2 Top Ten Tuesdays on a Saturday ~ Oh Yes

A TTT post on a Saturday. Better yet: Two TTT posts on a Saturday. What is this sorcery?

I always forget to do Top Ten Tuesdays. It takes me way too long to format and determine which ten things I want to choose for the week. These past two weeks had great topics that I want to do, so I'll slave over my computer and publish my Top Ten New-To-Me Authors of 2014 and Top Ten Books of 2014.

Top Ten New-To-Me Authors 

Cynthia Hand - I had heard such wonderful things about Unearthly, and I fell head-over-heels in love with that series. And ohmygoodness Tucker Freaking Avery. 

Kasie West - This gal is basically the queen of contemporary. She and her books are a very recent discovery and obsession of mine. 

Joy N. Hensley - I was pleasantly surprised with her book Rites of Passage. It was so empowering and inspiring, and I loved every second of it. Flawless!

Marie Rutkoski - Marie's writing is so beautiful. She brings out all the reader's emotions in her wonderfully crafted stories. Her characters are amazing and her book The Winner's Curse has such an intricate and fascinating plot. 

Melissa Marr - Known for many notable pieces of work, her thriller Made For You was my first dose of Marr writing. I really loved the edgy writing and the unique techniques and writing skills she showcased in the book. 

Amy Engel - Amy crafted my favorite dystopian novel of the year, The Book of Ivy. It was so so so so good! READ IT. Please. 

Sara Raasch - Sara, oh sweet Sara. I love how she interacts with her readers so much, you can tell she really cares what we think. Her YA debut, Snow Like Ashes was a solid fantasy novel that I've shamelessly reread five times. 

Nikki Kelly - I first started conversing with Nikki over Twitter and since then we've become fast friends. She's the author of Lailah, a book I really liked, and she's so hilarious and sweet and thoughtful. 

Chelsey Philpot - The very first eARC I read was her YA debut, Even In Paradise. The story was beautiful and the writing was so impressive and so very literate. I could read it again! 

Mary E. Pearson - I attacked her summer released The Kiss of Deception and absolutely loved it. The world-building, the writing, the romance, the characters, the plot. Oh gosh it's good. 

Top Ten Books of 2014

Okay, I lied. That was eleven books. I loved them all to pieces. Sarah J Maas "wowed" me once again with her impressive novella collection The Assassin's Blade. She also amped up the high fantasy aspects in Heir of Fire to bring a story that was emotionally raw, showed tremendous character growth, binded monumental plot connections, and introduced new characters. I'd heard wonderful things about Unearthly and I solidified these statements with my own complete adoration for this series. And I picked up a new YA hubby, welcome Mr. Tucker Avery. <33 Cress was a surprisingly strong and action-packed third book in the Lunar Chronicles series. Snow Like Ashes and City of Heavenly Fire were just as epic as I'd hoped they'd be. The Winner's Curse and The Kiss of Deception were well-written fantasy novels that I currently have obsessions for. I quickly became a contemporary junkie after reading the phenomenal Even In Paradise, the inspiring Rites of Passage, and the heart-warming The Distance Between Us.

What were your favorite YA debuts of the year? Favorite books of 2014? 


  1. It takes me forever to write and edit my TTT posts, I usually either just barely get them up on time, or I don't get them done at all! I still have TTT's that I started months ago, in my draft box, that I'll probably never finish! I'll have to look at some of the books and authors you mentioned above, I think Cassandra Clare is the only one I've ever heard of.


  2. I freaking loved Snow Like Ashes! Was such an amazing debut and I can't wait till Fall 2015 to get my hands on Ice Like Fire. So excited! And I agree, I love the way she interacts with her readers ;)

  3. I agree with so many of your authors! I also discovered Sara Raasch (who's adorable!) Marie Rutkoski (who's super sweet on Twitter too and writes so AMAZINGLY) and Nikki Kelly (who is adorable, amazing and I want to squish her all the time!!).

