The Book Hoarding Journey

Hey everyone, today is going to be an APCB story time original. As this title not-so-subtly hints at, I'm sharing my book hoarding journey starting from the beginning and ending at my place in the present. I've come a long way in my feelings and desires in regards to books and owning them. It went something like this.

Period I - The Borrower

When I first became a reader and it finally stuck (back in 8th grade), I was a hoverer at libraries. They were my happy place! I'd make daily trips, take out 10 books at each visit, and became friendly with all the librarians. It would be a constant rotation of checking the website to see if my books came in or rushing to the phone when the library would call saying another book had arrived. I loved having all these amazing books at my disposal.

Period II - The E-Reader

I discovered this wonderful app called iBooks! I bought tons of ebooks and stared at my iPad for hours reading morea nd more. Here were books available at the tip of fingers instantly. No wait time, no space taken up, easy to bring places. And thus the possessive e-reading stage began. I didn't touch a physical book for months. I started borrowing books from the library's ebook selection or buying things from iBooks.

Period III - Confusion

Joining blogging was a spur-of-the-moment decisions. Thrust into a new blogging world, I had no idea what I was doing! I went back to reading some physical books yet spent the nighttime reading off my iPad.

Period IV - Jealousy & Lust

I stumbled across Twitter and saw pretty finished copies and ARCs in pictures. I had intense jealousy over the pretty and huge collections of books. I wanted to have such aesthetic shelves and gorgeous spines staring out at me. YES guys, I had book envy. And thus the frenzied desire to own books began.

Period V - Victorious

I started entering giveaways and won. a lot. Bookmail was a weekly (and eventually daily) occurrence. I was on a winning streak. I stocked up on books and series and swag. The sky was the limit. It was an obsession. The thrill of getting new books in the mail... And I got my first ARC, I felt so proud! Little did I know where this would all lead...

Period VI - Uneasy Balance

Eventually I started requesting ARCs and getting accepted a lot. I'd read some favorites and then would instantly buy/pre-order some finished copies. I also started going to book events, so I ended up being books from book stores too.

Period VII - The Strange Feeling

As my blog got bigger I got added to quite a few blogger lists. I started getting loads of ARCs. The feeling of dread and stress started to set in. Then I thought, what the heck am I going to do with all of these books?! I don't have unlimited space...

My Room Turned Into This
^^ that's not actually my room xD

Period VII - The Overload

By this point I'm lugging packages into the house and scurrying to trade and unload my books on other people. I start lending books and giving books to libraries. I've slowed down my book-buying from Amazon.

Period VIII - Hitting Rock Bottom

This was the breaking point. I ran into a stack of books in my room, and it caused a domino effect. Imagine a sea of books littering the floor. It is real! I just sat there and asked "what is the point of all this madness?" Why do I feel the need to own so many books? Am I really going to reread these? Does it make sense to buy a book if I know I might not like it or that I'm only going to read it once?

Period IX - In Recovery

I gave away loads of books to libraries, book drives, charities, and through giveaways. I started being much more selective about the ARCs I request and accept. I slacked off on entering giveaways.

Period X - Now

Now I am very careful about what I request and what review requests I accept. I buy books only if I MUST have them. I think blogging introduced me to a whole new mentality of book-buying, and I got carried away. Some people can buy loads of books and read and review a constantly increasing supply of review copies, but that's just not for me and my sanity. I only enter giveaways if I really want the book. I'm content with the books I have, and although I have to resist the urge to hoard sometimes, I know I'll be happier this way and that I'm content with the books I do own.

So that was my experience with book hoarding, do you have one?
What are your opinions on book hoarding?Do you resist it? How?
Is it a problem for you too?
Rachel is a teenaged unapologetic fangirl and perfectionist.

She loves reading for the escape it gives from reality and enjoys crying over books, swooning over characters, and laughing out loud over funny lines. She is a semi-recovering Netflix addict and a middle child of three.

You can find her on Twitter @yaperfectionist & Goodreads.


  1. Also I am a library book hoarder (have 40 checked out rn OMG) lol

  2. I'm in Period III, its just I've been in the blogging community for almost 9 months now and I feel really confused and conflicted. I really want to be doing daily active posts which I actually was doing in the first couple months I started. But then I started slacking and then not posting for weeks on end cause of the amount of books I felt I had to get, so I could review books. I think I'll get over it soon but its hard for me to keep a schedule. Dx This was an amazing post Rachel! ;)

  3. OMG YES TO ALL THIS! Except I can't stop buying. I haven't read 60% of the books I own. What the french toast is wrong with me?!?!? I am trying to give away my arcs as SOON as I read them cause they take space. This was a great post girl!

  4. This post is on point Rachel! At first you're so eager to get ARCs and get added to lots of ARC lists, but then it starts to pile on at a rate faster than you can read! Yeah, I'm more selective and I give my books away a lot too.

  5. I can understand the feeling! I went through being a borrower at first, to buying all the books and accepting all the copies. I think I am kind of in the stage where I know this is on the brink of ridiculous but I am still just as addicted to buying and requesting and reading. I think at some point I'm going to start being more careful. I've already become a little more choosy but I think it can get a bit better maybe?

  6. I definitely have a book hoarding problem. At times I wish I liked less genres, but here I am always expanding anyway. I try not to go buy books or request books that I don't REALLY want, but there are just so many that I want! I have many books I own that I need to read, but I love buying more! I'm super selective about which ARC's I request though. :P

  7. THIS IS SO ME. I first started reading when I was 5 and I would generally only get books out at the library then as I got older I would go to bookstores and charity shops and because the books were so cheap at second-hand bookshops I bought LOADS. Then I started blogging and you become so much more aware of all the new releases etc that not only was I getting books to review, but I was also buying a lot of the new releases and eventually it piled up to a way too large number. When we moved to the UK from South Africa 6 months ago, I knew I couldn't take all these books with. So I went through them and asked myself which of these books I really wanted, which of these I was ever going to read again etc and I managed to sell/donate 100+ books. It was hard, but I'm happy that I did it! :)

  8. i'm totally a book hoarder, haha. my books are starting to crowd onto my desk because i'm too lazy to organize them into my book basket. omg you ran into a stack of books??? lol that sounds horrible. I hate when the stacks fall. it's so exhausting to re-organize them and all that. BUT SAME. I only buy books only if I'm DESPERATE for it. I try to stick to the reviews, too. If people aren't fond of the book, I hesitate. Fab post, Rachel!

  9. Im probably at the uneasy balance part. I mean I am at a place where I have too many ARCs. I stopped requesting but had a lot pending and they are coming in now. I also have bought a ton of books. The good thing for me (and my husband) is most of these are ebooks so no space is being taken up. My kindle is super full though!!


  10. I try hard not to be a book hoarder, since I definitely went through a similar experience to the one you had when you started blogging. I certainly got to the point where I felt really overwhelmed by how many unread books I owned, and my response was to enter recovery phase. I'm much better at curating my book collection now, and that includes buying and accepting books for review! I think it helps me to cull regularly. Sometimes, I just find that I don't want to read a book as much as I thought it did; so I send it off to a new home where someone might want to read it sooner than I did. I'm still a bit of a hoarder though!


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