A Typical Blogging Day for Rachel

As if being a teen isn't hard enough, *cues dramatic sigh and subsequent bed-flopping* adding blogging to the mix is a slightly insane endeavor not to be taken lightly. People complain that they have no time to read, and that's 100% true for high schoolers. Not only do we have school five days a week, but we also have hours worth of homework, extracurriculars, and lots of other school functions that eat at our time. Where is the reading time? When do we blog? How do we do anything? Answer: we don't!

Let's walk through a portion of a day in the life of teen blogger, Rachel, after returning home from school.

1. Procrastinate because that's what people do. 

2. Figure out how much homework you have and calculate how long it will take to complete. Daydream about all the books you could read in that amount of time. Excitedly think about what book you'll read tonight.

3. Do the homework. Take frequent breaks to scroll through Twitter feeds and tweet complaints about homework. Optimistically (or foolishly) think you'll have time to blog tonight. 

4. Social media, dinner, tv break time! Waste time...

5. Do more homework. As you do your homework, blog post ideas pop into your head! Now distracted, you start writing these ideas down. After you manage to refocus, you realize you've wasted even more time. 

6. Yay you are done!! Yet it's already super late at night... Now you can read, right?

7. Nope, first you need to shower and get ready for tomorrow.

8. Now you can blog! But you're sooo tired.

9. Should you read yourself to sleep even though you're so drowsy and can hardly keep your head up?

10. You read five pages (incomprehensibly) before you start dozing off.

11. Your phone dings at 11:30PM with an alert that "you have _____ post tomorrow in 30 minutes"

12. You completely forgot about that post and realize you didn't finish it yet! 

13. You jump out of bed with the last of your energy, grab your laptop, and hurriedly and exhaustedly string together and type words that you hope can collectively pass as an acceptable post.

14. Now beyond fatigued and mentally spent, you collapse on your bed and sleep drapes you in its tender grasp. So much for reading and blogging tonight! 

And that, my friends, is the true story of a teen blogger, ME, and her glorious weekday blogging adventures. 

What is YOUR typical blogging/reading day like? 
Rachel is a teenaged unapologetic fangirl and perfectionist.

She loves reading for the escape it gives from reality and enjoys crying over books, swooning over characters, and laughing out loud over funny lines. She is a semi-recovering Netflix addict and a middle child of three.

You can find her on Twitter @yaperfectionist & Goodreads.


  1. Amen! This post is most definitely my life too but somehow I have to fit into that schedule piano practice, Bookstagramming and my nightly walks... no wonder us teens complain of being so damn tired all time - we have ridiculous schedules!

  2. NUMBER 10 IS SO RELATABLE!! I never go to bed without reading at least a bit of my book, but during school sometimes it can take me a month to get through one, because I'm always way too tired to read a full chapter, and half the time I have no idea what's going on.

    The Life of Little Me

  3. Awww! It must be so hard blogging on top of school work. Most days by evening I get so tired I just don't bother to blog.

  4. I am so sorry that you have tons of stuff to do! I really take for granted all the extra reading time I have -- even at work! I am going back to school in September so it's going to hit me hard that I will have assignments. I am glad you continue blogging even though it is a lot of work, I'd miss your posts too much!

    Jamie @ Books and Ladders

  5. I honestly applaud you for taking the time and juggle blogging with everything else you've got going on. This is exactly why I waited until I graduated university before I started the blog because I knew that I'd get swallowed up by all the assignments I'd have to do. Number 10 is definitely still relevant for me. I've lost count of the amount of times I've woken up with a book splayed wide open on top of me haha.

  6. Your day sounds pretty much like mine, except mine includes being at work for the most part and then trying to read on the bus home lol! So much fun Rachel!

  7. this is exactly what i do after school except when i realize i haven't written the post that i should be writing and it's late at night, instead of gathering up the last bits of energy and actually writing the post, i just decide that "you know what, it's been a long day and you deserve to go to bed earlier" and end up wasting time playing games or scrolling through twitter on my phone for an hour before ACTUALLY falling asleep. and i question why my blogging is so inconsistent?? sigh. THE STRUGGLE.

  8. I saw myself in this post. how poor we are :<

  9. Dang Rachel! Back at it again with another creative post! I see myself in some of these too, especially the calculating part. I spend more time calculating IF I do things rather than doing them, haha! When I lay in bed, I'm so tired that I don't think I can read but at the same time, I'm still awake for social media. It's a horrible habit I have...

  10. i ALWAYS calculate how long everything takes, like homework, sports, other chores, that way i can be motivated to take time and finish them! then onto reading! i definitely agree that blogging on top of school is tough, but i try to make time on weekends. great post! :)

  11. Aww you poor thing! I feel your pain, instead of high school my stress is working and children... I too have dreams just like you LOL :D Hang in there! Your'e doing a great job managing everything!

  12. I'm really a prescheduling kind of person because I just know I have 0 time for blogging in the week. I usually dedicate my Saturday to all the work I do for money and then for blogging, booktubing and bookstagramming so I have everything prescheduled to go out in the week. And then from Sunday to Friday I am usually doing all the homework and procrastinating away like everyone else. I can tell we have some similarities there...


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