    I still need to do my Top 10 posts for next week and I'm having the hardest time!!

  4. I loved The Kiss of Deception! (As you probably already know.) The Winner's Curse had such a pretty writing. ^^ Rites of Passage was INTENSE! And original! Snow Like Ashes...interesting but lacking of magic, IMO. And Unearthly was such a heart warming book! I cannot wait for you to read the whole series!! Great list you have there :)

  5. I was familiar with Mary E. Pearson through The Adoration of Jenna Fox (which I really liked). I want to read The Kiss of Deception now!

    I'm familiar with Melissa Marr, Kasie West, and Cynthia Hand, too... though I didn't like any of the books I read by those authors. I read Unearthly this past year, and while I started out sort of liking Tucker, by the end of the book I was rolling my eyes and referring to him in my notes as "the walking dimple". :)

    I haven't actually read any of your top ten books (aside from Unearthly), but a few of them are on my want-to-read list.

  6. It's always a good time for a Top Ten :D Guess I need to get on that Unearthly bandwagon, I've yet to find any angel books I've truly enjoyed but I think that series might be a winner! Rites of Passage was amazing, and you can't go wrong with Kasie West! Still need to read the Winner's Curse, I hear it's great though!

  7. I agree with so many of these! I loved Rites of Passage and The Book of Ivy. I also really liked Snow Like Ashes and The Winner's Curse, and I am absolutely dying to read Even in Paradise and Kiss of Deception. Great lists! It is extra fun having them on a Saturday, because yours is the only one I am seeing, so it seems new :)

  8. You're entire list is pretty much books that have been on my TBR for wayyy too long! I will need to read them before I can say if I agree, though! I always end up rushing to get out the TTT posts on Monday because it takes me forever to pick! I'm so indecisive! Great list! :)

  9. I really want to read The Distance Between Us, it sounds so interesting! Great list

    Benish | Feminist Reflections

  10. The Snow Like Ashes cover is such an eye candy and I'm so excited to read it! And the Kiss of Deception! Can't wait to read them both! I like your TT books of 2014. ;)

  11. Gah Rach, all the books in your lists are the ones in my TBR. YOU'RE SO LUCKY ♥ I really need to read The Winner's Curse. I saw it in the store the other day, but the hardcover was the only available one, and well..... I was broke at the moment lol. Lucky youuuu! I'm super jealous

  12. Rites of Passage was such a powerful novel. She's definitely a favourite debut author of mine too! That reminds me--I still haven't read CoHF--not sure if I'll like it TBH hah.

    Lovely post, Rach! <33

  13. Kasie West really is an amazing writer and I'm really looking forward to reading more books by her. Mary E. Person's The Kiss of Deception is a book I really want to read but never get around it. Though I've read another book by her and adored it so I already know that she's a remarkable author. I can't freaking wait to read Even in Paradise and Rites of Passage! I heard awesome things about these two. :)

  14. I just read the Throne of Glass series this year too - so freakin good!
    Missie @ A Flurry of Ponderings
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  15. Oh my gosh! I definitely need to read Snow Like Ashes, especially if you've reread it 5 times. It must be amazing :) I also really enjoyed Rites of Passage and Unearthly. I'm so excited for The Last Time We Said Goodbye!

  16. YAY Rach you and I picked many similar top books of 2014! Cress, Assassin's Blade, The Winner's Curse, they were all freaking fantastic. And I have heard a lot about Even in Paradise - you can colour me curious!

    I've read Carnival of Souls and Made For You by Melissa Marr and I'm really impressed with her writing skills. I was totally creeped out by Made For you though and I couldn't sleep :S

  17. Oh, I love your picks! Snow Like Ashes and Rites of Passage are all books I want to read. I bought myself The Winner's Curse recently, so I am looking forward to reading that one. Made For You is one I just received an earc of so I look forward to trying that one too. City of Heavenly Fire was also a great way to end the series.


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