A Reflection on 2016


 Oh what a year it has been. It seems almost cruel to say, but I've had a great year despite the election cycle, terrorists attacks, celebrity deaths, and racial divides that have wreaked havoc on 2016. It's been a huge year of growth for me. There is an immense difference between 2015 Rachel and 2016 Rachel.

I started my first job ever! I was a server at a small Italian restaurant and then two months later I quit and started working for a bigger Italian restaurant called Casa Mia much closer to home. I'm currently working there now over break. I seriously love my job. My bosses are so good to me, the other employees are just as amazing, the food is great, and the customers are so sweet. I always have a fun time at work! It's also helped me stretch my "people skills" so I can now navigate conversations with people of all ages (so helpful for my future career in business).

I survived the emotional experience of college applications and it all came out victoriously. I am a freshman at Penn State main campus and I'm also in Penn State's Schreyer Honors College. I've met so many wonderful people and met friends I'll keep for a lifetime. Suffice to say I'm having loads of fun at college! I originally planned on majoring in Marketing and minoring in Economics, but I've changed that slightly and already underwent a few identity crises. As of now I'm torn between majoring in Marketing or Finance, since you can only have one business major, and I'm also double majoring in Economics. I've also added a Digital Media Trends and Analytics minor.

Transitioning to living at college has made me grow up much faster than anticipated. Now I pick up and buy my own prescriptions. I pay my own bills at restaurants. I cook for myself. I manage my money. I do the laundry. I have to make sure I'm eating my fruits, vegetables, and vitamins.

I successfully finished my first internship! It was a great experience and I learned so much about the work environment, company culture, entrepreneurship, and about business in general.

2016 was the year of risks and taking leaps. I pushed myself to do things I never would've dreamed of doing or thought too hard or too unlikely for me to succeed. I applied for an internship I didn't think I'd have a chance of getting. And yet I got it. And I learned so much and met so many great people. I applied to a school that had such a low acceptance rate, and yet I got in to Schreyer. I started a job as a server, something I never thought I'd do in a million years.

I have no idea what 2017 holds, but I can't wait to make it another great year.

How was your year? What were the highlights?

Rachel is a teenaged unapologetic fangirl and perfectionist.

She loves reading for the escape it gives from reality and enjoys crying over books, swooning over characters, and laughing out loud over funny lines. She is a semi-recovering Netflix addict and a middle child of three.

You can find her on Twitter @yaperfectionist & Goodreads.


  1. I'm so glad you've had a great year, Rachel! I hope your 2017 is even better! <3

  2. So many wonderful changes for you :) I can only wish you another year that's as efficient as 2016 was.
    Also, I work as a digital marketer. I can tell you it's a great area, and it's loads of fun. Plus, from my experience, it seems marketers are always needed :) good luck and have fun, if you do choose this area :)

  3. At least someone had a great year! But really I am glad that everything is working out for you. From following your blog for so many years, I know how dedicated and smart you are. I am glad all of your hard work is paying off! I hope 2017 is even better for you!
    I don't think my year was terrible, but it still had its lows. My blog was empty for a couple of weeks while my personal life wrecked havoc on everything. But, the year ended pretty well and I am glad how things pieced together.


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