2016 Goals and Resolutions

Happy 2016 everyone!

Since it's the new year, I think it's time I set some blogging and personal goals for the year.

Blogging Goals:

1. Surpass 1,000 followers on Bloglovin'. I'm a bit over 700 right now, so I've still got some ways to go.
2. Comment more!! School and a lack of energy has prevented me from commenting as much as I'd like to. I'll try to be better at it this year.
3. Post more!! All three of us APCBers are busy so sometimes we leave the blog empty for a few more days than I'd like... I still to start filling those awkward gaps.
4. Write and schedule more posts ahead of time. I have 18 right now, that is not enough!! I want to eventually reach and maintain 30 scheduled posts at a time.
5. Continue the rule of reviewing the book before starting a new book. This has kept me sane and eliminated the daunting review-writing queue. 
6. Reach 4,000 Twitter Followers. It's a lofty goal, but we shall see! 
7. Read more of my ARCs and request less. I hate wasting ARCs, and sadly I did it more this year than I'd care to admit. I need to actually read and review most/90% of the ARCs I receive. 
8. Write more discussion posts. I love doing them, they just take a while! 

Reading Challenges:

I'm not sure if I'll do the GR challenge, I probably will set one eventually even though it gives me anxiety. Probably around 80 again?

I'm definitely doing the 2016 Debut Author Challenge (shocker, right?)

I've read 6 already, but I'd like to read 20 more 2016 debuts this year! 
Priorities: How To Hang A Witch, The Reader, Summer of Sloane, Suffer Love, Into the Dim, Blackhearts, Rebel of the Sands, The Love That Split The World, Scarlett Epstein Hates It Here, The Crown's Game, These Vicious Masks, Summer of Supernovas, The Square Root of Summer, Ever the Hunted, The Star Touched Queen, Kill the Boy Band, Please Don't Tell, Where Futures End, Mirror in the Sky, Caraval and many more...

Personal Goals:

1. Stop stressing about things beyond my control.
2. Exercise more. Sadly parents are canceling our gym membership since we collectively don't use it much anymore. I need to work on stretching and exercising more, and now learning how to do it at home. :0 I guess I could do online yoga classes, and I have Zumba loaded on the Wii. xD
3. Eat healthier!! Cut back on desserts and start stacking up on fruits and veggies.
4. Work on keeping my opinions more to myself because that's gotten me into trouble this year...

What are some of your resolutions and goals for the year?
Rachel is a teenaged unapologetic fangirl and perfectionist.

She loves reading for the escape it gives from reality and enjoys crying over books, swooning over characters, and laughing out loud over funny lines. She is a semi-recovering Netflix addict and a middle child of three.

You can find her on Twitter @yaperfectionist & Goodreads.


  1. The Debut Author Challenge? I need to sign up for that. My goal is to eat healthier too. Those darn sweets. Lol! Your not alone, Rachel. :)

  2. Wait what, NO! But why would you ever want to keep your opinions to yourself? We love reading what you have to say here in APCB. Of course that depends on what kind of trouble you've gotten yourself into last year. I mean if it's something that would totally cause the sudden extinction pandas, zip the mouth, of course. I'm rambling, obvs. Anyway what I'm trying to say is, please don't stop being the brilliant and opinionated girl that you are, unless lives are at stake. Happy New Year to you and to your co-bloggers as well.

    Jennilyn @ RurouniJenniReads

  3. Commenting more is one of our goals too, we do it but not as much as we should. Plus the comments pile up because we don't. *Sigh* Personal goal wise I am with you on stop stressing about things beyond your control. I do this all the time and I literally drive my self crazy with it.

    I hope you reach all these goals this year Rachel!

    Amber ❤ The Book Bratz

  4. I don't tend to make goals because I've come to recognise I often start a year a very different person than the one who ends the year. :)

    That said I am EXCITED about 2016 and do want to blog more and meet more new people!

  5. I love seeing everyone's goals. I really want to be able to schedule more posts ahead of time. Definitely request less ARCS too. I am also on the eat healthier bandwagon on the personal goals side. Good luck and Happy New Year!

  6. I'm also taking part of the Debut Author Challenge! I always love discovering new voices!

    I'm sorry that you feel like you need to keep your opinions to yourself Rachel... it's awful that you've got such backlash. *hugs* But as always, do what you feel is right and what will ensure that you'll be okay!

  7. I feel as though blogging more and commenting more is a resolution that a love of bloggers have this year, including me. My life got so busy that towards the end of the year I slacked off in that space. I love your rule of reviewing books before you read the next one. I don't know if I could keep that up, haha, but maybe I'll try it. I need to stop stressing about things beyond my control, too, because I did that a lot this year. And also stop stressing about things that are in my control but that I truly did my best on.

