Your Guide To 2016

Are you ready for 2016? I know I am. There are so many things to look forward to in the new year, and many of them are the 2016 book releases! I thought I'd break down all that's coming your way (bookishly of course) in 2016.

The Books I've Read Already (and Loved):

-Burning Glass
-The Girl Who Fell
-The Skylighter
-The Girl From Everywhere

Fantasy Fanatics:
The Star-Touched Queen, Heir to the Sky, The Marked Girl, Ruined, The Reader, Rise, Sword & Verse, The Shadow Queen, The Crown's Game, Rebel of the Sands, The Shadow Queen, Bright Smoke, Bound by Blood and Sand,

Please Don't Tell, After the Woods, The Mystery of Hollow Places

The Unexpected Everything, Underwater, When We Collided, The Lifeboat Clique, Frannie and Tru, The Way Back To You, Even if the Sky Falls, Suffer Love, Scarlett Epstein Hates It Here, The Love That Split the World, Enter Title Here, Summer of Sloane, The First Time She Drowned, Symptoms of Being Human, The Square Root of Summer, All the Feels, This is Where the World Ends, The Serpent King, Summer of Supernovas, Bookishly Ever After, Liars and Losers Like Us, The Loose Ends List, Girl Against the Universe

Historical Fiction:
The Dark Days Club, Blackhearts, Ivory and Bone, Stone Field, Traitor Angels, Fear the Drowning Deep, Into The Dim, My Lady Jane, Front Lines

The Abyss Surrounds Us, Where Futures End, Mirror in the Sky, Thief of Lies, Future Shock, These Vicious Masks, How To Hang A Witch, Shallow Graves, Revenge and the Wild, Beyond the Red, Starflight

Sophomore Novels:
Outrun the Moon, A Criminal Magic, The Inside of Out, Teen Frankenstein, Fiona, How It Feels To Flu, The Telling, The Last Harvest, Autofocus

Series Continuations:
The Crown, Glass Sword, The King Slayer, The Winner's Kiss, The Raven King, The Mirror King, A Gathering of Shadows, Traitor's Pyre, A Torch Against the Night, The Rose and the Dagger, A Court of Mist and Fury, ToG#5

Highly Anticipated Books By Popular Authors:
Lady Midnight, Truthwitch, Passenger, My Lady Jane, The Glittering Court, Flawed, Tell the Wind and the Fire, Flamecaster, Heartless, This Savage Song, And I Darken, The Great Hunt

A Bit Early:
Ever the Hunted, Caraval, A Shadow Bright and Burning, Unscripted Joss Byrd, The Reader, Of Blood and Shadow, The Gilded Cage, Flashfall, Timekeeper, Crooked Kingdom

What 2016 books are YOU looking forward to?
Rachel is a teenaged unapologetic fangirl and perfectionist.

She loves reading for the escape it gives from reality and enjoys crying over books, swooning over characters, and laughing out loud over funny lines. She is a semi-recovering Netflix addict and a middle child of three.

You can find her on Twitter @yaperfectionist & Goodreads.


  1. LADY MIDNIGHT! I am so freaking excited for Lady Midnight! And maybe I'll check out some of these other books as well seeing as I already know you have amazing taste x

    The Life of Little Me

  2. So many great books to look forward to! Marissa Meyer is coming out with a new one next year. It's an Alice in Wonderland retelling. I am REALLY looking forward to that one.

  3. Thanks for this amazing guide Rachel! There are so many wonderful books released in 2016, I'm really looking forward to reading The Girl from Everywhere and of course all those amazing fantasy reads!

  4. Rachel you've read so many fantasy books, how can I be like you???

  5. I can't wait for Lady Midnight!!

  6. I love this post, Rachel! It's so fun to see a list of 2016 releases to look forward (and I'm definitely excited about a lot of these). Thanks for putting this together <3

  7. So many great books for 2016! I can't wait to read these. Great post, Rachel. :)

  8. I PRETTY MUCH NEED ALL OF THESE! Thanks for sharing, Rachel! I'm going to be making videos once a month about my most anticipated releases for those months.

  9. OMG YES. This is so, so helpful Rachel, thank you for putting this together! ♥ So excited for all of these too!

  10. This is really helpful but I'm also a little sad THE RAVEN KING isn't on here! Thanks for putting it all together! 2016 is going to be a great year for books!

    Jamie @ Books and Ladders

  11. When We Collided and Lady Midnight are two of my most anticipated books for 2016! Nice list you have here!

  12. I'm excited for pretty much all of these! 2016 is going to be such a fantastic year for books, I can feel it. (and a fantastic year for me to spend all my money lol xD)
    Thanks for a fantastic list Rachel! <3

  13. UNDERWATER WAS ABSOLUTELY AMAZING!!! Glad you loved it too! :)

  14. My list looks nothing like this! But, honestly, I haven't been paying much attention to what's being released in the next few weeks.
    - Krys

  15. Gah love this list. I'm so bad at knowing what is coming up. So excited to see you loved A Study in Charlotte!!

  16. There are so many amazing books coming out next year! Outrun the Moon has such a gorgeous cover. I want to read Under a Painted Sky (especially after seeing how much you loved it) and The Orphan Queen sometime next year. Awesome list! :)

  17. I'm really looking forward to Passenger, This Savage Song and Truthwith, but I would parade down the street in my grandmother's pajamas for A Gathering of Shadows.

  18. Oh wow, there are plenty of great books coming out. I am going to have to keep my eyes peeled for all of these DD:

  19. Damn, this is exactly what I need. Thanks for this guide, Rachel!


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