9 Tips to Live By: To Buy or Not to Buy?

To buy or not to buy?  That is the question.

I'm pretty much the most indecisive person out there.  From making menu selections to going clothes shopping, any situation with choices is a struggle for me.  But deciding whether or not to buy a book is the absolute worst situation to put me in.  Bookstores are any book-lover's heaven, but for the indecisive purchaser, this dream can quickly turn into a nightmare.

If you're a fellow indecisive book-buyer like me and you understand my struggle, read on, my friend.  Here's a little list I compiled to (hopefully) help with your future book-buying decisions the next time you find yourself mulling over the question: to buy or not to buy?


Buy if . . .

  • You've read good reviews.  (Yeah, I mean more than just one.)
I suppose this first point is obvious.  Before I buy any new book, I make sure to do my research.  (And yes, by research I mean Goodreads!)  Just type in the prospective buy's title into the search bar and start scrolling through some reviews.  After reading for a couple of minutes, you can start to get a good inclination if the book is truly right for you.

  • You haven't bought a book recently.
It's important to treat yourself.  If buying that book will make you happy and you haven't bought one recently, then go for it.  We all deserve to splurge.

  • You've had your eye on this book for a while.
Have you been losing sleep over the lack of this book in your life?  Can't eat?  Can't think?  Can't do much of anything?  These are all telltale signs that you need this particular book in your life.  Don't suffer any longer.


Don't buy if . . .

  • You're on the fence!
This one's another self-explanatory point.  If you can take the book or leave it, just leave it.  Save yourself the money for another book you can't live without.

  • You already have a ton of other books to read.
Buying new books is always tempting.  Those glossy covers and crisp pages can make any normally conservative buyer choose to indulge.  But if you already have a stack of TBR books piling up at home, don't just add to the load.  Tackle the books you already have before heading out to the bookstore.

    • You haven't thought out your decision fully.
    The easiest way to lose money and regret your decisions is by acting on a whim.  Make sure you're not just bored and buying to buy.  Go through the pros and cons of your purchase before heading to the checkout line.


    Some other tips:

    • Check out your local library.
    I love my local libraries.  If you also have a library or two nearby, check out their shelves sometimes.  You might be surprised by what you find.

    • Come back to the bookstore another time.
    If you can't make a decision on the spot, consider returning to the bookstore at another time.  When I go to the mall, I like to think about what books to purchase while shopping at other stores.  Just before going home for the day, I'll stop by the bookstore to make my purchases.

    • You know yourself best.
    Sometimes you just have to go with your gut.

    Hope some of these tips helped!
    Good luck with your future book-buying adventures, everyone.

    Julia's a dreamer. She often zones off periodically throughout the day thinking up plans for the future, pining over fictional characters, and concocting up possible plot lines for stories.

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    1. Ah yes. Book buying: the problem of every bookworm. I think I'm pretty good with my book buying habbit.. I try to at least buy only one book per month. But I'm also a terribly indecisive person, and find it hard to choose which books I should buy xD I do agree about looking on Goodreads before buying though, it's something I always do!

      Tasya // The Literary Huntress

    2. Great Post :) I have been using some of these tips to ease off buying books since I am in a reading slump so I enjoyed reading all these tips :D Have a nice day! Tanya

    3. Totally agree with all of this!
      I've even decided to sell two books I had bought last year and still haven't read because I saw them at the library. That way I'll be able to buy something else instead! Bless libraries <3

    4. This is so fun! I have this problem literally every day. I look at my wishlists and try to decide if I "need" a book. I don't ever NEED a book. I have literally HUNDREDS to read. Which is... not great. But they aren't SHINY and NEW and whatever nonsense reason I make up in my head. I have actually gotten a LOT better about not buying, but I still go through the struggle ALLLL the time. Though, I do make myself wait a couple days- and then if I still CANNOT live without it, I buy it. These are good tips!

    5. I have all the books I want to read on an Amazon wishlist. I regularly check for price drops and it's awesome. If a book goes from $10.99 to $2.99, you can bet that I'm getting it! I only pay full price for the books that I REALLY, REALLY want to read. Great post!

    6. This is a great list to live by! If it's not a "must buy on release day" for me, I usually mull it over for a month. I'm a very picky buyer!

    7. This is great, though I almost always end up buying. I have no self control! I'll have to apply these tips better :P Thanks for sharing!

    8. Yes,Yes and yes.I'm in the club of indecisive choice makers. I use my library a lot, because I like to make sure I adore the book before I buy it. I know people may think I'm not helping the book industry;but I get really upset when I buy a book and don't like it. Plus, I'm not tech savy and don't sell things online. I just give away books for free. Lol. Thank you for this post!

    9. I'm super indecisive too! It can take me 10 minutes to compare toothpastes in Target lol. For books, I always worry whether it'll be worth it, but if I get it at the library and love it and then buy it, is that a waste too? Ahh! These are great tips, though :) I've been trying to focus on my own shelves at home for awhile except for some anticipated titles. And the library is so great.


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