  8. Girl, I'm totally confident that you will surpass those following goals in literally NO time! I feel you on the commenting front- while I love leaving comments on posts, sometimes I just don't have the time to do it, as sad as that is. :/ I'm hoping to set aside 10-15 minutes every day during the school year to really focus on commenting and spreading some love! I also want to do this 'review the book before starting a new one' thing, just because I always have such a HUGE backlog of reviews because I never write them lol. I always leave myself some notes after I finish a book, but I would rather write the review when the book is fresh in my mind, you know?

    As for your personal goals, I want to steal a few, haha. I've been stressing so much about college and whatnot, but now that my applications are done and turned it, I want to NOT stress about it, because it truly is out of my hands now. That's a goal we'll both have to work on, it seems <3 Same with the exercising! I actually just convinced my parents to get a membership to the gym, because I've been working out at home for the past few years. I LOVE doing Blogilates videos, and recently got the Nike+ Training Club app, both of which I would recommend for at home workouts! The former has some really good short videos, if you don't have a lot of time, so no excuses for not working out! :D

    Hope 2016 treats you fabulously! <33

    The Writing Hustle
    My Not So Real Life

  9. I love that you outlined the goals you want to accomplish for the year. I should probably do that myself...

    Good luck with all of them! Now I'm off to go eat some cake in your honor. :D

    Great post!

  10. Wow! These are some amazing goals!! I wish you luck on reaching Bloglovin and Twitter followers. I follow on both already, so nothing more I can do. I would love more followers on both, but I don't think it's realistic.

    I am right there with you on 2 and 8. I want to jump on Bloglovin AT LEAST ONCE PER DAY and keep up with everyone's posts. As far as 8 goes, I'm currently writing up a discussion post about ARCs, because in my opinion, they bring out the worst of people. I am going to request less and read all the unread books on my bookshelves.

    Best of luck to you, Rachel!! You can do this!! 2016 is going to be a great year!

  11. I need to start reviewing books before starting new ones, because I'm not doing it and I end up not reviewing a lot of books. I also need to schedule more post, right now I have 5, I really need to get better at this!

    Good luck with your goals!

    Sofia @ Bookish Wanderess

  12. I hope you ladies have a great 2016! Good luck with all your goals for the blog :D

  13. YOU'RE FOR SURE GOING TO HIT THOSE GOALS QUICKLYYYYY <3 <3 <3 (Same on the Bloglovin and mayyyyybe the Twitter front lol. I'm below you in both but shhhhhh)

    Also lol eating healthier. Lol. I could make that a resolution but that's not happening--Nikki likes to stress eat and nikki stresses A LOT.

    LOVE YOU <3

  14. I've signed up for the Debut Authors Challenge too and are already making headway. Is it just me or do most of the '16 releases seem to be debuts? There's just so many to look forward too! And I'm trying to eat healthier / be healthier this year too. I've started walking every morning and I hope I can keep it up.

  15. I love these girl! I'm with you on a lot of them too! I definitely need to work on commenting and posting more. I got so burnt out that I just couldn't stand to sit at my computer and do ANYTHING. So I'm glad I took a little break to get excited again about all things blogging! Maintain 30 scheduled posts? *bows down* PROPS, girl. You are a rockstar. I LOVE discussion posts. I definitely want to do more too, but I struggle to think of unique topics. LOL.

    I'm excited to do the debut challenge for the first time this year! You have me all kinds of excited about the ones you've read and loved.

    And your personal goals are ON POINT. Hahaha. I need to be better about exercising. I let myself slip after my knee injury last year and it was SO hard to get back on track. (I type this as I'm all wishy washy about going to the gym today, HAH.) I need to stop snacking. Thankfully the holiday season is over so no more treats! And yep. I have a mouth that gets me in trouble too. Sometimes it's REALLY hard to censor yourself.

    Anyways. You are going to rock 2016 Rachel! <3

  16. I feel you with ALL of these. You know, I feel like we need more people on Twitter in general. Like, we should go recruit a group of elderly ladies who like to read, but don't know about Twitter. And then we will sign them all up so they can follow the bookish shenanigans. Everyone wins- we get a slew of new followers, AND we make some old people happy. Win-win.

    I need to do the exercising too. I keep telling myself I am going to and then... life, you know? Also, 18 posts scheduled?! That is a HUGE win, but I do hope you make it to 30. If I could have TWO I would consider my life to be a smashing success :D Though I am as behind on comments as you- all I want is to catch up. So I am leaving weird, punchy comments on your blog at 4am about old ladies. Sorry? Good luck with all the goals!

  17. Hope you complete all those goals :) Some of them seem all to familiar to me and that are on my resolutions list for the year like posting and commenting more :) Great Post!


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