ARC Envy ~ Why It's Okay

ARC Envy is a very real thing in the bookish community. We want this book. We want that ARC. We NEED all the books. Well not really, we kinda just want to own and obtain all the books ;)

When people say "Just STOP" in response to ARC envy, I'm thinking "What? Why?" We can't tell ourselves and others to stop feeling a certain way. It's like saying to someone who's angry to stop being angry. That's futile. It's not going to do anything or change anything. ARC envy is okay, what's not okay is the response some people have to their envy.

So how do we face this ARC envy on both sides (the envied and the envious)?

The Envied:

- Acknowledge how thankful you are!
- Don't let others pressure/stop you from posting pictures of your ARCs (It's promo+fun) You do you ;) 
- Remind any envious that it takes a lot of work and effort to get to a place in blogging where you can receive ARCs
- Wish the envious "good luck!"
- Maybe, plan an ARC tour or give away any ARCs you don't want/don't have time to read (if you want to)

The Envious:

- Know that it's OKAY to feel jealous. We can't force ourselves to feel a different way. It's the outwards response we present to others that matters.
- Don't speak negatively to the envied about your envy it's not their problem! 
- If at first you don't succeed in getting an ARC, try, try again!
- Remember that the book will come out eventually.

How do you handle ARC envy?
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  1. Very good points! I mean who doesn't suffer from ARC envy? We get envious of other non bookish people for somethings, so it feels normal to be envious of other bookish people! Lately, I feel as if I don't have time for ARC envy because I am trying so hard to read from my TBR pile! Still have some ARC envy and there's always the swag envy! LOL!. Yeah, swag envy! Those special items that come with the ARC, some of them are sooo cool, I get envious over that more often than not lately! LOL!

    But yeah bad mouthing on either end of this spectrum is not called for. You should be able to post pics of your happily acquired ARC and not have everyone hating on you. That's ridiculous! I mean, I don't recall seeing comments on the pictures of people in Disney World or Harry Potter World that get ignorant. I get envious when I see those pics, but I tell myself soon. Soon, I will be there. Hopefully! If all goes well!

    But yeah, there shouldn't be any hate going on. We're book bloggers, we're supposed to be happy for one another when we get that ARC we were dying for.I generally love our bookish community, but when I hear things like this, I just get very sad.

    So, yes, GREAT post!!

  2. You make wonderful points. I've suffered from ARC Envy a couple of times but it has changed since getting some finally (contest winning) and realized something very profound; it kind of sucks getting ARCs. Now hear me out, it sucks because if you love the book (Wolf by Wolf for me) you have to wait so long for the sequel (if the book has it and lets just face it that most books have sequels now a days).

    So, because of this revelation I stopped being envious. I'm not saying that others can't be envious but my eyes have been opened and the whole concept of "the grass isn't always greener on the other side" fits very well in this situation. At least in my opinion!

  3. This is great. I'm kinda a new blogger, so I don't have a lot of followers or anything. When I see an ARC I really want, I naturall get jealous. I wish I had that ARC but acknowledge that I'm too green to have ARCs or to have a lot of ARCs.
    You make some great points. You shouldn't slam down the Envied. It's great that they got it! Awesome really. I love it because I get to know their thoughts as well.

    Love this post.

  4. All super great points!!! I totally have my moments when I see an ARC I didn't get that I wanted and get jealous but that's all and then it passes. I am really happy for all those who get ARCs and can't wait to see what they think.

  5. Great post dear! Have a wonderful weekend:)

  6. I love these thoughtful posts! As someone new to the blogging community, I had no idea ARC envy was a "thing"--but I totally felt it when I was rejected on NetGalley for a book I really, really wanted to read. I would never grudge anyone for being able to read it when I couldn't. In fact, I see it as an opportunity to instead engage in conversation with someone who HAS read it, and to then go and find something else to read. Something I've discovered over the past few months on NetGalley is that the more obscure and indie titles are the ones that are more open to new reviewers--and honestly, finding something obscure and new is much more of a treasure than something super popular. Of course I want to read ALL the books, but until my blog gets more established I know that's not going to happen!

    Keep up with these awesome posts! This is a topic I never would have ever thought of.

    - Amber

  7. This is all so, so true! (In fact, I had jotted this idea down awhile ago, but in my epic procrastination, you have beat me to it hahah.) Basically, I could not agree more. Because the thing is, I can be jealous! In fact, I don't really know how to make that little envy pang go away, you know? BUT what I do know is, I would never, ever be rude to or mad at another person for getting a book! How is that ever okay!? No, if I am bummed, I keep it to myself (well, okay, I bitch to my friends, but whatever, I don't bitch about a PERSON, just that I wanted the book!) and move on.

    And the envied should NEVER feel bad about posting pictures or thank yous or whatever! The publishers send books for a reason- for a PROMOTIONAL reason, so the bloggers absolutely should be sharing the books! My case of the sads doesn't mean that people should have to keep their books a secret!

