Review Policy

I don't have a rigid way of scoring books. I look at all different aspects of the book and summing my thoughts up on those aspects, I give the book a score between 0-5 Flowers. 

What determines the score?

- The Writing (Is there good word choice? Are various skills and techniques showcased? Does the writing portray the story well?)
- The Plot (Was it unique? Was it interesting and comprehensible? Was it well-thought out?)
- The Setting/World-Building (Was it described in depth? Could I visualize the surroundings?)
- Characters (Are they likeable, realistic, relatable?) 
- The Enjoyability (Did I like the book?)
- Other Key Aspects & Elements (Themes, romance, specific events etc.) 

Review Requests

Send review requests to my blog email:

If you'd like me to review your book remember that my reviews are 100% honest. I will give my opinion and thoughts. I won't bash books if I hate it, but I won't be lenient just because I received a copy! I will help promote your book if I love it!

I will always answer every email review request (most likely within a week of receiving it). My availability to read and review book requests changes throughout the year. Please allow me a month to read and review the book.

I Review:

I'll accept review request books in any format, ebook (epub) or physical copy. For every review request book that I accept, I will always post the review on Goodreads and my blog. If you'd like the review posted on other sites, please let me know. 

Contact Me

If you'd like to contact me with questions, concerns, feedback, commentary, review requests, or anything else, feel free to email me at

Thank you!

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