I have been waiting for Strange Fate forever. To be fair though, she got horribly sick and has been on the road to recovery. My hope is dwindling, but I am still keeping a tiny spark alive.

  11. HOLY SHIT I so wanted a sequel to this book. I'm not even kidding about how obsessed I was after reading the first one. Sure the book had A LOT of flaws but it was so fun to read and I just loved being immersed in the court life. Melissa de la Cruz really did her homework. ALl of the characters were so lovable and the guys, swoon-worthy! *taps foot* still waiting on that sequell...

    Alex @ The Book's Buzz

  12. My name is Leah. I have also been waiting for almost 15 years for an L.J. Smith sequel to her Night World series. Strange Fate is an almost distant dream now.

  13. Ha I feel you! Intertwined by Gena Showalter is the same way. I actually liked the ending to the original trilogy, I thought it made sense and it fit. I mean, it sucked emotions-wise (ow feels), and left it kinda open, but IT MADE SENSE. Then she said she'd be writing a fourth book. So of course, even though I thought the ending was fine, I still got excited. I LOVE. THAT. SERIES. And now she's no longer writing it. SO FRUSTRATING. >:(

  14. Gaaaaaah yes! If there's a legitimate reason, like something serious came up in the author's life or something, ok. But when they promise more and leave the story incomplete and then are just kinda like, "Nah," and abandon it, that's rude to the readers. It also really aggravates me when an author starts a series but then gets sidetracked writing a whole bunch of books for other series and new stuff and standalones and just ditches the original one for years, like what you described with Meyers. I'm currently having this problem with two series that I loved. One of them I'm waiting for the *final* book. Why hasn't she just written it and completed it already before moving on to a new series AND a new random standalone??? It's one of my absolute favorite series, but all she's doing it making me lose interest. And now I'll never start any of her other series until they're finished since I'm not going to go through this again.

    But the absolute worst is when a book ends with a major cliffhanger and then the author never writes any more, which has also happened to me recently -_-

    Sorry for taking out my frustrations in your comments section lol. I just get so riled up about this!

  15. I'm so annoyed that there is no Seeker novel as well! I really loved The Host - I fell and I fell HARD. It's one of my favourite books of all time and there not being a sequel really upsets me. I'll always hold out hope, but it's bothersome so I know how you feel >.>


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