    I will NEVER in my life understand getting mad at a blogger. They didn't NOT send you an ARC, so what even is that!? And in all likelihood, they have earned it. Now, I have seen the rare person abuse the privilege or be snotty, but like I said, that is RARE indeed. And on the same side, most of the envious are also quite cordial about it, it's the rare few that make it look bad for everyone else.

    This post is just perfect, sums up all my feelings completely!
    Shannon @ It Starts At Midnight

  8. I agree with this so much it isn't even funny! These are such great points, Rachel. We all get envious when people get books that we would like too. Why should we have to quash those feelings (or pretend they don't exist) if they are ARCs? Obviously, if we don't bash the receivers etc.. Otherwise it is unacceptable.

  9. How funny. I had no idea there was any arc envy going on. Guess I don't pay attention LOL!!

  10. Good post! I feel so much envy, always and I am working on that. If someone mentions getting an ARC that I really wanted (but was denied), I may make a comment that I am jealous or they are really lucky. But then I wish them happy reading and move on. I really try not to make other people feel bad. It isn't their fault, after all.

  11. Love this post! I sometimes find myself becoming jealous but then I think that in a few months, that book will be out and I can buy a beautiful finished copy and help support the author and industry. This usually helps! But yeah you're right, envy is okay, as long as you deal with it and handle it properly! Great post, Rachel.

  12. We just wrote a post addressing ARC Envy last week too. I was completely confused on how people could get mad over others having ARCs that they didn't... but a couple people pointed out how there are cases of "bragging" around the blogosphere that have angered others. That's so not cool, in my opinion, so I'm happy I haven't encountered that myself. I get envious to the extent of "oh, cool! I'd like that one!" but never to a level of anger toward a blogger for receiving a certain ARC. I felt guilty when posting pictures and thanking authors/publishers for a while... but not anymore. I know it's my right and obligation to post a picture and help promote the book. That IS the reason why we receive ARCs, now isn't it. Great points, Rachel! :)

  13. The hardest part is being such an instant-gratification society. If we could all learn some patience, everything would be fine. :)

  14. I definitely understand how it feels to envy a person when they get an ARC. Okay, so I do get jealous but it's friendly jealousy! It's always great to see bloggers get ARCs of books they want to read and I love knowing that! The way I get over jealousy is that over time, as my blog grows, I will definitely be getting ARCs in the future so there really is no rush to be getting them every other day. I do love seeing ARCs though! :D Great post and thanks for sharing!

    ~Kaitlin @ Next Page Please!

  15. YAY I agree with this, and I think this post is very important. Everybody instantly shoots down people the moment they get jealous, and I think that's not good. It's OKAY to feel jealous, as long as you don't create any kind of trouble by acting on that jealousy. Great post, Rachel! <3

  16. Wonderful point and I totally agree to this. I am lucky that I get a lot of ARCs now, but the US ARCs are amazing sometimes and I still get envious. But not in a horrible way. Just a 'Wow, you're soooo lucky! I can't wait to read it!!!' kind of way.

  17. I actually really like posting photos of the books I receive as a gratitude and promo for the publisher, especially as I don't read most of the unsolicited copies I get sent - but due to the negativity in the community about it, I always hesitate a bit. I don't want to ruin someone's day, after all. I get ARC envy all the time and have been on both ends of it now - so like you said, best to remember the books will ALWAYS come out. Plus meanwhile, there's already a released TBR pile threatening to crush us.

    Aentee at Read at Midnight

  18. I love this post!!!! I've always felt so ashamed that I envy those bloggers who have the ARCs that I want. I'm not a US, UK or AUS blogger so my connections are always cut off because I'm from PH. Publishers don't send ARCS to my country so much huhuhu Thanks for this lovely post!

  19. AHhh, I'm so glad you said this. XD I AGREE. I get confused with all the "it's bad to have ARC envy" quips because it's okay to want something you don't have, right? Everybody does at some point!! I think it's really bad for people to make someone feel bad about having a coveted ARC. Like, if they don't say anything...they're not promoting?? And then that's unfair to the publishers, right???

  20. I totally agree! We've all had ARC envy, I'm sure, but there's nothing wrong with that. I've had a lot of times where I didn't get an ARC I REALLY wanted so what did I do? Worked harder at my blog. Tried to chat with publishers. Asked to borrow from a friend. It's totally natural to be jealous if someone has something you super duper want but we can all handle our jealousy and know that when it comes down to it, not everyone can have every ARC. I do think bloggers are a generous group too and I know I'm more than happy to share if I hear that a friend wants to read something I have! And it's very, very true that ARCs are all about promo... and a picture's worth 1000 words sometimes ;)
    I think if we're all mature about how we handle that jealousy, no one has anything to worry about or to feel like they can't post about their ARCs. The publishers send people ARCs so that they DO talk about them. It's kind of the reason they exist!

  21. "Remember that the book will come out eventually" YES. I love ARCs as much as the next person, but if I don't get one, I won't beat myself up about it. I can eventually buy it or borrow it from the library. Besides my TBR is so big I can definitely keep myself occupied in the meantime ;) Great post!


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